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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Advanced Art Ritual
#9 of 2007

Select 1 Ritual Monster in your hand. Send Normal Monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard whose total Levels are equal to that Ritual Monster's. Ritual Summon a card with the name of the selected Ritual Monster from your hand.

Card Number - STON-EN045

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.25
Advanced: 4.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.22.08

General Zorpa Advanced Ritual Art
Most of you know our number 9 pick, as I am betting that at least one of you has lost to it in the past year. This card is famous for the Demise OTK that destroyed the metagame a while back. You play this, dumping a pair of normal four star bugs and summon demise, blow stuff up, and then special summon Doom Dozer. You then Megamorph/Metamorphosis the Dozer into Cyber TWin Dragon or otherwise get it's ATK to 5600 and proceed to win the game. The strategy is still viable as a Demise deck still made the cut in San Mateo, but Once a LaDD hits the field, the deck is pretty much done. With the new cards out of Phantom Darkness, expect Demise to see more play, but this time ARA is likely to stay at home.
David "BobDole" Hoffman Advanced Ritual Art

While I forgot to add this to my top ten, it certainly does belong here.
Advanced Ritual Art is (obviously) a Ritual Spell card. Although at first glance it seems alright, it's actually one of the most influential cards we've had in awhile. Inorder to understand why though, we have to take a look at ARA's best friend: Demise, King of Armageddon. First though, let's review ARA

- Pretty basic first effect.

- Now this is actually an upside to this card. Selecting Normal monsters from your deck is actually an advantage, considering the recent release of Swing of Memories and Symbols of Duty. Now you can play Vanilla monsters and actually have them be exceptionally beneficial.

- Now you bring out the Ritual monster you wanted. Everyone's happy (Except your opponent).

Obviously this is a pretty good card, especially in Ritual Decks. It's basicly a must-have. The thing that makes this great though is Demise. For a simple 2000 LP, you can clean up the field except for Demise and swing for a nice 2400. Combine it with Megamorph and you can deal a pretty 4800 damage in one turn. Although it's not an OTK, it can basically end the game since after you do that, anything your opponent sets is going to just get blown up again.

Traditional: 2.5/5 Since it does have potential to be quick enough to end the game. Still not fantastic
Advanced: 4.5/5 This is definately a groundbreaking card.

Bob Dole
Carrotizer Advanced Ritual Art
Ritual Spell Card
Select 1 Ritual Monster in your hand. Send Normal Monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard whose total Levels are equal to that Ritual Monster's. Ritual Summon a card with the name of the selected Ritual Monster from your hand.

A m a z i n g.

This card, to Ritual Monsters, is what Future Fusion is to Fusion Monsters. Advanced Ritual Art (I’ll shorthand it ARA) removes those massive card advantages that Ritual Monsters required. While Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, Senju of the Thousand Hands, and Sonic Bird provided an immediate advantage, they still were not enough raise the competency of the Rituals.

This card immediately enabled Demise to clear the field, summon Doom Dozer, attach Megamorph, and swing for game. Now that Megamorph is limited to 1, Great Maju Garzett appears. Furthermore, Gladiator’s Assault provided Swing of Memories (with such a nostalgic picture for a lethal deck), and Trade-In can just cycle Metal-Armored Bug, Doom Dozer, and Demise. Such a speedy deck.

Because the total Level of sent Normal Monster must exactly match the Ritual Monster’s, Relinquished, one of the best Ritual Monsters, is more or less unavailable (Skull Servant?). However, many Ritual Monsters (maybe not as quick or destructive as Demise) have 8 stars, including Reshef the Dark Being and Dark Master – Zorc.

This is the key.

Traditional: 3/5 Maybe you can pull this off, but Magical Scientist and Chaos are still rampant.
Advanced: 4/5 OTK?
Master Tricks
Advanced Ritual Art
    I personally love this card since it helps out one of the still most playable, lethal OTK decks invented; Demise OTK. It works great around there since all you need is the Ritual Monster you plan to summon as well as the Ritual itself. Advanced RItual Art requires you to send a monster with an equal level of the Ritual Monster to the graveyard to special summon the Ritual Monster (Most play Demise/Zorc). Helps out Demise/Zorc OTK as well as some minor, but still efficient decks. Expect this card to be most likely restricted or semi-limited on the next banned list.
Traditional: 2/5 (Demise somewhat works here, but again, Chaos rules as well as many other fast-paced OTK Decks.)
Advanced: 4/5 (Really good card especially in Demise/Zorc OTK)

Dark Paladin

Well, we come to the next card judged to be the best in 2007, and that happens to be...


Advanced Ritual Art

I see how this made the list...it was something that helped to make Demise a lot more playable.

People generally don't like Rituals because of all the card investment that is involved in summoning them. You have to have all the necessary pieces, the summoning card, the Ritual Monster, plus whatever is necessary to tribute in your hand (or on the field).

However, Advanced Ritual Art makes you send the necessary tribute monsters from your Deck, instead of your Hand. That is simply awesome.
Pitch a Blue Eyes and summon Demise, Shinato, The Masked Beast, or Reshef the Dark Being. This card does make Rituals more playable, but only to a certain extent.

Demise actually seems to have taken a back seat to some of the other dominators of the format, so this was pretty hot back in the summer, but seems to have tapered off.


Traditional: 2/5

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5
well #9 averaged advanced ritual art. by the way, my evil computer decided to stop working so I'm a little late on yesterdays.
advanced ritual art combined with common charity is the main reason normal-bug-adv-demise-OTK worked. another place this'd be nice in is a vanilla deck. send a few vanillas to the grave and then play chu chulain, remove, swarm, game. a fun deck to play, but not the best. another deck worth mentioning is tebzu's(?) OTK deck using this on plalidin of white dragon and send four limbs of exodia and then regurgitate them.
5/5 OTK decks
TFH Advanced Ritual Art

Continuing down our Top 10 of the week, we look at number 9... Advanced Ritual Art. The effect allows you to send normal monster cards to your graveyard equal to the number of stars of the selected Ritual Monster. In most cases this would be Demise King of Armageddon and why ARA made the Top 10 list of 2007.

This made the Demise OTK flow by combining this card with normal Insect beat down monsters such as Insect Knight and Neo Bug along with Metal Armored Bug, this made Demise work. Then with the two insects in the graveyard, you remove them both from play to special summon Doom Dozer. Obviously, Demise would blow up the field prior to special summoning Doom Dozer. Anyways, without this card, Demise OTK probably wouldn't be as popular as it is. Although, I don't see Advanced Ritual Art being played as much with Phantom of Darkness coming out, however, I do see Demise being played with Phantom of Chaos. Anyways, Advanced Ritual Art made Demise possible.

In Traditional, I don't see this card making as big of an impact, but OTK is OTK, and it can easily happen. It's definitely not a bad option.

My Ratings:

Advanced: 4.1/5
Traditional: 2.2/5
Art: 4/5

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