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Phalanx Pike

Card Number - TAEV-EN059

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 1.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.17.08


Dark Paladin

Wow...an equip card...

Phalanx Pike is a very simple card. The equipped monster gains 900 attack points for each card in either Graveyard that has the same name it does.

Good enough that it includes the other player's graveyard I suppose.
In short, equips aren't generally a good thing, especially in a Monarch filled format.


1/5 both formats

Art: 2/5
General Zorpa Phalanx Pike

A decent card, but not incredibly noteworthy. You get 900 ATK per monster of the same name in the graveyard. You can do some cute tricks with Cyber Dragon and some Harpie cards, but United We Stand and Mage Power are just better. The ability to get cards that you want in the graveyard is an ability that is very rare inthis game, with Foolish Burial and Skreech being the best options at the moment. However, if you are using these cards then you don't want to waste it to get a 900 ATK boost. I would even play (and have done so) Axe of Despair over this.
David "BobDole" Hoffman Phalanx Pike

Well I'm a lazy bum.

Phalanx Pike is a rather low end equip with some potential. Honestly, the thing I see this being most effective on is Hydrogeddon or Gravekeeper's Spy since those are monsters that more often than not run in. Though this does show some promise with one of the new cards from PTDN. Armageddon Knight can be used to get 1800 at his highest, though if your opponent runs 3 and they're in the graveyard, you can gain up to 4500 with 2 in your own graveyard.

Basically what I'm saying is that this is extremely situational. While it has potential, I'd definately run United We Stand over this any day. It's just so unlikely that this card is going to be worth it, considering you have to have atleast one monster of the same name in the GY inorder for this card to do anything.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5 Since there is some potential to some degree

Bob Dole
The First Hokage Phalanx Pike

Today is my last day of finals for the week, which makes me happy. :) Anyways, we continue looking at Tactical Evolution cards, and today is the Rare Phalanx Pike. It's a spell cards that can give your monster a maximum of 4500 attack considering that both you and your opponent run 3 of each of the card.

Now as far as potential goes, it definitely has some because a lot of decks right now are running Perfect Circle or Twilight Circle at this very moment abusing Monarchs and Destiny Heroes, so it's a possibility. Will this card see play in those decks? No, it won't because the only equip cards that will ever see play more than likely are United We Stand and Mage Power. Regardless, it's a fun little card that could cause minor problems to your opponent.

I don't see this card being played in Traditional just because Chaos runs rampant in there, and they can just remove your equipped monster from play with Black Luster Soldier.

My Ratings:

Advanced: 2.25/5
Traditional: 1/5
Art: 1.5/5
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now that I'm through boring you with my life, on to the review! phalanx pike is the best ever equip card for the cards-who-have-no-archtype-name-that-only-work-when-you-got-three-released-in-SOI. well at least i thought it was, until i realized there were a lot better equips. nice for a fun deck, but it will never see competitive play.
trad. 1/5
adv. 1/5
Master Tricks
Phalanx Pike
    There are so many better equip spell card options such as United We Stand, Mage Power, etc. and this card is considered rubbish compared to the cards I just stated above. Unless you're on a strict budget deck, I suggest to you duelists to pick other cards like United We Stand, Mage Power (Found in the Spellcaster's Judgment Structure Deck), or even Axe of Despair.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

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