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Phantom Dragonray Bronto


Card Number - TAEV-EN087

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.10
Advanced: 1.60

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.15.08


Dark Paladin

All right, the week takes a Gemini turn, as we come to Phantom Dragonray Bronto. It might just be me, but Phantom and Dragonray don't seem to go together for me.

So, folks, here's what we have here. A 1500 attack Gemini monster that gets 2300 attack with its second summon but has the Goblin Attack (or
Elite) Force effect of switching to defense position after attacking.

So, you then have a monster with only 1000 defense that can't be changed back until the end of your next turn, except by a card effect.
In short, there are few Gemini monster you should even give a second look to. This isn't one.


Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 2/5

Art: 3.5/5
General Zorpa Phantom Dragonray Bronto

This guy is almost useless, even in a Gemini deck. He has 1500 ATK and is a WATER monster, which allows you to use all of the WATER and Normal support as well as the Gemini support. Even with all of that support (man I love that word) this card only turns into a Goblin Attack Force. It is not worth it to give up your Normal Summon for the turn in order to activate it's effect. Cool picture, but that doesn't necessarily make a card good.
The First Hokage Phantom Dragonray Bronto

Just a quick review from me today as I am getting ready to leave for school this morniong. Boy, how do I hate finals. Anyways, Phantom Bronto is a rare out of TAEV, Gemini monster, and basically when it's normal summoned a 2nd time, it becomes a Goblin Attack Force.

I don't see why wouldn't just run Goblin Attack Force over this card, it's remotely nice fish support, but that's about all I really see use out of it.

My Ratings:

Advanced: 1.5/5
Traditional: 1/5 Too Slow.
Master Tricks
Phantom Dragonray Bronto
    Now, I don't hate Gemini monsters, but the fact that it requires two summons to get their effects doesn't seem to be worth the time and effort to do so unless you're running some sort of Gemini Deck. On to the card, this Fish here has 1500 ATK/1000 DEF which is solid and if you summon him once more, his original ATK becomes 2300, which isn't bad, but isn't enough to compete with Sacred Phoenix and Monarchs. Also to the second summoning, it gains the trample ability, but if it attacks, it is switched to DEF position, which is terrible. Not worth as much time and effort like Il Blud.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5 (This is being very generous to this card, folks)
Ed Tuesday: Phantom Dragonray Bronto

Today we look at a Gemini monster, and one that has a rather interesting effect. The fish/water stats is are good, since they fit in those semi-competitive umi and legendary ocean decks. The bad thing, though, is that its effect is one of those old-fashioned Giant Orc effects. It gets switched back to the defense position, and its defense is 1000. Hey, it's not horrible and I wouldn't be surprised if it took a good amount of thought to determine whether or not to include this in a beatdown, Gemini, or Umi/Legendary Ocean deck. The decks that it WOULD be included in, though, aren't too great in the current format. The card would be a lot better, and not broken at all, if it didn't have to be switched back to defense position.

Traditional: 1/5 – Gemini's are too slow in this quick-paced format.

Advanced: 2.8/5

Art: 4/5 – Looks pretty awesome; I would think it's a sea serpent, rather than just a FISH…
still trying to catch up......
so phantom dragonray bronto is a gemini. terrible at that too. personally, i dont think gemini's have much potential. it was a nice idea, but just no. as if they didnt have enough geminis that said 'double summon to raise attack', this one gets turned to def when it attacks. i have absoloutly no idea why this card was made, except to help little kids concept what heffalumps might've evolved from if evoloution was actually real.
trad. 1/5
adv. 1/5
art. 3/5 a sting-ray-dino-elephant??


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