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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cyber Valley

Level 1
You can use 1 of the following 3 effects:
•When this card is selected as an attack target by an opponent's monster, you can remove this card from play to draw 1 card and end the Battle Phase.
•You can remove from play this card and 1 face-up monster you control, and draw 2 cards.
•You can remove from play this card and 1 card from your hand, and place 1 card from your Graveyard on top of your Deck.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.26.08


Dark Paladin

Today we look at Cyber Valley, another one of those interesting monsters that comes along every so often that has 0 attack and 0 defense, but boasts a few rather interesting abilities.

All right, so when attacked, you can choose one of three effects:

*Remove Cyber Valley from play to Draw 1 card and end your opponent's Battle Phase.

Not bad...that turns the guy into a 1 for 1 for you, and robs your opponent of the rest of their Battle Phase, if they had anything else they were going to attack with.

*Remove Cyber Valley and one face-up Monster you control to Draw 2 Cards from your Deck.

This effect I don't really care for, as it is technically a 2 for 2, but you lose two monsters from the Field, just for two cards in your Hand.

*Remove this card and one card from your Hand from play to add one card from your Graveyard to the top of your Deck.

As you know, we have cards that do this all ready. So, the effects, from first to third, seem to go from good, meh, to craptacular. Not really worth playing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it used as Tech...maybe?


Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 2/5 Perhaps a bit generous, but tech possibility? It's
not useless.

Art: 3/5

Cyber Valley

Welcome back, Machine Duplication!

This card single-handedly powers several OTK decks. You get 3 out, you can suddenly draw multiple cards, remove other monsters under your control (DMoC, among other things), or stack a card you want on top of your deck.

Vincent Tundo showed us how powerful this was at Houston -- check his decklist to see exactly how it works.

But the days of playing a weak Machine + Duplication to get heavy advantage are back in full force, and still have the power to absolutely end a game -- it's just going to be done a bit differently than before.

General Zorpa Cyber Valley
This diminutive little super rare is going for 20 bucks easy. Why? Because he is an amazing OTK card. You can cycle his effects with Dark Magician of Chaos and Dimension Fusion in order to draw out your entire deck, and then flip that game winning Magical Explosion. His effects are great, and there are 3 of them, so I'll go over each one. You remove him form play when selected as an attack target to negate the attack and draw a card. This is good if you get into a bind, as he is essentially a free negate attack. You can remove from play Cyber Valley and an on field monster in order to draw 2 cards. Excellent, as you can use his next effect very easily. You remove from play Cyber Valley and an in hand card to put a card from your graveyard on top of your deck.
The loop starts like this. You summon Cyber Valley, activate Machine Duplication. You get 2 more. Then remove two from play to draw 2 cards. You play Spell Economics. You then play Dimension Fusion to get back the two Valleys (for free) and remove DMoC in your hand and an on field Valley in order to put Dimension Fusion on the top of your deck. Remove from play the last Valleys to draw your Dimension Fusion and you do this until you have gotten the cards that are needed for the situation at hand. It is a very tenuous combo, but fairly easy to pull off. it works best in that Magical Explosion OTK that has gotten so much hype. However, drawing the right cards is key, like with Exodia.
David "BobDole" Hoffman Cyber Valley

Well, here's a fairly well known card already. I've seen quite a few decks utilizing this, though usually only at one. It has quite the selection of effects, so let's take a look at this thing.

First off it has 0 ATK and 0 DEF (Hello Machine Duplication). Wow. Don't see that a whole lot nowadays. Its first effect makes up for that though. It's a Machine, which means it has plenty of support (though Limiter Removal is not recommended). It's a 1 star, which means in Traditional you can morph it into Thousand Eyes. This would actually be nicer if it were a Dark, since it would fit the build of the PTDN, but I think it'll be just as nice once the set after PTDN released (It's Light based). Anywho, onto the effects.

- The first of the three effects is one of my favorite. It lets you summon this guy out - face up - without any worries. Chances are your opponent will waste a Smashing/Fissure on it simply so you don't draw, but if you're packing a facedown Call, this card really just makes it funny. Great effect late-game.

- The second effect allows you to draw during your own turn. By removing Valley and another monster (Scapegoat?), you get to draw 2. In the case you remove a Goat, this is actually a +1. This also works great with D.D. Survivor, as he brings himself back at the End Phase.

- The third effect is really my least favorite, but can be extremely useful. Removing a card from hand is easier than one on the field, but the effect is delayed. Granted, you can grab back Heavy Storm, or a Monarch, or even a Sangan if you're thinning. If it allowed you to place the card in hand, this would be ridiculously broken. But instead you have to wait a turn to get whatever you want. It's a really nice late-game effect.

All in all, this is a pretty decent card. I'd run it in a Machine Deck, or even a RFG deck, since you can abuse D.D. Survivor with it. I don't see this being hugely splashable, but it's first effect earns it a spot in any fast moving decks.

Traditional: 2.5/5 A light card that can draw for ya. Nice.

Advanced: 3/5 It has a job, and it does it well.

Bob Dole
Master Tricks
Cyber Valley
    Today, we look at yet another interesting card who emerged from the Cyber Dragon family and is really a good one. It probably even surpasses Cyber Dragon itself! Here are the pros of Cyber Valley and how you should or might use it in a deck:
  1. Attribute is Light so you can special summon it to the field with Shining Angel.
  2. It's a machine and has an ATK/DEF of 0 so you can use Machine Duplication to bring out 2 more copies of it to the field.
  3. Cyber Valley's first effect allows you to remove it from play, draw 1 card, and end the battle phase when it is selected as an attack target.
  4. Cyber Valley's second effect allows you to remove itself and another face-up monster on the field to draw 2 cards.
  5. Use Machine Duplication on Cyber Valley to get out 2 more copies of it to the field and use the effect mentioned in "4" with one of the Cyber Valleys and remove it as well as another Cyber Valley.
  6. To make removing a monster easier for the effect mentioned in "4", you can use Scapegoat to remove the token to not worry about losing an important monster, remove a D.D. Survivor or D.D. Scout Plane and Cyber Valley itself to draw 2 cards and get your D.D. monster back to the field at the end phase.
  7. Cyber Valley's 3rd effect allows you to remove itself and a card in your hand to add 1 card in your graveyard to the top of your deck. This card can be any card (Spell, Trap, or Monster), any card which can help or support your position in the duel.
  8. After using Machine Duplication on a Cyber Valley, first use a Cyber Valley's effect to remove itself and a card in your hand (D.D. Scout Plane?) to add any card in your graveyard to the top of your deck. Then activate another Cyber Valley's effect to remove itself and another face-up monster, most likely the other Cyber Valley, to draw 2 cards, on which is the card you grabbed from your graveyard and the other which is unknown.
  9. Using the effect mentioned in "7", remove a powerful monster from your hand such as Dark Magician of Chaos to get a powerful card in your graveyard. Then use cards such as Dimension Fusion or Escape from the Dark Dimension to special summon your removed from play Dark monster.
    This card is going to be seen in some sort of perfect circle/darkness deck at Shonen Jumps and Regionals soon so get 3 copies of these because it is crazy powerful when combined with Machine Duplication. If you have any deck ideas involving Cyber Valley, please feel free to tell me them at pathoon@aol.com and we'll see what we'll do from there.
Traditional: 2.5/5 (Not really sure how well this card will do here)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (Strong, beneficial card)
Art: 4.5/5
Ed Tuesday - Cyber Valley

     Today we're reviewing Cyber Valley, a key card in some newly competitive decks like the DARK attribute decks or just those DaD decks that can go off on any turn with the right cards. Cyber Valley is particularly weak when it comes to his stats, but if you take a look at his effects, they'll match the attack/defense points perfectly. The first effect requires the opponent to select Cyber Valley as an attack target. Because I don't think the opponent will hold off on his/her great onslaught of monsters just because of Cyber Valley's first effect, you should be able to pull it off easily. The first effect isn't too great, though, and I suppose that's so because of the effort required to activate it.
     The second effect of Cyber Valley isn't too bad, and could easily be pulled off with the help of even Mind Control or the commonly used Brain Control. It allows you to draw 2 cards by removing both Cyber Valley and another face-up monster on the field from play. This is extremely useful in ANY deck, because of its awesome draw power. We don't usually see many cards that can supply us with more than one draw, let alone two. Yes, you have to remove from play two cards making the card advantage the same, but the monster removed could still be useless if it's a Light and Darkness Dragon that can't use its effect anymore or it could be removed to your advantage (D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane).
     The final effect of Cyber Valley that its owner can choose to activate is easier to pull off, but doesn't create an awesome advantage, because it's setting up for an event that will occur one turn after the turn that the effect is activated. However, if there is one turn to spare, then a very powerful card could be brought back from the Graveyard such as Mirror Force or Heavy Storm. This third effect could make it seem as if you're running an extra copy of a card that you have in your deck. I personally don't like this effect because I don't like to wait a full turn and know what I'm going to draw. It gives me a sense of being trapped, especially since I don't know what my opponent has in store for me during his/her next turn.

Traditional: 1.5/5 - This card isn't really needed since we have all those broken cards here.
Advanced: 4/5

Art: 2/5
Pwii Today's Tuesday. The many benefits of tuesday are there's nothing to do for the second have of the day! Aah, laziness. Oh! um, today's card is cyber valley.

Interesting piece of tech. The first effect is the only one you're going to see used, unless scapegoat got un-limited. This card will be an automatic 3 for Exodia. and in a lot of stall decks.

5/5 stall decks both formats
3.75/5 OTK both formats


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