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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Beginning of the End

[Spell Card]
Activate only if there are 7 or more DARK monsters in your Graveyard. Remove from play 5 DARK monsters from your Graveyard to draw 3 cards.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.80
Advanced: 3.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.21.08


Dark Paladin

Moving along, we come to The Beginning of the End, which this card could certainly be. This card certainly packs one hell of a punch.

In short, if you have seven or more Dark monsters in your Graveyard, you remove five of them from the game, and then you get to Draw three cards from your Deck. Seven cards may seem like a lot, but mid to late game, there is no reason why shouldn't be able to obtain that number.

Just be sure you had your Dimension Fusion/Return From the Different Dimension ready before you played this, swarm the Field, and hammer your opponent down for the victory. (At least, in theory, it would be just that easy.)

As you should be aware, this set is huge on sending cards to the Graveyard, and/or removing them from the game. The Beginning of the End is another excellent card.


Traditional: 3.75/5 It might be harder to get only Dark monsters here, in Chaos, OTK/FTK, and all, but it could be done, and could you imagine using Dimension Fusion for CED?

Advanced: 5/5 This works in so many Decks, in so many ways.

Art: 5/5
General Zorpa The Beginning of the End

This is what the Japanese were using for a while for DARK draw power. You can only activate this card if you have 7 or more DARK monsters in the graveyard. Then, you remove 5 of them in order to draw 3 cards. This will often be a life saver, but you will really like having lots of DARKs in the graveyard, as you can then use Dark Creator, Dark Armed Dragon and Dark Nepthys that much better.

However, any card that says "Draw 3 cards" is definitely worth a look. You can use Magical Merchant to get through your horde of DARK minions and get to your Beginning and then likely activating it and setting up a huge play with Dimension Fusion as well as Return from the Different Dimension. Of course this card is great with Diamond Dude, as you don't have to remove from play any cards nor have any limitation on it's activation. The bottom line is that it is a good card, it is just overshadowed by Allure of Darkness in most decks.

Master Tricks
Beginning of the End
    Sorry I'm late with my COTD reviews. I have to do a hell full of schoolwork and projects as well as athletics. Now, this unfortunately is a card I greatly overestimated, but still believe its a good card. My advice to you duelists on the rise out there is to only run no more than 1 copy of Beginning of the End unless you use Doomsday Horror to return them to the graveyard. My Doomsday Horror comes into my hand in probably the most unnecessary situations ever when I first used it. Anyway, here are the pros about this card and how you should or might use it well:
  1. You get 3 free cards from removing 5 Dark monsters in your graveyard while there are 7 Dark monsters in your graveyard. Free cards for a low price is always good.
  2. You can combo its "Remove 5 Dark monsters in your graveyard from play" effect by removing powerful Dark monsters such as Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Nepthys, Darklord Zerato, Jinzo, the new Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord, etc. and use Dimension Fusion OR Return from a Different Dimension to get them all out for an OTK. Great for killer combos.
  3. It's a normal spell so you can combo it into a D.D. Turbo deck since D-Hero Diamond Dude can use it's effect immediately without requirements. I am curious if using Diamond Dude's effect to activate Beginning of the End allows you to skip the requirement of 7 or more Dark monsters just like skipping the requirement of all 3 Ojamas for Ojama Delta Hurricane. Contact me at pathoon@aol.com if you know the answer please.
    These are some of the ways I can think of right now and if you know any other easier ways to use Beginning of the End, know any other combos with it that I didn't mention, or need help on Yugioh, contact my website I posted above. I really think this card is good, but it failed me when I tried to use it at a local hobby league.
Traditional: 2/5 (Can be usable, but we need the Dark monsters in the graveyard toi summon out Chaos monsters)
Advanced: 3.75/5 (Reasons stated above)
Ed Thursday - The Beginning of the End

We're reviewing another DARK spell support, and it also provides draw power. The difference between this card and Allure of Darkness is that the Beginning of the End allows someone to draw 3 cards, and has a higher cost, and most likely won't be played in any deck except for the DARK-attribute decks. This can probably be said about Double Summon and Super Double Summon as well. The Beginning of the End can be somewhat easily activated in a DARK-based deck, but won't be seen anywhere else. It's a staple in a DARK deck, and can completely change the direction the game is going in. That's actually all I can say about this card, since it's pretty self-explanatory.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5

DARK deck: 4.5/5

Art: 1.5/5
Pwii yo, this is pwii's evil twin that has taken over his body once again. i guess now that i'm supposed to be doing all his work while he's been held cap-- I mean, away HACK HACK. um, todays card is begining of the end.
this makes a sweet combo in a dark deck with either dimension fusion or RftDD. the best part is you dont have to run d-fissure or anything like that, just this! mainly because a lot of the big new darkies depend on darks in the grave. it doesnt have that much potential outside of the return factor.

5/5 it's OTK deck [both formats], 1/5 elsewhere

--pwii('s evil twin)


                The beginning of the end is a pretty good sum up of what this card can do for you if you get it off. Lets’ see, if you somehow get 7 darks in your graveyard, you get 3 cards, 5 removed from play, and a chance to swarm the field with dimension fusion/RTFDD.  Doesn’t sound like a good thing for your opponent. Really this card won’t be able to get off the effect that easily, but if you ever do thank the lord because you will probably win that turn.  If you somehow don’t win that turn than you are probably one of the most unlucky S.O.B’s in the world.

Tradition: N/A

Advance: 2/5… To iffy to be played

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