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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Vampire's Curse

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can pay 500 Life Points. If you do, Special Summon it during the next turn's Standby Phase. When this card is Special Summoned this way, it gains 500 ATK.

Card Number - PTDN-EN090

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.85
Advanced: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.14.08


Dark Paladin

Today we look at Vampire's Curse, another excellent Zombie monster (that you may be familiar with from certain Yugioh video games) to come out in the recent while.

Vampire's Curse is a Level 6 Zombie monster, of the Dark attribute with 2000 attack and 800 defense. Both values are pretty low, especially for a tribute monster, however...note that 800 defense is searchable by Pyramid Turtle (arguably the best searcher in the game) meaning you can skip the tribute.

Now, while the 2000 attack is low, each time this guy is destroyed by Battle, you can pay 500 Lifepoints to Special Summon him during the next turn's Standby Phase. Each time you successfully do that, Vampire's Curse attack goes up by 500. So once, and you're at 2500, which is enough to take out all the "2400 attack terrors."

Vampire's Curse unfortunately does not get his effect if he is removed from play, or sent to the Graveyard by a Magic or Trap card, but he is still an excellent card for Zombies. Granted, cards that increase their own attack generally aren't good, but I think we can make an exception here.


Traditional: 3.25/5 Dark, and Zombies do fairly well in Traditional, despite rampant Chaos and OTK/FTK.

Advanced: 4.25/5 For reasons listed above.

Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Vampire's Curse

This card is ok. Kind of a counterpart to Vampire Lord. When he is destroyed in battle, you can Special Summon him with 500 more ATK points . You lack the V-Lord effect of sending a card from the deck to the graveyard, but that is rather a useless effect anyways. In fact, if Curse had Lord's recursion effect it would be worth playing. As it is, it has to die in battle, which it won't. Your opponent will just spin it, smash it or do something to kill it other than in battle. It has it's uses, just not that many in the current game.
David "BobDole" Hoffman Vampires Curse

My apologies for no COTD's, and my excuse sucks. I'm going to Katsukon tonight so I've been prepping all week.

Vampire's Curse is a Zombie card that could be so much better than it currently is. Drop it's ATK by about 500 points and it's level by two, and you have a very playable monster.
Unfortunately, it's a six star 2000 ATK monster that's effect is almost never really going to go off. Regardless, let's look at the effects.

- This is a huge downside here, considering how much monster removal there is in the current metagame.

- Special summoning by your next turn's standby phase makes sense, considering it's most likely going to be dying on your opponants turn. I suppose you could focus on suiciding this into bigger things so it comes back with the point boost, but that's a lot of effort for a simple card effect.

- 500 ATK for each recursion is nice, but unfortunately it's only if it's summoned in it's special way. Otherwise, this thing would be Godly in a Zombie deck.

Gadgets especially just really aren't bothered at all by this guy. Monarchs hardly care because most of the time they're either going to bounce or just blow it up.

Your best bet, is going to be the next dark set, since several of the monsters in there like killing things. Of course Dark Armed Dragon is just going to blow this thing away, and Dark Rainbow Dragon really doesn't care if there's a monster out or not.

Now I will mention that Turtle can fetch it (what can't Turtle fetch?), and it is atleast strong enough to knock out a few things. Plus after it revives itself, it's strong enough to take down Monarchs.

Traditional: 1.5/5 There's a lot more monster destruction in this format.
Advanced: 2.5/5 This has some potential, but I doubt any serious Zombie decks are going to main this guy.

Bob Dole
Master Tricks
Vampire's Curse
    I REALLY hate to admit it, but to you Zombie-Deck fans, here's a welcome addition to your deck. This card will replace Vampire Lord as it is way better than Vampire Lord. Vampire Lord get's special summoned to the field again if it is destroyed by an opponent's card effect, but Vampire's Curse comes back to life at the cost of 500 LP and if it was destroyed as a result of battle. Additionally, Vampire's Curse gains 500 ATK if special summoned this way. Nothing too special to say here since you can already figure out where this guy really belongs in; the Zombie Deck since it is a Level 6 Dark Zombie with 2000 ATK, but a weak 800 DEF. Being able to regenerate itself better than Vampire Lord is the unique part about this card and helps out the Card of Safe Return combo, searchable by Pyramid Turtle and the new secret rare Goblin Zombie, and can be special summoned by Il Blud and Book of Life. This card is a warm welcome addition to Zombie decks. Just so you duelists know, I hate Zombies!
Traditional: 1.25/5
Advanced: 4.25/5 (Zombies)
Art: 4/5 (I may hate Zombies, but I do like the art for this card)
Ed Thursday - Vampire's Curse
Happy Valentine's Day!

So, for Valentine's Day, we have a monster that also starts with the letter "V." Vampire's Curse is almost exactly the same thing as Vampire Lord, except that it has to be destroyed in battle, not by card effect, but it doesn't have the deck-thinning effect that Vampire Lord has. This card is definitely the Giant Trunade of Heavy Storm except with Vampire Lord. It acts a little differently than Vampire Lord, and not in a very good way. Yes, being destroyed in battle is a bit more common with all the Monarchs and CyDra's running around, but the bad part of this card's effect is that you have to pay 500 life points just to get it special summoned during your next standby phase. That's pretty costly, but it comes with an extra 500 points. This is where the situation that this card would be played in isn't too great. A monster with 2500 would most likely be targeted by card effects to get destroyed, so this card won't even be able to use its effect more than once most of the time. In conclusion, I think that Vampire's Curse is a weaker version of Vampire Lord, and will rarely see play even in Zombie decks.

Traditional: 1/5 - If it's weaker than Vampire Lord, and THAT isn't even played, this card is bad in this format.
Advanced: 1.5/5 - It's not completely unplayable.

Art: 1.5/5
Pwii DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!! today open season on unaware boys starts today!!!!!! hah, hah, anyways, almost as a contridiction to valentines day we're reviewing vampire's curse.

really decent. nice in a dark or zombie deck, but i wouldnt reccomend using eslewhere. so basically you set it, have your opponent mull over the fact that you might be a noob who runs a high-def monster splashed in, and then attack. then it comes back on the next turn, special summon dark grepher, then dark armed dragon, then dark horus and win. nice seems to be the word.

5/5 trad. dark deck

4/5 adv. dark deck.

Spaceman Thursday:

Vampire's Curse is a card that I am quite smitten with. That’s right smitten. I have always been a fan of Vampire Lord, and this card is almost the complete opposite with how it gets its revival. This one is only special summoned thanks to your opponent’s 2000+ monster kicking the Curse’s ass while the Lord needs an effect to destroy it. Really this card has many downfalls in the time of much solemn judgment seeing play, Macro Cosmo absolutely destroys it, and gadgets don’t really care about the effect thanks to all the card removal it possesses.

In zombie builds there are better options, but what this card does have is its own recursion. Card of Safe Return will absolute work wonders with it and being dark it has great support. It could easily destroy zaborgs/jinzo/Raiza after being re summoned, but it will probably fall to a Bottomless trap hole or a mirror force.

Really what this card has going for it is just awesomeness in the What-If-No one-Played-thoughts. Other than that it isn’t that great.

Traditional: 1.5/5 Vampire Lord is better and that isn’t even played here

Advance: 2.5/5 For being bad ass and have its own recursion.

Problems with the way I write: I don’t care really, but really just PM on the forums: name- Spaceman.

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