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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Metal Reflect Slime

After activation, Special Summon this card in Defense Position; it is treated as an Effect Monster Card (Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 10/ATK 0/DEF 3000). This card cannot attack. (This card is still treated as a Trap Card.)

Card Number - PTDN-EN094

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.40
Advanced: 3.30

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.13.08


Dark Paladin

"I'll take Traps that are also Monsters for $1000, Alex"

We look at the awesome Metal Reflect Slime today, as seen in the Anime twice used by Marik in the Battle City Arc, in the episodes "Mime Control and The Final Face Off." I'd like to start by pointing out that this is a perfect card to use in combo to summon Beserk Dragon, if anyone actually uses that card.

Anyway, Metal Reflect Slime becomes a Monster card that automatically is placed in Defense postion, which is a good thing as it has 0 attack, but a very impressive 3000 defense. Obviously, the best use for this is as Tribute Fodder for a Monarch, or something else...ha ha.

Metal Refelct Slime is a Level 10 monster, which is all but meaningless, but is significant in the Beserk Dragon combo I mentioned earlier. However, being a Trap, Metal Refelct Slime has the downfalls of MST, Twister, Jinzo, Royal Decree, Mobius, Raiza, and so on...but so do all Traps.


Traditional: 2/5 No real use in Traditional.

Advanced: 3.5/5 Real potential.

Art: 3/5
General Zorpa Metal Reflect Slime
The best of the trap monsters that we have been given. Zoma comes in at a close second, but even his effect does not compensate for the Slime's immense stats. 3000 DEF cannot be touched. LIke any Trap monster Slime has the weaknesses of both Trap and monster cards. Jinzo owns it as well as Raiza and ANY form of removal. However, this will stall your opponent out until they get said removal as well as having some combos with it. Like any monster, it can be tributed for a summon or due to an effect. Like any trap card it can be sprung on your opponent really easily.
The biggest combo is that with the card, The Calculator from PTDN. It gains 300 ATK for every level star on your side of the field. Slime has 10 and Calculator has 2, so it has 3600 ATK. If metamorphosis was not banned , then this card would be used to bring out Cyber End Dragon, to, well end the game. Good thing metamorphosis is banned.

Metal Reflect Slime

Continuous Trap

After activation, Special Summon this card in Defense Position; it is treated as an Effect Monster Card (Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 10/ATK 0/DEF 3000).  This card cannot attack.  (This card is still treated as a Trap Card.)


    I still remember Yami Marik making Slime Obelisk.


    Trap Monsters hardly ever go by.  First one we got was Embodiment of Apophis.  Not so bad, but not that great either with 1600 ATK.  If ATK was switched with 1800 DEF, then it could have had some potential, but no, it followed the exact stats from the anime (well, cannot really wiggle out of that).


    Then, Cyber Shadow Gardna came.  Not so great.


    Rulings for Trap Monsters are complicated.  Although they are treated as Monster Cards, they still are Trap Cards as well.  Trap Monster takes both a Monster zone and S/T zone, consequently, and destruction of 1 part will get rid of both parts.  One thing that you should know is that if Jinzo or Royal Decree negates a Trap Monster once, even if the negator is removed from the field, the Trap will stay meaninglessly on the field. 


    Now, this card is very special.  Not only does Marik fuse this card to make indestructible (or regenerating) Obelisk, this card is treated as an Effect Monster Card.  I just had to give credit to the one of the most ridiculous or the coolest Fusion Monster.  Anyhow, does that really matter?  Being an Effect Monser? Yes, because Ceasefire is a burn card with serious potential. 


    3000 DEF is indeed impressive.  Even Blue-Eyes White Dragon cannot get through the Slime.  New Dark Armed Dragon cannot get past this beast.  Well, assuming the Dragon does not blow our precious Slime pieces with its effect. 


    What I most like about this card, though, is its awesome Level 10.  The Calculator gets 3000 ATK boost from this card.  Activate 3 of these and attack with The Calculator for game?


    The amazing instant 3000 ATK boost with The Calculator is THE potential for this card, and it is worth it.  Only if you can fuse this card…


Traditional: 1/5 Doesn’t even count as a Monster in the Graveyard…

Advanced: 3/5              3000 ATK = 2 x Rising Energy?

Master Tricks
Metal Reflect Slime
    For those of you who have watched the old Yugioh episodes during Battle City, this ought to be a familiar card that was used during the final showdown between Yami Marik and Yugi during Battle City. Good times, good times. This card was much different in effect-wise though during the Yugioh-Series. The Metal Reflect Slime card in Battle City could become a copy of a monster your opponent controlled, but this one just becomes an effect-monster token into your monster zone with 0 ATK/3000 DEF in defense position. This is still a good card, even without the killer copy ability, because it boasts a soaring high 3000 DEF that can stall nearly any monster. Here are the pros of this card and how you should or might use it:
  1. Has a boastful 3000 DEF to shield you from almost any monster.
  2. Becomes an effect monster into your monster zone so it doesn't take up space in your Spell/Trap card Zone.
  3. Can be used as tribute fodder for Monarchs and other high-level monsters.
  4. If "The Calculator" (A card which was reviewed last week on CoTD) is on your side of the field and this card is on the field at the same time, the Calculator's ATK becomes a minimum of 3600 ATK since it's ATK becomes the total combined levels of monsters you control x 300. Since this card is Level 10 and The Calculator is Level 2, its ATK becomes 3600 + other monsters you might control on the field.
    If you have any deck ideas or strategies involving this crazy card, please feel free to me them at pathoon@aol.com and tell me your idea. This card will most likely see play soon at SJCs, Regionals, etc.
Traditional: 1.5/5 (Chaos/OTKs rule around here and stalling is nearly impossible here)
Advanced: 3.5/5 (I know this card will see play soon)
Pwii almost doomsday. very scary time for me seeing as I'm just so good-looking. anyway, today's card is a very good card I have on my DS game, but apparently hasn't been released until now.

if metamorphisis was every un-banned, this just might be splashable with it for cyber end dragon or something like that. it might be used in a defensive deck, but meh. the only real potential trap-monsters have is in a sacred beast deck. very nice there.

1/5 trad.

2.5/5 adv. monarch deck

5/5 uria deck

Spaceman Wednesday:

Metal Reflect Slime is a trap card that shouldn’t be seen in Competitive play unless you are stalling. I stand by this for a couple reasons:

1) Remember a couple years ago we got this card in our Shonen Jump magazine that was trap that would special summon a monster with 1600/1800 stats? I forget what that crud card was, but it wasn’t played for more than two weeks and it hasn’t been picked up since.

2) It has zero attack and is prime purpose is stall and be tribute for any amount of one tribute needed monsters.

Could I see this in a Co-Burn/ Stall burn: yes I could. Could I see it in a kid’s deck that sucks: yes I could. Is it worth your time to put it in every deck that stalls: No. Scapegoat is better, any day of the weak. Swords of Revealing light is better. Sure you can’t tribute those cards for monsters (well yeah scapegoat and plasma I know) but they serve a far more stable safety net for a couple of turns.


Traditional: N/A


Why so high for the reasons I gave stating how bad it was? It is possible to annoy people with and I respect the 3000 Defense and tribute-able. Sad that it is a effect monster when its special summoned or else demise could use it maybe.

Problems with the way I write: I don’t care really, but really just PM on the forums: name- Spaceman.

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