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Dark Bribe

Card Number - GX04-EN002

Negate the activation and effect of an opponent's Magic or Trap card and destroy it. Your opponent draws 1 card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.75
Advanced: 4.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.20.08


Dark Paladin



Dark Bribe is a card that has gotten a lot of attention and focus this Format, both positive and negative.  Some see this card as the poor man's Solemn Judgment...others see this as the NEW Solemn Judgment. 

Let's take a look at that.


Dark Bribe is a Counter Trap that negates the activation and effect of an opponent's Magic or Trap card and destroys.  As a secondary effect, your opponent Draws one card.  As a general rule of thumb, except in strange Decks, or on the turn you are about to win, your opponent Drawing because of something you did, is not a good thing.


However, here, that is meaningless.  Dark Bribe is one of those cards that only gets better as the Duel goes along.  You know your opponent is waiting to throw something on you, and you stop it.  They get to Draw one card?  Big deal.


While Solemn Judgment can also negate the summon of a Monster, and it does require a cost, being half your Lifeponits, as opposed to your opponent merely being able to Draw...well, we aren't comparing the two...that sounds like something I need to do in detail in an article.




Traditional:  3.25/5


Advanced:    4.25/5


Art:  5/5  Simple, but nice.


General Zorpa Dark Bribe
This is a card that has seen play off and on. I do think that we have reviewed it recently, but it still does the same things that it did back then. It negates any spell or trap at the cost of your opponent drawing a card. This is "soft" negation like Magic Drain as opposed to "hard" negation like Magic Jammer. The reason that it is soft is that your opponent may draw something even better. Meaning that you may negate Mystical Space Typhoon only to have them draw Heavy Storm.
This card is all about the timing. You want to negate it when they are defending themselves with Mirror Force or Torrential and have no opportunity to fight back with whatever they draw. Mostly this is used in Counter Fairy decks, as it becomes an even trade with Artemis on the field. It has also been used with some varying degree of success in Six Samurai, as they need to be able to force attacks through. I personally have found that it works best in fairy decks and not in samurai.
Once again, this card is all about the timing. I do think that it is good, just that Solemn Judgment has taken it's place, and it doesn't look like Bribe will be rising to power again any time soon.

Jeff Lang
Dark Bribe
Counter Trap

Negate the activation and effect of an opponent's Magic or Trap card and
destroy it. Your opponent draws 1 card.

    Todayʼs card up for review is Dark Bribe. This card is obviously ridiculous in power by reading it. This is easily one of my favorite cards and one of the more powerful cards out there if you are smart. This card along with Solemn can be the most powerful cards as long as you know when to exactly to play either of them, they can win you the game/match. To negate any thread to your field that you built up is obviously amazing. Macro for example, negating heavy storm or even trunade should give you the win

    Now, like I said you have to be smart about playing it. You have to save it for a game changing spell/trap. Your opponent gets to draw so you have to think ahead, and think of what all resources your opponent used so far. If you can do that, you simply win

Adv: 5/5

Some people say dark bribe is horrible, a -1, useless.




This card is a miracle in burn and combo decks, what's a -1 instead of a destroyed lab? This card should never be restricted, run in threes, and run skillfully.


5/5 in the right deck, both formats



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