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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Red Enchanter

Card Number - PTDN-EN097

Level 6
ATK/1700 DEF/2200
When this card is Normal Summoned, put 2 Spell Counters on it. Each time a Spell Card is activated, put 1 Spell Counter on this card. It gains 300 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. Once per turn, you can remove 2 Spell Counters fromthis card to make your opponent discard 1 random card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.60
Advanced: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.02.08


Dark Paladin

Today we look at another Secret Rare from Phantom's Darkness, Dark Red Enchanter, who is so close to being good...but isn't. Now, our Enchanting friend is a Level 6 monster who requires a tribute and only has 1700 attack, yet a fairly solid 2200 defense. Dark Red Enchanter is a Dark monster, of the Spellcaster type.

When Normal Summoned, you can put two Magic Counters on Dark Red Enchanter. Each Magic Counter gives your monster an extra 300 attack points. So, your 1700 attack monster just became a monster with 2300 attack points.

However, you only get that effect when Dark Red Enchanter is Normal Summoned, not Special or Flip Summoned, and that is just one downside of this card. Furthermore, 2300 attack just isn't competitive enough, and you all ready know that.

Yet, Dark Red Enchanter can have any number of Magic Counters, it has no limit, which is nice, so it could grow to be more powerful yet. It also has the bonus ability of once per turn being able to remove two of the counters (and 600 attack) to discard one random card from your opponent's Hand.

Honestly, the card is NOT bad, the format is bad.


Traditional: 1.5/5 It still has Hand disruption.

Advanced: 3.5-X/5 Where X equals any card your opponent plays with
2400 attack or more.

Art: 4/5
General Zorpa Dark Red Enchanter
This is the card that Spellcaster decks have been waiting for. Unfortunately he came a little late. When he is summoned, you get two spell counters on him. Then each time a Spell is activate he gets another, and like Breaker, gets 300 ATK for each one. You can then discard 2 counters to make your opponent discard form their hand. This is great as spellcasters need to make up all of the advantage that their fancy tricks cost, and this guy lets you help in that regard. He is just too slow for the metagame right now, but still a decent card that helps to complete a fun and possibly competitive spellcaster deck.

Jae Kim
Wednesday - Dark Red Enchanter

It's hard to tell if a card is well-designed or broken, simply because Dark Armed Dragon skews the power level of cards so much.

Premier Level- I think Red Enchanter is generally a broken card that is overlooked because of DaD. Despite what the novices at other sites tell you, Enchanter does not belong in a Spellcaster deck at all. In fact, it's actually suboptimal to be running this card with garbage like Dimension Magic and Magician's Circle.

A top-tier deck using Enchanter would main-deck Decree, play multiple copies of Thestalos, Enchanter, Soul Exchange. You would drop Enchanter on turn one, play a bunch of spells the next turn to refuel, and set spells on your turn to give it counters as well.

Enchanter is basically a 1700 Thestalos that can reuse the effect if your opponent does not find an answer to rid it next turn. If DaD wasn't so dominant, this would classify as an *EXTREMELY BROKEN* card, and would probably form the linchpin of an extremely top-tier deck.

Enchanter control can still work in the DaD format, it just has to be built right. Also, I think the Monarch mechanic itself (tribute floater for a +1 and 2400, or Soul Exchange for the same result), is broken so I might be biased.

Casual Level- Sure, read the Metagame.com articles and run him in suboptimal sets involving stuff like Circle and Dimension. *Teehee* YGO is fun!

Enchanter can sweep regionals and locals.

Traditional- 1/5
Advanced- 1/5 (rated on design)
Ed Wednesday - Dark Red Enchanter

Not really too much to say here that I haven't said in my most recent article, but I'll try my best to sum it up in one paragraph. Dark Red Enchanter's first effect is a pretty cool effect in the current format once you think about it, because 1) you can gain attack points via Spell Counters again and 2) it's so easy to gain lots of attack points with players rapidly activating spell cards left and right in many of the top decks of the format. The second effect of Dark Red Enchanter is relatively awesome, too, since it can easily ruin the opponent's plans by discarding an important card from the opponent's hand. Discarding a card that the opponent doesn't need most likely will never happen, because the cards included in a DAD deck or DDT deck are all extremely important.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 3/5

Art: 3/5
Pwii Hi. this isnt pwii, this is his evil twin. I do everything pretty much like him, except I'm evil. Remember that.

Dark red enchanter just might make apprentice magician a good deck all by itself. or not. if only it didnt use two counters, then just maybe...

2/5 all. thestalos does the job a lot better.

--pwii('s evil twin)

Wednesday April 2nd:  Dark Red Enchanter


Today we're reviewing Dark Red Enchanter, another OCG card that came in Phantom Darkness.  This card is alot similar to Breaker and his Spell Counter gang.  First of all, when you normal summon this card, it gains 2 Spell Counters that boosts its ATK by 300 for each counter.  At 1700 for 1 Tribute, it will reach 2300 upon a successful summon.  Like Breaker, those counters have a use instead of ATK boosts.  By removing 2 Counters, your opponent randomly discards 1 card from their hand.


What's good about this card is that unlike breaker, it has no limits to how many spell counters it can have as well as gaining a Spell counter for every spell that's been activated.  A Good Deck would make this card pack alot of counters in short time and in turn, eating off your opponent's resources




Trad: 3/5

Advanced: 3/5


Until Next Time



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