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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Giant Trunade

Normal Magic
Return all Magic and Trap Cards on the Field to their respective owner's hands.
Super Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.55

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.07.0


Giant Trunade:

Again...darn you for limiting OTKs even further than they needed to be.

It's nowhere near as great as Heavy Storm, but is a second (used to be even 3rd and 4th) out to clear the Spell/Trap zone to swing in for the kill. With aggressive dueling at an all-time high, people would definitely play multiples if they could.

There's not much more to say here -- it has some combos (Premature can be used again, Swords can be thrown down after it was on its last turn, if you Called a Jinzo your Jinzo still lives and you get Call back...) but otherwise you're really only going to see this as something in an one turn win deck, or sided in against a lockdown deck.

Gotta give it a 5/5 for what it does for the OTK.


Giant Trunade is a pretty powerful Spell and deserves to be Banned.  Of course, that shouldn’t happen until it’s the last form of essentially free mass Spell/Trap removal.  So that the S/T Zones can actually become a location to use for the kind of combos this game seems meant for… but which fail horribly in actual tests because someone always nukes a keep component if not the whole dang thing, and does it with ease.


This card was dropped to one because it does feed some pretty mean decks, often acting as a spare Heavy Storm and the like.  However it does encourage some cool combos (like with Premature Burial and Big Bang Shot), the problem comes that it can be slapped into almost any deck for help in simplifying the game.  That’s simplification in the negative way: you know, “Og clear field.  Og smash you!”


So this is a pretty good card for any deck that just needs a clear S/T Zone to hammer on the opponent, it’s a good choice if its absolutely death to rely on Heavy Storm to eliminate an opponent’s S/T Zone set up because that would kill your own desperately needed one, and all in all probably is worth a slot in your side deck.  Unless it’s Traditional, where we have Harpie's Feather Duster.




Traditional: 1/5  

Advanced: 4/5

Dark Paladin

Today we look at Giant Trunade...I hate Giant Trunade. HATE IT! Why?
Sure, all it does is return all Magic and Trap cards on the field to the owner's respective hands, but you can just as easily lose that turn as you would to Heavy Storm.

Giant Trunade is a semi-staple in most decks right now. It gives you a free shot at anything you have on the field for a turn, and that usually means victory. Nothing is worse than seeing Chimera arrive on the field and knowing you have Mirror Force set to follow with a Giant Trunade.

If all that weren't enough, Giant Trunade is generally a very important card in OTK and FTK decks, which are terrible...I hate them as well.
No one likes losing in that manner.


Traditional: 1.5/5 No reason to run it
Advanced: 4/5 Solid card, side at least one if you don't use it

Art: 2/5 Not impressive

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Giant Trunade :
Trunade apparently isn't a word. Bets on someone horribly misspelling tornado?

The aggro and OTK player's best friend, Trunade clears the field for one turn. Cardwise, its a -1 and therefore horrid, but one should look beyond this to the fact that it can singlehanded give you the game by taking out those pesky defenses your opponent was hiding behind. If you find your deck just needs one turn without s/t's to explode, give this a go.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

Share and enjoy,

Giant Trunade
A minus one that is only good in an OTK or as anti Wave-Motion Cannon tech.
Burn decks are a good choice for the current format, most burn decks run stall.  When needed I guess?

Fact Man
Did I say Crush Card Virus is coming out this month? I got confused with a different $3000 card, Shrink, that should be out before this week is out. Crush Card should be available in about two months with the Dark Structure deck. Sorry to get your hopes up. Anyway, today I review:

Giant Trunade[NORMAL SPELL]
Returns all Magic and Trap Cards on the field to the respective owner's hands

This card has so much combo potential. My favorite combos include: reusing Premature Burial; removing monsters with Big Bang Shot; abusing Call of the Haunted with Jinzo, Cyber Phoenix, Kaiser Glider, Sangan, and/or Royal Decree; and, of course, clearing the way for an OTK. However, due to UDE's OTK hate, this card has been been limited during the last two ban lists from three, to two, and finally now to just one per deck.

Just like any card in YGO there are many ways to counter this card, such as chaining traps like Waboku, Threatening Roar, Solemn Judgemant, or even Dark Deal. If these traps fail, then you can always throw away that Kuriboh you have in your hand to negate the kill shot.

Advanced 4.5/5

This card is still worth running, but was better in multiples.
Turkeyspit Giant Trunade

This card has always been a subject of debate. On one side of the argument, the sheer fact that it's not seen in most decks would lead one to question why it was Semi-Limited last format, and Limited to 1 this banlist. On the other hand though, you will notice that this card usually only shows up in OTK / FTK style decks.

Personally, I think OTK / FTK decks are harmful to the game, and so I fully support having Giant Trunade at 1. If someone can show me a competitive deck that isn't a OTK / FTK and is truly weakened by it's Limitation to 1, then maybe I'll start to care.

So if you aren't running a OTK / FTK deck, why bother with this card at all? Well, there are several combos you can pull off with this badboy that, depending on your deck/strategy, can really give you an edge.

- Swords of Revealing Light: return it to your hand to stall some more.
- Big Bang Shot: equip it to your opponent's monster, use Trunade, and return the equip card to your hand while your opponent's monster is removed from play.
- Premature Burial: Pay 800 Life Points and special summon 1 monster from your graveyard. Use Trunade to return Premature Burial to your hand and use it again!
- Royal Decree: reset your backfield if you pulled a trap that you want to use (Return from the Different Dimension, Call of the Haunted, etc..)



1/5 - No need.


2/5 - outside a OTK / FTK deck, this card is only useful as part of a combo.

Card Art:

4/5 - this is why 'Smog' is a bad thing.

Lonely Wolf
Is it Friday yet? WHAT? It’s only Wednesday? I loathe mid-week. But while I’m here might as well review…..

Giant Trunade
Normal Spell
Return all Spell and Trap cards on the Field to their respective owner's hands.

Recently restricted to one I see….this card is a watered down version of heavy storm. This doesn’t belong in every deck. And on it’s own, it is a miserable card. If you don’t have a combo, or a follow-up of some kind, then this is almost always a wasted card. You run this card is a deck for a few reasons.

You might want it simply because you want some extra s/t “removal” so that you can go for a big swing with your monsters for one turn. Just be careful as you might be in for some rough retaliation.

You might want it because your deck is an OTK. Chimera loves this card, and, like yesterday’s card, is the reason it got restricted. 9/10 a Chimera OTK is going to be more worried about their opponent’s back row than their front row. OTK’s are always looking for extra cards to handle trouble spots on the other side of the field.

You might want this card because it’s more powerful counterpart, Heavy Storm, would harm your deck. Certain burn decks might consider this. And decks that involve Field Spell Cards like Necrovalley don’t want their prized card to go away so easily. This goes especially true for Gravekeeper’s who are known for being able to swarm quickly. A well timed Trunade could mean a HUGE hit, if not game.

The last reason you’d run this card is if it is involved in some sort of combo, other than an otk. It goes great with Morphing Jar. Play trunade, reset all your spells and traps, then flip morphing jar. You may have given your opponent a new hand, but he lost whatever was in his old hand, including whatever he had face down. Another common combo is premature burial. Play Premature, revive a monster, play trunade. Take back Premature, keep your monster, and play Premature again on a different monster. And I’m sure there are other combos as well.

If your deck falls into one of these categories, go ahead and try one of these big tornadoes out. Otherwise, stay far far away. Tornadoes are dangerous!

Traditional: 2/5 (Harpie’s, Heavy, MST, Breaker)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (In a deck that truly has a need and use for it)

BobDoily Giant Trunade

Another card punished for abuse in otks. I personally feel that it should remain restricted since there is no reason to run more than one in a deck (if that) unless it is for supporting an otk. In most standard decks there is enough s/t removal or enough available, superior (ie. destroys the cards), options to not warrant trunade’s use. Although it can be an amusing addition to a Toon deck, but that falls outside of the standard metagame…..

When put to its use as otk support it is amazing.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Giant Trunade


This card is still good despite its restriction to 1. I like its combo potential with Premature Burial and Swords (The most basic use).


It’s still an awesome field clearer for decks that need it like Machines or possibly Samurai decks.


Last Word: Still a good card. It can actually be teched into the Main-Deck if your deck can support it. There is merit to clearing your opponent’s back field to launch a strike. I would use it. In fact, how can I incorporate the use of Giant Trunade in my current deck?




Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 3/5


If you missed my last blog post yesterday, you missed the breakdown of the recent SJC champion’s, Emon Ghaneian, winning decklist. While his deck list looks a bit complicated…it’s actually quite simple and built on solid strategic principles.


Check out what you missed at: www.thebestyugiohblog.blogspot.com


Today, I’ll be picking apart Kris Perovic’s ‘Diamond Dude Turbo’ deck to give you guys a better understanding of how it works and why Diamond Dude Turbo is not dead.

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