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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dimension Fusion

Pay 1000 Life Points. Both players Special Summon as many of their monsters as possible that have been removed from play.
Ultra Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.89
Advanced: 3.94

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.06.0


Dimension Fusion

Argh, darn you UDE, for getting this limited to 1.

Dimension Fusion has gained new life as the OTK tool for Diamond Dude Turbo, and a more costly (but more consistent) alternative to Return from the Different Dimension.

Card Trooper + Bazoo is another reason you can throw this out in the early game -- and you WANT this out in the early game, as your opponent would get to Special Summon as well. DDT can get away with this if it has a Lightning Vortex, but most other decks wouldn't have that option.

With Emon's win at SJC Houston, we can expect to see many more Card Trooper/Bazoo decks, and with how well Diamond Due Turbo still did, you can expect to see a bunch of this as well.



Dimension Fusion is a potent Normal Spell that would be horribly broken if it were a Quick-Play.  As is, it is a very solid card and quite handy for certain decks, like the VWXYZ series and most Fusion decks anymore given all the “Remove-from-play” based shortcuts.  You pay 2000 LP and can Special Summon as many of your Monsters that have been removed from play as you can.  The catch is so can your opponent.  The LP payment is high enough it can’t be shrugged off (like the 800 LP for Premature Burial) and if the opponent has their own Monsters that were removed from play (say D. D. Warrior Lady, D. D. Assailant, or their targets if you used them yourself), you might not get much out of it, at least without deck specific combos.  Compare that with Return from the Different Dimension.  Granted that’s a Trap and there is a lot of Trap hate, and the Monsters are removed again at the end of the turn, but technically you can always pay half your LP.  In most decks, it’s pretty easy to find a useful card that can remove Monsters from play and work it in alongside Return from the Different Dimension.  In general, there are cards like Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Skull Lair, or if you’re deck is the right attribute, you could consider Monsters like Strike Ninja, Soul of Purity and Light, Gigantes, etc.  Obviously, all those work with Dimension Fusion as well.  You just can’t activate Dimension Fusion after you’re opponent’s burned all their protective Spells and Traps during the Battle Phase like you can Return from the Different Dimension.  You can also use Return from the Different Dimension defensively if you must (though generally you’ll only do that if you’re about to lose otherwise).


So if Return from the Different Dimension beats it in so many areas, why is Dimension Fusion the one that’s down to one?  Because as I rather lamely had to be reminded on the boards, Dimension Fusion can combo with Chimeratech Overdragon, and as early as your first turn.  While you could chain Return from the Different Dimension to the effect of Chimeratech Overdragon which nukes everything on the field… but then the Monsters you just Special Summoned would be destroyed by that effect.  So Dimension Fusion means the Chimeratech Overdragon player can Overload Fusion to get it out at its obscene strength, then bring back the best of the Machines he removed, like Jinzo to stop Traps, Spell Canceller to negate Spells, and generally several other useful Monsters that make your odds of survival against it drop from like 10% to 0%.  Even if you can survive the initial onslaught, they’ve just given themselves total or at least near total control of the field.


So it scores high because it can be abused in a very obnoxious deck, where it’d be merely “average” elsewhere even with a little preparation.




Traditional: 2/5

Advanced: 4/5



Dark Paladin

Today we look at Dimension Fusion. I absolutely love Dimension Fusion, and am sorry it got Restricted, but that's a story for another day.

Dimension Fusion works wonderfully in a number of decks. First being an XYZ deck. You need to remove the monsters to summon the Fusions, so you can continue and refuse to swarm the field.

Then, there's a Strike Ninja/DMoC deck. In this deck, it can help return Strike Ninja, Dark Magician of Chaos, and anything used to remove your Ninja so you can use him again and again. Replenishing and reusing your resources...wonderful.

Sadly, there's also the Chimera deck. Any Chimera deck who uses Overload Fusion to summon the dreaded Chimera knows they can (probably
needlessly) swarm with the monsters they used to summon Chimera.
That's just mean...a neat trick, but still mean.

Dimension Fusion is a powerful card, so watch out, you may see it popping up more often than not.

Dimension Fusion gets a 5/5 in the above mentioned decks but still a solid 3/5 elsewhere.

Art: 4.5/5 Love the picture.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dimension Fusion :
It may contain the word 'fusion', but I actually rather like it.

Not only does this work wonderfully in puzzles, its a win condition, and those are always good. It requires some set-up and isn't that good with Macro Cosmos, but anything that lets you summon up to five monsters with one card is worth a look. Also, it forms an infinite loop that will keep DMoC on the restricted list for the forseeable future. A good card that fits a specific deck type, but it lets it exist.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

Share and enjoy,

Dimension Fusion - Not reviewed in 4 years

This card is great for a deck utilizing any remove from play engine. But outside of such a theme it is pointless.
Turkeyspit Dimension Fusion

I often asked myself why this card would ever really see play. Having spent a good deal of time playing with RFG decks, I could see how Return from the Different Dimension was just a more stable card to play.

It wasn't until I played against a Destiny Hero Diamond Dude deck that I saw the power of this card.

Suffice to say, limiting Dimension Fusion to 1 really hurt the Diamond Dude / Phoenix Blade deck, while also pulling in the reigns of Chimerasack OTK decks. Is this card still worth running? Sure it is!

- Diamond Dude still gets it's effect for free
- Chimerasack decks can still pay 2000 LPs to summon Blowback Dragon, Jinzo and Spell Cancellor to their field

What hurts this card though is the popularity of RFG cards. With D.D. Assailant back to 2, and D.D Warrior Lady once more seeing play, your opponent may very well have a few cards in their RFG pile, which makes Dimension Fusion a risky play.

Add to that the power of Dimension Fissure / Macrocosmos, Bazoo, Freed and Skull Lair decks, and you will find that the RFG pile isn't as small as it used to be.



2/5 - Primal Seed does the same job for free, but Dimension Fusion could be worked in with the right build.


4/5 - Destiny Hero Diamond Dude and Chimerasack decks.
3/5 - Bazoo, Freed, Strike Ninja, or other dedicated RFG style decks.

Card Art:

4/5 - why does D.D. Assailant never come back? Not here and not in Return from the Different Dimension!

Lonely Wolf
Today we look at a card that recently hit the restricted list….

Dimension Fusion
Pay 2000 Life Points. Both players Special Summon as many of their monsters as possible that have been removed from play.

Wow…2000 life points is pretty steep. In return, you AND your opponent get to special summon monsters from your respective removed from game piles. That’s pretty powerful. It’s the last piece of the Chimeratech OTK puzzle. You bring out a huge Chimera via Overload, then Dimension out 4 Machines, including Jinzo, Spell Canceller, and maybe a Drillroid, and attack for an almost guaranteed game!!! I’m willing to bet Chimeratech is what made this card get restricted.

Outside of Chimeratech or a Five Headed Dragon OTK deck, I can’t think of many decks that would want to utilize this. Freed Return might like this card, but Macrocosmos probably would not. That deck is made to remove a lot of your opponent’s cards, including monsters, from the game. If you played Dimension Fusion to get some of your monsters back, you might end up starring down several monarchs. Not something you want to see happen, I assure you.

In most cases and decks, you’ll usually end up running Return from the Different Dimension. It’s a steeper cost early game and it’s slower, but you can always pay the cost, and it can act as an expensive Waboku, if you need it to be. It can be used in the battle step as well, making for a nice surprise. And it only returns your monsters, even though it’s only for the turn.

Dimension Fusion seems to be tailor made for OTK decks like Chimera. I truly wouldn’t suggest it for anything else, except for possibly Freed Return.

Traditional: 3/5 (Chaos is here, so RFG could have some stuff in it)
In Chimera OTK: 5/5
Advanced: 3/5 (For any other deck that utilizes the RFG)
Art: 5/5
BobDoily Dimension Fusion

Restricted for use in OTK; so no point reviewing those. Aside from that this really only provides an alternate version of Return from the Different Dimension. In comparison the only benefits it offers over the other is that it can be used faster, and that it bypasses Decree/Jinzo. Of the two Return is the more versatile one and usually overshadows Dimension Fusion completely. Regardless, it has its uses and it performs them fine.

Traditional: 2.75/5
Advanced: 3/5 (Chimera has more of an influence for advance, traditional has more stable otks)


Dimension Fusion


This card just exploded in playability when Elemental Hero Stratos was released. The Diamond Dude Turbo deck made its second debut in SJC Houston with Kris Perovic as the pilot of the deck. He finished 2nd losing the Emon. Well done Kris. A lot of players thought Diamond Dude Turbo was dead after the Ban List; he proved them wrong.


Dimension Fusion itself is pretty nasty. Given the right conditions and the speed at which you fill the removed-from-play pile, you can win games as easily as you can with Return from the Different Dimension; except much faster.


Card Trooper seems to be the best combo potential card of the format right now. This little Machine can easily transform RFG decks from slow and deadly titans to speedy assassins. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing Card Trooper at your local as well.


Last Word: Dimension Fusion is good. You thought it was restricted because of Chimeratech? Think again. The Diamond Dude Turbo deck makes this card stupid good. You better be prepared. 




Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 4/5


Who read the coverage on SJC Houston? Emon is a 3-time champion? Get outta here!


Visit my blog at www.thebestyugiohblog.blogspot.com to read about why he won and an analysis of the Top 8 decks.


The Regional season is heating up and Nationals is only 3-4 months away. Depending on your location you may only have 2-3 of these competitions left. Take the time to find out what will be played, why it will be played, and what to do about it.  Visit my blog by following the link above. I’m the one talking about it today and everyday for everyone to see. No B.S. 

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