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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Fusion Devourer

Card Number - STON-EN020

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.43
Advanced: 1.86

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.27.0


Dark Paladin
Today we look at Fusion Devourer, a card who had a much cooler name in Japan, as it was Fusion Killer, but we can't have our kids playing a card with "Killer" in its name, can we?

Our Devouring friend here is Dark, and only has 1400 attack which means you can search him via Sangan and he is a Fiend so he could feed Dark Necrofear.

This card is a good answer to most of the Fusions you will run into.
Making the attack of the Fusion monster 0 during the Damage Step essentially gives you a 1400 shot at your opponent unless they destroy the monster before attacking.

The only real problem here is Chimera Tech Over Dragon, or even to a lesser extent, Cyber Twin Dragon. You see, since the attack drop is only during the Damage Step, this would only stop ONE of Chimera or Cyber Twin's attacks.

Not a bad card, but he can't stop the biggest Fusion monster most commonly seen, not completely anyway.


3/5 all around...not good, not bad

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

NOTE: added later in the day: I stated that Fusion Devourer would only stop one attack from Chimera Tech OverDragon or Cyber Twin Dragon. I e-mailed UDE and was stated that the effect is continuous, and since each attack after the first with such monsters DOES reset their attack, it would again return to 0 if it were to attack Fusion Devourer.

Fusion Devourer


anything restricted to fusion monsters is pointless in the current format


Fusion Devourer



This card’s usefulness is spelled out for you in its card name “Fusion Devourer”. It eats Fusion monsters for breakfast.


At a meager 1400 ATK, it’s not too bad. Fusion monsters are STILL not used as often as most players would like. Fusions present some of the quirkiest and most powerful effects in the game, by far. I like Fusion monsters personally. They’re very good.


There are about a million and one ways to summon a Fusion monster. Why aren’t most players using them actively?


Well…they use up a lot of cards.


It’s true. They do.


Last Word: Fusion monsters have potential. Why else would Konami print viable counters to them?


Think about it: Fusion Devourer, De-Fusion, that monster that does damage if you have a large Fusion Deck (I really forgot what that monster’s name is)




Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 3/5


Don’t forget to stop by my blog for the latest breakdown of the most recent Shonen Jump Championship: ColumbusGo to: www.thebestyugiohblog.blogspot.com


I love it when there’s a Shonen Jump. The format shifts a bit, new tactics and strategies emerge, and there’s a whole new reason to get out there and test some more. Definitely an exciting time in the game right now. Stop by my blog and we’ll discuss the particulars of the latest SJC and that new OTK deck that popped up out of nowhere (well…no really out of nowhere. It’s been around.).

Well, hmm, it's not that good. Okay, here's some reasons...

1) It's rare that Fusion Monsters are played that much, give or take a Demise OTK deck, but still, after Demise, you won't usually have a Monster on the field anyways.

2) It's really situational, and I don't think you'll ever be able to pull its effect through

3) It's got low stats and isn't immune to anything, which means a good timed Sakuretsu Armor, Widespread Ruin, Enemy Controller, etc can totally wreck your plans.

Overall; bad. I don't even think this thing is worth considering in a side deck either.

Advanced: 1/5

Traditional: 1/5

Turkeyspit Fusion Devourer

Why does it seem like we always get the cards we need several months after we no longer need them?

Today's card would have been WAY better had it been around 4 months ago, when Cyber Stein was still played.

Since that is no longer the case, and Chimeratech decks have fallen out of favour, there really is no need to play this card. Even with Metamorphosis at 2, there are few Fusions seen on playmats these days; and those that are, are usually preceded by Demise King of Armageddon blowing up your field.

Perhaps the best combo I can think of would be to use a card like Instant Fusion, Creature Swap over the Fusion and then attack it with Devourer, but that is hardly what I would call a sexxxy combo.

It's DARK. It's a Fiend. It's searchable with Sangan and Mystic Tomato. But alas, that's all this card has going for it.

1/5 - Even though it's a DARK attribute, Fusions still aren't commonly run outside of OTK decks.

1/5 - Sadly this card would have received a 3/5 back during the 'Dark Ages' (read: Cyber Stein = unlimited)

Card Art:
4/5 - "I swing my Long Sword +1. Dang it! I rolled a 5 and missed. That Beholder is gonna wreck us!" Ahhh...good times...

Lonely Wolf
Tuesday, March 27

Today we look at a card that is quite situational….

Fusion Devourer
When this card battles a Fusion Monster, the ATK of the Fusion Monster becomes 0 during the Damage Step only.

First, the basic stats. It’s Dark, which is good, chaos food in traditional, searchable by tomato. Fiend, also good. Dark Necrofear food. 1400 attack and 1200 defense means that it is searchable by Sangan and Witch, but also means it won’t be killing a whole lot.

The effect, while pretty simple, is very limited. It only really works against fusions, and the only fusion we see normally lately is Chimeratech (along with an occasional Cyber Twin and/or End). The problem is that more than likely a deck with Chimera is likely to be an OTK, and if they have Dimension Fusion too, they will likely have another creature that can just run of Devourer before Chimera takes it’s HUGE hit at your life. If you know they might have Chimera out next turn, you can summon this and hope that they don’t have a way to deal with it. 9 times out of 10, this isn’t going to save you for long. And outside of facing a Chimera deck, this is basically just a 1400 normal monster.

There is no way I would ever main deck this, and if I was that worried about a Chimera deck, there are much better cards I could put in a side deck.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2/5 (Side deck only)
Art: 3/5
BobDoily Fusion Devourer

I just find this card funny. The main threat of fusion monsters are otk, in which case the opponent will make sure that you don’t have a face down to run into. So this is essentially useless in countering the main threat of what it is supposed to counter. On the other hand this is just another slap in the face to E-heros: “Look at me I’m a searchable monster that can kill all of your $50 cards at no cost!!!!!!!!!” And to add insult to injury he is also Chaos fodder.

Too specific of a counter to be truly viable but it has no drawbacks.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

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