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Neo-Spacian Dark Panther


Card Number - POTD-EN005

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.40
Advanced: 2.70

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.08.0


Dark Paladin

Today we are looking at the best Neo Spacian next to Neo Spacian Grand Mole, in my opinion anyway, Neo-Spacian Dark Panther. Notice that Panthers in Yugioh always seem to be Dark creatures (this and Panther Warrior for instance.)

Our Dark Panther friend has 1000 attack and 500 defense and is a Level
3 monster, as are most of the Neo Spacians. This one has a decent enough effect, but is it a playable one, in or out of the Neo-Spacian deck? Perhaps.

Dark Panther allows you to choose a card on your side of the field and nearly mimic it until the End Phase. In short, it gains that monster's name and any effect or effects the monster you selected may have.

In my opinion, that isn't a bad thing, having a second effect, whatever it may be to use more than once on your turn isn't bad. The only real problem I see here is that Dark Panther still keeps the same stats. It still only has 1000 attack. If it gained the selected monsters attack and defense, that would be something, but we won't dwell on what could have been.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Panther :
Hmmm. Combotastic...

Cards that rely on your opponent having something good are generally bad, but I rather like this. Being able to mimic Card Trooper, Snipe Hunter, etc. is a decent way to get out of the rut these monsters could have put you in. Also, being able to autokill Spirit Reaper can be useful. I'd also imagine it would be useful in mirror matches for increasing the chance of getting useful effects quickly.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5

Share and enjoy,

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther


This monster is decent, but it depends way to much on what your opponent is playing. Not a horrible card but anything dependant upon an opponents monster (Demise maybe:)) may or may not be good. Why take the chance when you can put something always useful in that deck spot?
Destiny Hero-Dasher
Turkeyspit Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

I remember looking forward to this card towards the tail-end of the Chaos Sorcerer era. Being able to Normal Summon this little guy, copy Chaos Sorcerer's effect and remove a monster from your opponent's field from play was too good to pass up.

Sadly though, today we have very few cards whose effects are worth copying to warrant running this card.

Probably the best candidate would be Demise: King of Armageddon, but then if Demise is already on your opponent's side of the field, you've probably already lost the duel.

Card Trooper, Sky Scourge Enrise and Sky Scourge Norelas are also suitable candidates for cloning, but I doubt there is sufficient enough reason to run Dark Panther in this format.

2/5 - It is DARK and one could copy BLS / CED.

1/5 - No point in running this card at this time.

Card Art:
2/5 - The John Shaft of Neo-Spacians. Can you dig it!

Lonely Wolf
Tuesday, May 8th

Today we look at a monster that actually isn’t half bad….

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

Level 3
1000 atk 500 def

Once per turn, you can select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. While this card is face-up on your side of the field, until the end of this turn this card's name is treated as the selected monster's name, and it gets the selected monster's effect(s).

Once again, we have a monster that is quite searchable due to its stats, type, and attribute. But, of course, 1000 attack and 500 defense isn’t going to do you much.

Now, onto the effect, it isn’t too bad. You get to copy the effect of a monster on the opponent’s side of the field. Now, there is a minor problem with that. You can’t use it on monsters like the monarchs, or Gadgets, or DMoC because their effects only activate the moment they are summoned. Copying their effects won’t do any good. Also, graveyard effects and other monsters that have effects that resolve once they hit the graveyard don’t work either. So, that means you can’t copy Sangan, recruiters, Exiled Force. And obviously, copying Cyber Dragon won’t do you any good, and this can’t copy flip effects either. You could use this to copy a DD Warrior Lady, or Demise, King of Armageddon. Those could prove to help.

So, while this monster’s effect is solid, it’s all dependent on what the opponent has out on the field. And in the current format, there simply aren’t very many monsters that Dark Panther can copy effectively. I’d keep this in your Dark Neos decks.

Traditional: 3/5 (It can actually do something here. Copy CED’s or BLS’s effect)
Advanced: 2/5
Art: 3/5

Wow…..a card with a higher rating in Traditional when it isn’t banned in Advanced….
Bob Doily Tuesday

This is better. Compared to yesterday the panther has at least some viability. Slightly better stats and an interesting effect catapult it past its comrade. But the big downside is the complete lack of stability. The panther can’t do anything on its own, that being the big downside. Having to rely on the opponent in order to accomplish something is never a good idea.

Interesting, and amusing, but that’s about it.

Traditional: 2/5 (more fun effects to steal  )
Advanced: 1.5/5

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