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Gravekeeper's Commandant


Card Number - FOTB-EN015

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.67
Advanced: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.29.0


Dark Paladin

Well, I hope the current Holiday, aka Memorial Day kept you all busy and it was a good time for everyone. I also have a brief note before I begin this week. Friday, at about 4:30 am, I will be leaving for Fort Ripley, in Minnesota and not return until Friday June 15th. This is where I will be doing my two weeks of Annual Training for the Army National Guard...just like that I've lost a month of my summer.

Gravekeeper's Commander is our card for today, who is an excellent card, obviously for the Gravekeeper deck. Gravekeeper's Commander is an Earth and Spellcaster monster who is also Level 4. 1600 attack is fairly solid, as is the 1500 defense.

The effect is simple, by discarding your Commander to the Graveyard, you can add one Necrovalley from your Deck to your Hand. That's pretty good, as it of course makes your Gravekeeper's even better. If you were to play a Commander while Necrovalley is on the Field, you would have a 2100 attack 2000 defense Level 4 monster.

Not bad I must say, that's someone that can at least suicide with a Cyber Dragon. Of course, I must point out that this is NOT searchable by Gravekeeper's Spy as he has 1600 attack points, but he's still pretty good. Maybe a bit too good had he been searchable?


Traditional: 2/5 I'm not sure if a Gravekeeper deck could compete here.

Advanced: 4/5 Definitely a solid addition to the Gravekeeper family.

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Turkeyspit Gravekeeper's Commandant

Long before it shipped to Hobby Stores, UDE revealed to the Yu-Gi-Oh! community the fact that Force of the Breaker would contain "Legacy Support" cards; basically new cards to support older sub-themes. Today's card is new support for the Gravekeeper decktype.

Long considered to be the best "theme" deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Gravekeeper decktype always seems to be just on the edge of being a Tier 1 deck. From Chaos Sorcerer to Stein to Monarchs, the dominating decktype of the format always seemed to be at odds with Gravekeepers, and that deck's reliance on Necrovalley didn't help matters. Often seen maindecking 3 copies of Necrovalley along with 3 copies of Terraforming, GK decks are renown for getting bad hands.

Gravekeeper's Commandant is here to change all that. Essentially replacing Terraforming as the "tutor" for Necrovally, the Commandant is never a dead card. It can either be discarded to the Graveyard to add a Necrovalley to your hand (a 1-for-1), or if you already have Necrovally in hand or on the field, it becomes a 2100 ATK 4-star monster (1600 ATK + 500 ATK boost from Necrovalley).

I wonder if perhaps the time of GK's is here, as many of the current Tier 1 decktypes rely heavily on their Graveyard, and cards like Destiny Hero - Fear Monger, as well as Crystal Beast support cards like Crystal Blessing and Crystal Abundance are all negated by the effects of Necrovally. The question is: will anyone have the courage to play a Gravekeeper's deck against the current Metagame?

Only time will tell.


1/5 - Big surprise here

5/5 - Like Harpie Queen, only to be used in it's own decktype.

Card Art:
4/5 - Diggin' the Anubis baseball cap!

Lonely Wolf

Tuesday, May 29th


Heya everyone!!!  Sorry I vanished last week, but school and work sucked up a lot of my time.  Anyway, we start off this week with one my favorite cards from the new set!


Gravekeeper's Commander



Level 4

1600 attack 1500 defense


By discarding this card from your hand to the Graveyard, add 1 [Necrovalley] card from your Deck to your hand.


Ok, so we got a 1600/1500 4 star keeper.  For sheer attack power alone, this is the most powerful non-tribute Keeper.  And with Necrovalley it has a whopping 2100 attack.  That's enough to kamekaze with a Cyber Dragon.


Onto the effect, very simple.  Discard this, search for Valley.  Before this card, the best way to get Valley was to use Terraforming.  So, why use this over Terraforming?


Versatility!  This card has two ways it can work.   It can either search for Valley OR if Valley is out, you can summon him instead and pummel the opponent.


To put it simply, this card is the newest addition to any Gravekeeper's deck!


Traditonal: 5/5 (Gravekeeper's Deck only, chaos is here)

Advanced: 4.5/5 (Gravekeeper's deck only, but Keeper's aren't quite as good)

Art: 4.5/5

Gravekeeper's Commander
This is a solid theme card.  Gravekeepers have always been decent, but this guy makes them a force to be reckoned with.  Deck Devastation Virus will be easy to use in such a deck due to all the deck thinning they provide.  2100 attack four star monsters that get an attack boost makes me wish someone would take this deck to a SJC.  All in all cards like this one are what this game needs more of.  They provide incentives to play themes outside of the CC and Monarch, without giving you an excuse to lose.  At the very least he will be a necrovalley go getter, and even then your not down any advantage.



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