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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Kinetic Soldier

Card Number - WC4-002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.50
Advanced: 3.28

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.16.0


Kinetic Soldier

I've always seen this as a tech card, and still consider it to be one. Basically, let's look at all the decks that are being played in competitive events right now, and how this does against each:

*Monarchy -- no real Warriors here. None of the staple support nor main monsters of the deck are actually Warriors. You might get lucky and catch an Exiled Force in ATK position, but that's about it.

*Disk Commander Monarch a.k.a. "Perfect Circle" -- more opportunities here, but it'd be just as hard to actually deal damage through one as it would be to hit that random X-Force in the standard Monarch build. Maliciouses tend to go straight to the Graveyard through an effect and then bounce to the field only to be tributed right after, or brought up as a temporary wall. Either way, when they hit the field, they're doing so in Defense Position. You'd need an Enemy Controller to take advantage of it. Disk Commander itself is a weak Warrior, but usually with this deck you're either (A) Premature Burial'ing him and tributing for a Monarch, (B) Call of the Haunted-ing and tributing for a Monarch, or (C) chaining Call of the Haunted onto him in response to M/T removal so you can gain a free draw. NONE of these three options actually put the Disk on the field long enough for you to hit it.

*Six Samurai -- this is where Kinetic really shines right now. If you have a problem with this deck locally, Kinetic would be a good way to help thwart it. Every single one of them is a Warrior, and it can even run over the most powerful one of all, Great Shogun Shien.

*Demise OTK -- no help here.

*Diamond Dude Turbo -- you get a fair bit of quick punishment in if the DDT player doesn't have Threatening Roar down, because this deck leaves Diamond Dude out in ATK position fairly often. Usually if your opponent has several monsters out, this ALSO means they're ready to finish the combo, meaning Lightning Vortex is coming down and your Kinetic's no good. If you have it face-down, it's true that you could hold off an entire assault from D-Heroes, but the Jinzo or DMoC that deck tends to finish with present potential problems.

There are other decks this helps fend off against; Warrior Toolbox doesn't see as much play, but Kinetic still hurts it a bit and forces it to use removal it'd rather save for other monsters. DD Survivor-based decks are few and far between, but it'd be a nice tech to punish a player for constantly reviving that Survivor.

The issue nowadays is side deck space. Between the almost mandatory Pulling the Rugs to counter Gadget/Monarch/Demise searchers, the Cursed Seals everyone and their mom is playing to deal with Demise and Diamond Dude Turbo, the Waboku/Threatening Roar to further hinder OTK, and whatever other tech cards apply to specific players in your area, there's hardly any room for this guy. If you can squeeze him in, great; otherwise, there are many other decks I'd rather be countering right now.

3.25/5 for decreased usefulness over the last year.

Dark Paladin


Today we look at the "Ultimate Anti-Warrior", Kinetic Soldier. In short, you can summarize this review currently in one sentence.

Kinetic Soldier is good, the current environment and meta are not Kinetic Soldier friendly.

Kinetic Soldier is only awesome against Warriors, and Warriors aren't all that popular right now. Diamond Dude Turbo, Chimeratech, Gadgets, and Monarchs are all the rage, and DD Warrior Lady is only one card out of a deck of 40.

If Warriors come roaring back, then this card will see play again, but if you are that worried about it, throw one in the side-deck, then you're always ready.


2/5 until Warriors are back on top
3/5 side-deck

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Kinetic Soldier :
I've never worked out what Kinetic Energy has to do with destroying warriors.

Oh the fun I had with this card in the old days when Warriors were virtually the only deck played. Set this sucker face-down (if you're fairly certain there isn't a Mystic Lv2 around), and enjoy the 2000-odd damage.
In the modern day, people don't seem to be playing quite as many Warriors, so this is s solution to a problem that doesn't exist. However, if Warriors should ever run rampant again, this will return to side decks to wreak havoc.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Kinetic Soldier
Can we say this card makes samurais cry, yes we can.  I made it a point to get 3 of these guy's upon reading the text of Grandmaster.  This card has the ability to run over almost any threat the samurais throw at you, while also making a good addition to a machine orientated deck.  Let us not forget three stars and reachable via Sangan/Giant Rat.  This guy can add the extra kick to a stall deck, block relatively all attacking monsters with 1800 def. and make you glad your opponent swarmed you with 3 warriors.
But I still believe this to be a side deck card. 
4/5 because your only going to use it when it is needed.
Turkeyspit Kinetic Soldier

This has always been one of my favorite cards, and it's a shame that it never really found it's niche in the Metagame until now.

It's stats are nothing to write home about, although 1800 Defense is respectable, and his 1350 Attack allows him to both dodge Bottomless Trap Hole, and be searchable via Giant Rat. But where this guy really shines is when he is used to fight off the most numerous monster type in Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Warrior!

Turning into a 3350 ATK / 3800 DEF monster during the Damage Step when battling with a Warrior is, in a word, devastating. A Wildheart hitting this guy in face-down defense mode will give 2500 LPs of damage to his controller for the trouble. In Attack position, there isn't a single Warrior this card cannot kill.

Wait, there is more! Kinetic Soldier has the distinction of being a 3-star monster, which means he can attack under Gravity Bind, Level Limit Area - B, and even Messenger of Peace (since his ATK Boost doesn't occur until the Damage Step). If that weren't enough, Kinetic Soldier also happens to be a Machine-type monster, which opens up all sorts of combinations from Cyber Phoenix to Overload Fusion.

Why is any of this important? If you look at the current crop of Top Tier Decks, you will see one commonality in almost all of them: lots of Warriors.

From Diamond Dude Turbo, Six Samurai OTK to StratosBox, there are many decks out there that field between 12 and 15 Warriors. That gives Kinetic Soldier an aweful lot of opportunity to strike home major damage.

Sadly though, current Side Decks must devote the majority of their slots to countering Demise OTK, that there may be no room for Kinetic Soldier, and he might once more, fade into obscurity. A darn shame.


1/5 - EARTH, and BLS won't attack this guy in battle.

3/5 - Purely a Side Deck card, he really only shines against Warrior heavy decks.

Card Art:
4/5 - "Power On!" (1000 Cool Points if you get the reference)

Lonely Wolf
Today, by fan request, we look at a card that is prime for side decks.

Kinetic Soldier

Level 3
1350 atk. 1800 def.

When this card battles with a Warrior type monster, increase the atk and def of this card by 2000.

A level 3, earth machine monster with 1350 attack makes this searchable. And 1800 defense means that it can hold it’s own against anything less than a Cyber Dragon that is commonly played.

The effect is easy. 2000 more attack and defense when battling with a Warrior. So, they summon DD Assailant and attack this face down, they are in for a lot of hurt. 2100 points of hurt to be exact. And, they have to be prepared for more hurt next turn, or use up removal on this guy. I don’t believe there is a warrior in the game that can handle 3350 attack, or 3800 defense. At least, not without help.

So, obviously this is an obvious side deck choice if you face a lot of warrior decks. But, it will almost never be main decked because it’s not worth much of anything if you play a deck that plays little to no warriors. Many decks play exiled force, but that doesn’t count really.

Not much else to say. Side deck, YES. Main deck, no!

Traditional: 2/5 (Warriors? BLS-EotB = removed)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (Side deck ONLY)
Art: 3/5
BobDoily Wednesday

So today we look at a piece of older tech. Mostly see in the toolbox heydays as a side deck option to make the abusers pay, Kinetic Soldier’s usefulness declined with the deck.

Even with that it is still a solid card, a great way to counter a warrior deck, hands down effective and powerful. If you need to do that, then siding this is a very viable option. Being a machine just gives it an extra boost.

Tied forever with his nemesis, Kinetic Soldier will be around for just as long.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5

(continues below)

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