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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus


Card Number - FOTB-EN007

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.80
Advanced: 4.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.08.0


Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

THIS is what makes the deck come together monster-wise. Respectable ATK, and auto-crystallization out of the deck upon summon, almost Stratos-like. Being that your opponent would end up killing it at some point and sending it to your S/T zone, you've gotten 2 things in the S/Ts for one card, which makes Crystal Beacon legal, Rare Value legal, powers Crystal Raigeki, replaces itself if Crystal Promised, and gets you halfway to Crystal Abundance with just one card.

This guy gives the deck the raw speed it needs monster-wise to get its combos off.

5/5 for the decktype.

Dark Paladin

Closing Crystal Beast week, we look at the strongest monster of the
family, Sapphire Pegasus. Does being the strongest Crystal Beast mean
you're the best Crystal Beast? Let's see.

Sapphire Pegasus is a Level 4 monster with 1800 attack and 1200 defense. It is also a Wind monster who is of the Beast order of things. When summoned, whether Normal, Flip, or Special summoned, you can place one Crystal Beast monster from your Hand, Deck, or Graveyard as a Continuous Magic card.

Let's talk about that. Selecting a choice from your Hand is good, it allows you to possibly add it to the Field later. Adding a monster from your Deck is awesome! Being able to add any Crystal Beast monster from your Deck, even only to the Magic or Trap zone isn't too shabby.
It's good that you can select something from your Graveyard too, but unless they were Heavy Stormed or MST'd or something, they shouldn't be in your Graveyard.

Like the others, you can send this to your open Magic or Trap slot when destroyed, instead of to the Graveyard.


Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 5/5 Love it

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Crystal Beast - Sapphire Pegasus


This is the reason anyone plays this theme. The ability to provide additional support, fill up the spell/trap zone for various support, provide deck thinning, and aid in deck tempo. This is a beautifully designed theme orientated monster.
Bob Doily Friday:

Sapphire Pegasus, now here is a solid theme support card. Solid stats for the gem beast deck, combined with an effect that is actually beneficial to the deck type!!!! What a concept.

Needless to say, either grabbing something from the deck or grave is a huge plus, free cards is always a great thing. And since there is no restriction on the summoning requirement to activate this you have a very viable card. Really if you are running the gem beast deck there is no reason to not be running Pegasus.

In gem beast: 5/5
Outside: 2/5

Tomas Mijares
Top 8 SJC
San Jose
THe ONe PG 16 on the Pojo Boards
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
Level 4
When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, you can place 1 "Crystal Beast" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone; it is treated as a Continuous Spell Card. If this card is destroyed while it is in a Monster Card Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card instead of sending it to the Graveyard.

Well here is the most important card to Crystal Beast decks, Sapphire Pegasus. This is the monster that tutors for the others and is the key card to make the deck work effectively. With so many ways to get Pegasus out on the field like Crystal Beacon and Crystal Promise. This is the card that makes other support monsters of Crystal Beasts like Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle work. The 1800 attack is decent, can take down some of the many floaters that isn't Gravekeeper's Spy but like the others, is easily countered with larger monsters. The low attack of all the Crystal Beasts hinder them a bit, but they can still work well as long as you play it all right and get the right monsters with Pegasus. Solid card and it makes Crystal Beast decks work.

Traditional: 1/5 it being a wind, still doesn't help much here.
Advanced: 5/5 Being the tutor for Crystal Beast decks, it gets the highest rating, sure it isn't as splashable, but getting the support monsters that you need, is just as good.

- Tomas Mijares
Marc Glass
Winner of SJC
Top 8 SJC-St.L.
Top 8 SJC-Orlando
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

As Elemental Hero Stratos is the engine for E and D Hero Decks, so Sapphire Pegasus is for Crystal Beast decks. When Sapphire Pegasus is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned it can take a Crystal Beast from your deck, hand, or graveyard and put it in the Spell/Trap Zone as a continuous spell. This effect is amazing because you will always be able to use the effect so long as you have open zones in the Spell/Trap zone. This card sets up perfectly for Ancient City Rainbow Ruins and Crystal Abundance. If Sapphire Pegasus is destroyed, then you have at least two conintuous spells. This will allow you to use cards like Crystal Beacon and Rare Value much easier and more consistently. Just remember, Sapphire Pegasus only works in a dedicated Crystal Beast deck. Make sure to run this card in 3's along with 5-10 more Crystal Beasts in your deck.

Traditional Crystal Beast: 5/5
Advanced Crystal Beast: 5/5
Card Art: 5/5 Pegasus deserves the Ultra Rare treament and looks even more amazing as an Ultimate Rare.

Ryan Spicer
Top 8 SJC-Arlington
Top 8 SJC Austin
Team Outphase
Crystal Beast - Sapphire Pegasus
Ok, we have reached the best support card that crystal beasts have going for them, Crystal beast - Sapphire Pegasus.  It has a great 1800 attack that is able to stand up to just about anything short of a cyber dragon or a monarch.  Its effect is what really makes it a great support card for the gem beast theme.  Its effect is very similar to that of elemental hero stratos, in the sense it lets you search out any crystal beast from your deck to your spell and trap zone that you desire.  This combined with a late game crystal promise on a ruby carbuncle, can be absolutly gamebreaking.  Also, it can retrieve monsters from the graveyard if you have ran out of pegasus's or rubys in your deck. 
This and the tiger are pretty much the only beatsticks the gems have.  This should DEFINENTLY be ran in 3's, because it is by far the best monster support the gems have. 
Overall if your running gem beasts, run 3 of these.  They will speed the deck up tremendously, and set you up for great otk's.
Traditional:  1/5  better off running La jynn cause its a dark
Advanced:  5/5 in crystal beast decks
Art:  5/5 its a pretty cool pony
Ryan Spicer
Team Outphase
If you would like to contact me or make any comments about my articles, you can reach me on my aim at blackluster777 or on the pojo boards at ryan spicer.  Would be great to hear from everyone.  PEACE!
Alex Davis
Top 8 Charlotte Regionals
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

The best card in the Crystal Beast theme, this guy comes with 1800 ATK and an effect that searches your deck, graveyard, or hand for a Crystal Beast monster and adds it to your spell/trap zone. It’s a +1 if you get the Gem from your deck or graveyard obviously, and that’s very important for this deck because some of the best CB spell cards require 2 or more gems in your S/T zone to work. You’ll want to search your deck about 95% of the time, to thin it and to get full access to any gem you might need.

Starting a game with 1 of these in your hand instantly puts you in a good position, it’s literally THAT important for the deck to work. People who think this isn’t the best CB monster, or people who don’t run this in 3’s in every single CB deck they ever imagine, let alone build, is fooling themselves. This card is the entire reason why CB’s are even IN CONSIDERATION for being a good deck type.

In battle, this guy can take down anything that’s not a tribute, but still dies to a powered up Card Trooper, but so does anything else except spy’s. This card is just simply really, really good. One of the things you’ll want to remember is to Ruby Carbuncle with the search effect when you get a Pegasus on the first turn. That way, not only will you not draw 1 of him later on in the game and be forced to set him or discard him, but you can use his effect later with Rainbow Ruin and special summon a wave of monsters to attack for game, or for a huge wall to defend your Life Points.

One situation that you might want to consider is getting 1 Pegasus and 1 Rescue Cat opening turn. In that case, always play RC first. If you don’t, you’ll likely draw into an Amethyst Cat and make Rescue Cat far more useless if you play more than 1, since in any normal CB deck, after using 1 Rescue Cat, won’t be able to use the others, if you use 2 or 3, because the only targets for it are your 3 Amethyst Cats. Besides, you can possibly use the 2nd turn to accumulate a huge backfield of Gems and get a Rainbow Ruin up and just take control of the game. It’s also not a great idea to use a Pegasus to get another Pegasus. You’ll want to save Pegasus for attacking on the field, so make sure to just Normal Summon Pegasus or get him out with Beacon. The only reason you’ll want to get him with another Pegasus’ effect is if you have 4 Gems in your S/T zone, one being Ruby, and then summon a Pegasus, get another Pegasus with it’s effect, then use Rainbow Ruin’s 5th effect to special summon Ruby in defense mode, and special summon 1-2 more Pegasus and maybe an Amber Mammoth (using Rainbow Ruin to draw a card before-hand though obviously =]) and possibly win the game.


Traditional: 1/5 – Like I said before, no one uses CB’s in Traditional.
Advanced: 5/5 – If you run less than 3 Pegasus in a CB deck, you’re literally begging for bad results.

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