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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Warrior of Atlantis


Card Number - FOTB-EN016

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.75
Advanced: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.11.0


Warrior of Atlantis

This guy's an all-around good card for any Water deck that wants to use A Legendary Ocean.

Being able to discard it to search out a field spell when you do need it is great; you don't have to run Terraforming, and you can also do stuff with it afterward while it's in the Graveyard like Call/Premature/Avarice. Being able to throw out a 1900 ATK monster when you DON'T need the field spell is even better...because if you already have the spell, he's 2,100, and can kamikaze (or as I like to say, "go to Magical Emo Land") against Cyber Dragon if it needs to.

Usually, I don't see many water decks that depend on, or even use its field spell. This could change that.


Dark Paladin

Welcome to a fresh week of cards! This week, we seem to have a little bit of variety for you, starting with a monster known as Warrior of Atlantis.

I've always been a fan of the card, "A Legendary Ocean." If you are playing the ALO Deck, then this is a good card for you. Warrior of Atlantis is a good monster. A powerful attack at 1900 and an equally balanced defense at 1200. He is Level 4, but if you choose discard him to the Graveyard, you can add one "A Legendary Ocean" Field Magic card from your Deck to your Hand.

Adding an essential card of your strategy from your Deck to your Hand is always a good thing. It's a general rule of thumb that Field Magic cards aren't worth using, at least in my opinion...however; A Legendary Ocean is usually an exception.

For an added bonus, if you manage to summon one of these while you have A Legendary Ocean active, it becomes a 2100 attack Level 3 monster, which is strong enough to suicide into a Cyber Dragon :)


Traditional: 2/5 The only Water monster I think of here is TIV...although I'm not sure how successful an ALO Deck could be in this format.

Advanced: 3.95/5 (ALO Deck) A solid monster with a decent effect.
Use him.

Art: meh/5 = 3.25/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Level 2 YGO Judge
Warrior of Atlantis :
Submariner seems to be more useful, but that's a different game.

Ok, this is how you support a theme. As far as I'm concerned the Legendary Ocean Deck is about playing really big monsters really cheaply. As it was willing to play a yellow 1850, I think 1900 fits fine. Then, even though you could have Terraform, this is more useful since after you've drawn ALO, you can just summon this and enjoy the beatdown.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Water: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Warrior of Atlantis


This is solid theme support for water decks. Cards like this are what give underdeveloped themes a chance to compete. We have both a nice sized monster and a 1900 beat stick which will only grow larger upon AOL intervention.

I think this card makes the AOL theme viable again, simply because the deck offers massive amounts of destruction, stall, aggro, control, etc. in so many ways that a one turn surprise almost always exists.
Turkeyspit Warrior of Atlantis

Another of the Legacy Support cards released in FOTB, the Warrior of Atlantis isn't as exciting as the other two we have previously reviewed.

Unless you run a fully dedicated ALO deck, with support cards like Tornado Wall, getting the field spell to the field isn't as critical is it is for decks like Harpies or Gravekeepers.

By itself, Warrior of Atlantis is a decent monster, boasting an impressive 1900 ATK, which boosts nicely to 2100 ATK when A Legendary Ocean is in play. With Abyss Soldier and Mobius, I could see the Warrior of Atlantis becoming part of a Fenrir-Return deck; flipping over Return from the Different Dimension to summon a swarm of 1800, 1900 and 2400 ATK monsters is enough for game!

Water themed decks have great potential, but they are just shy of being competitive because they lack a themed based draw engine. Should Konami actually release a "Destiny Draw" type card for Aqua/Water monsters, expect Warrior of Atlantis to show up big time.


1/5 - the only Water monsters you will ever see are Sinister Serpent and TIV.

2/5 - Legacy Support is good, but Water decks just aren't competitive enough to really benefit from the release of this card. And obviously you only use Warrior of Atlantis in his own deck.

Card Art:
3/5 - Blue skin aside, doesn't this guy remind you of a certain antagonist from "The Road Warrior"?

Tomas Mijares
Top 8 SJC
San Jose
THe ONe PG 16 on the Pojo Boards
Warrior of Atlantis
Level 4
You can discard this card to the graveyard to add 1 "A Legendary Ocean" from your deck to your hand.

Well here is major support for water decks. With A Legendary Ocean on the field, Warrior of Atlantis will become a 3 star 2100 ATK monster. This is really great because many water decks use cards like Gravity Bind and Level Limit Area - B so this will for sure get under those and be a huge beatstick at the same time. Though water decks aren't really seen in the meta, this can give it a great boost. It can get through Gravekeeper's Spy, Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn, and other high DEF monsters, not to mention monsters in Attack Position, it can go heads up with Cyber Dragon. Water decks become a lot more competitive than they were before now that there isn't a need for Terraforming and now Warrior of Atlantis. This card can make water decks more successful, though I don't think Water decks will see much play even with this great addition to the deck.

Traditional: 1/5 - 2100 is nice, but being a water type, it's not as good
Advanced: 3.5/5 - With cards like Magic Reflector and Field Barrier, Warrior of Atlantis can be protected even better with Level Limit Area - B and Gravity Bind and from Field Barrier's effect, A Legendary Ocean won't be destroyed so easily. Being able to be a beatstick and a tutor gives it a lot of versatility.

- Tomas Mijares
Alex Davis Warrior of Atlantis

First of all, I’ll say what everyone is saying, all of these new Field spell searchers are GREAT for their theme’s. All of the field spells these guys can search are the good ones that at least have the potential to be good. Harpies Queen pushed the Harpie theme into Teir 1.5-1. It’s T8ing and x-2ing regionals all over the country for people who have tried it. Captain Gold made Hero Decks much faster and gave them a huge monster to beat down cyber dragons with, but the one theme we’ll look at today is still not quite up there yet. WoA searches “A Legendary Ocean” from your deck by discarding himself from your hand to the graveyard. ALO has long been one of those theme decks that are great fun to play, and good, but never really quite competitive enough, since you literally have to have ALO on the field at all times to win with the deck. Having WoA out now not only speeds the deck up, but also gives the water theme it’s first solid 1900 attacking monster, that can be a 2100 LV3 monster when ALO is already out.

The water theme already has several great tricks, it has Amphibious Bugroth MKII for 1700 direct attacks, Mermaid Knight for a double attacking 1700 monster, and those LV5-6 normal monsters that can be 2500+ when ALO is out. Now, unlike a few of the field searchers, WoA isn’t destroyed when ALO isn’t on the field, meaning you have a solid 1900 monster on the field If you need it that way. I hardly think Water decks will be that much closer to competitive play with the addition of WoA, since outside of the Field Spell itself, Water monsters don’t really have that many tricks other than beating you over the head with huge monsters, but even still, this card is a great addition to the ALO deck, 3 each for that deck is the norm now, hell, 3 of each of the new field spell searchers are staple for each of their theme’s in my opinion now.


Traditional: 3/5 – Even with the broken cards in the format, an ALO deck isn’t an ALO deck without it’s field spell on the field, so a few of these can still help the deck greatly.

Advanced: 5/5 – 3 in every ALO deck is absolutely necessary. Speed, power, and most of all specific searching for the deck’s keystone card is about as good as you can get.

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