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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Winged Rhynos

Card Number - FOTB-ENSE@

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.75
Advanced: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.02.0


Winged Rhynos

Not a bad card at all. Good duelists will be able to use this card well.

Winged Rhynos is a textbook example of giving up field presence, and potentially Life Points, to gain card advantage. When an opponent activates a Trap, you can return the Rhynos to your hand. Sakuretsu Armor becomes a -1 against this -- although it forces it out of the way temporarily, the opponent loses a card and you don't. On one hand, leaving an open field could prove deadly in such an aggressive format, where trooper-duplication can go from 0 to 5700 in one turn, but on the other hand, if you have another way to defend yourself, you're up a card in advantage. Torrential Tribute can become a losing proposition, and Mirror Force will kill one less monster. Ring of Destruction will never be able to finish this card off to end a game either.

It works in response to other traps as well, but these are the big situations in which it will see play. Non-Decree Gadget decks, and decks that depend on a strong Trap lineup to survive will hate going against this card.

3.75/5 -- this card SHOULD see competitive play soon.

Dark Paladin

Well, it's the 2nd of July, that means the 4th of July is only two days away! That means fireworks, maybe a little partying, or whatever else you do to celebrate your freedom!

We start off the week with Winged Rhynos. This is a Level 4 monster of the Wind attribute. He has a solid 1800 attack points and a paltry 500 defense points and is of the Beast-Warrior family.

The effect is simple, yet decent. When a Trap card is activated, this face-up card can be returned from the Field to the owner's Hand.
Obviously, this is best used against a 1 for 1 Trap, like Sakuretsu Armor or Ring of Destruction, but you could save it from a Mirror Force too.

I would run some in a Wind Deck, a Beast/Warrior Deck, but your typical Deck? There may not be room, but if Traps are a big problem for you, side one.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Traditional Side-Deck: 2.5/5

Advanced: 3/5
Advanced Side-Deck: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Turkeyspit Winged Rhynos

I almost cried when I saw that this card was a "Beast-Warrior" type instead of a "Beast". What a boon to Baboon decks this card could have been.

On it's own merits, Rhynos is nothing more than an 1800 ATK Beatstick. Where he becomes interesting is when you combine him with other cards.

For example:

- Summon Rhynos, activate your face-down Torrential Tribute, and then use Rhynos to put him back into your hand. It's a surefire way to generate card advantage, at the sacrifice of a Normal Summon.


- Chain Jar of Greed or Threatning Roar to your opponent's activation of Brain Control/Snatch Steal, and put Rhynos safely back into your hand.

At the end of the day though, there are way better cards to run in your standard decks. Unless Beast-Warrior / Manticore of Darkness decks all of sudden become the rage, I doubt this card will see much play.

1/5 - Wind. 'nuff said.

2/5 - It doesn't completely suck, but there are few reasons to run this card.

Lonely Wolf

Hello all! Welcome to the first review in the month of July!!!


Winged Rhynos

 Wind 4 Stars

 Atk/1800 Def/ 500

 [beast Warrior/effect]

 When A trap Card Is Activated You Can Return This Face-up Card From The Field To The Owners Hand


So, let’s take a look.  4 star, good.  1800 above average for a 4 star in this meta (except for Stratos of course).  500 defense, not so good.  Wind, meh.  Beast-warrior, good.  So, a pretty solid monster, except for being unsearchable.


Onto the effect, and it’s a nifty one.  He gets a built in Compulsory Evacuation Device when a trap is activated.  So, you summon this and the opponent activates Torrential.  Everything else dies, but this goes back to the hand.  Attack with Rhynos into Sakuretsu Armor, you may not connect with the attack, but at least Rhynos is back in the hand ready to attack another day.  Ring of Destruction on Rhynos?  Back the hand, no damage taken.  And, you can even activate his ability multiple times in the same chain if necessary, in case your opponent tries multiple times to destroy him.


So, overall this is a solid monster. Not sure how well it can stack up against the current meta of Monarchs and Destiny Heros, but he could do very well in the right deck.  Go ahead, give em a shot!!


Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5


Tomas Mijares
Top 8 SJC
San Jose
THe ONe PG 16 on the Pojo Boards
Winged Rhynos
Level 4
When a Trap Card is activated, you can return this face-up card from the field to its owner's hand.

This card can be really good depending on how you use it. This card is pretty much immune to cards like sakuretsu armor and any other trap, but the bad part is that it goes to your hand. You do lose field presence when you use the effect but it can be good to have a 1800 beatstick in your hand all the time. Also with the bounce effect, it's easy fodder for Snipe Hunter and also Card Trader 1800 is a really nice attack power, it gets over many monsters that isn't Cyber Dragon, Gravekeeper's Spy and Monarchs. The 1800 attack is really big on all the other cards out there, it can take down the big cards out there now like Card Trooper on your turn, Cyber Phoenix, Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, etc. Many cards are set now to the exception of Cyber Phoenix which can help save the other monsters, so the 1800 getting over it is nice. Also with Widespread Ruin seeing a lot more play, with your Cyber Dragon out there with Winged Rhynos, you can know your Rhynos is Safe reguardless. Being a Beast-Warrior it can work well with Enraged Battle Ox and start doing some pierce damage. Though it going back to your hand is making yourself susceptible to the ever so popular Trap Dustshoot, it's a risk that you should be willing to take with what it can do. Also this card is splashable in almost every deck. Lookout for this card in the future and it being in the Force of the Breaker Special Edition pack, it's easy to get.

Traditional: 1/5 Wind? Not much help
Advanced: 3/5 Always with another card in hand is great especially with Snipe Hunter and Card trader but it can't be higher than a 3 with how popular Trap Dustshoot is becoming.

- Tomas Mijares

Winged Rhynos
The other reviewers are simply not going to notice this cards potential.  Not only can it fit nicely in a gadget style beatdown deck, but chain links with this baby are simple to pull off.  The protection concept is cool too.  If only trap dustshoot was not so popular right now.  One of the best promos of the year.
Ryoga Winged Rhynos :
Sometimes you just have to wonder what the artists are smoking...

Hmmm, nice dude. A fairly reasonable ATK on a Beast-Warrior, though its a shame it isn't EARTH as that is slightly more synergistic. However, the ability to avoid traps, though not as good as directly being unaffected by them, is still fairly useful.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,

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