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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Ultimate Rare

If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase. If you Special Summon this card successfully in this way, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.

Type - Winged Beast Level 8
Card Number - FET-EN005

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.62
Advanced: 3.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.22.0


ExMinion OfDarkness
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Today we look at an old favorite who might see some play given a current new decktype.

Sacred Phoenix has always been an unwieldy monster whom few tend to play; two tributes for a one-Tribute ATK score is tough to justify, even with a revival effect. However, this may change due to the Gadget decks that will swarm our tournaments.

Why is Sacred Phoenix better now?

*Bottomless Trap Hole is out there, but no longer played in threes, and that can be mitigated by Royal Decree.
*D. D. Assailant is hardly played, and D. D. Warrior Lady is but one card in a deck of 40. Chaos Sorcerer is also gone, eliminating another of the easy RFG cards that used to keep this guy sidelined.
*Your average Gadget deck will be packing 12 destruction cards -- 3 Smashing Ground, 3 Fissure, and 3 Sakuretsu Armor -- whether the deck packs Bottomless or Widespreads is a personal thing. Even then, there will be way more cards that become dead to a Gadget deck than can do any good against the Phoenix.
*Your average non-Gadget deck already packs 2 Exiled Force, and some copies of Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, in addition to the staples of Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute. The focus is more on destruction than removal, which makes the best chance of getting rid of Phoenix a suicide with a Monarch.

Give it a try.


Dark Paladin
Today we start off this week by looking at that giant Flaming Bird, the Sacred Phoenix which is one of my favorite non-Spellcaster cards.

I've always liked this card, and it's as good now as its ever been, maybe better without things like Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Sorcerer looming about. However, can she be competitive in a format where Monarchs reign supreme?

Possibly...a guy at my local card shop runs a Monarch/Control deck and this past weekend, he came in and won first place, but he had made a few interesting changes to his deck. He had added Sacred Phoenix, which he thought would add a bit more Control to his own deck and a bit more destruction to the opponent...he was right.

I don't know about all over, but I wouldn't be shocked if a Phoenix/Monarch hybrid was being used a bit more popularly. Now for the brief review on what you all ready know. 2400 attack is solid, low for two tributes, but solid. It still has to worry about things like DD Warrior Lady, DD Assailant, and Bottomless Trap Hole.

You get the effect if Sacred Phoenix is destoyed by a card effect, even if it's your own. So, kill it, or remove, because it can come back quite easily. It laughs in Zaborg's face.


Traditional: 2.5/5 Envoys and Chaos Sorcerer still dominate

Advanced: 4/5 Watch Removal, but with no Envoys or BLS, go Sacred Phoenix

Art: 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Go Colts in the Super Bowl

Sacred Phoenix of N.

The new format coming up, the one without Bottomless Trap Hole and filled with Gadgets is going to make phoenix a God. Expect to see some Vampire Lord rebirths as well. The ability to spawn from the ash and become a 2400 floater that will only require more resources to remove makes this winged beast something to be feared. A format without remove from play (accept the dreaded D.D. Warrior Lady and D.D. Assailant(Which will also be dropping in play) make this monster a mean one.


Sacred Phoenix
Ah, the self-cooking chicken.

Phoenix continues to sit on the edges of playability.
Such an easily tutored and fairly hard to kill 2400ATK is a powerful monster. Sadly, the continued widespread use of monsters with DD in their name and the tutors to find them means that this will only be warming your trades binder. Shame.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

Share and enjoy,


Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys


I think this card will see play at SJC Orlando. Anyone playing the Apprentice/Monarch build might want to consider Phoenix. Since anti-Gadget strategies are all the rage now on the forums, popping a Phoenix out of your decks could mean a world of hurt against a Gadget deck. Better hope they don’t run Bottomless Trap Hole (which they won’t).


Monarch builds can run Hand of Nephthys because of Apprentice and if you’re feeling especially daring you can play Flying Kamakiri #1 to search it out. I would try that once ^_^.


I’ve played Mother Grizzly to search Treeborn Frog…


Last Word: Phoenix is a good card. I don’t see the metagame Main-Decking Bottomless Trap Hole. If it does, just play smart. Phoenix is certainly playable.




Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 4/5


I know you’re getting ready for SJC Orlando. You want the latest information? Well, I’m talking about it day-by-day as we get closer and closer to this monumental event that will shape this year’s metagame.


There’s only 5 days left. Visit my blog at www.thebestyugiohblog.blogspot.com to get the latest testing results from my personal team of testing partners and advisors. You can even subscribe via RSS to stay notified when I update my blog…which is pretty much everyday! Check it out!



Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys


Otherwise affectionately referred to as the "Flaming Turkey", this is a

card that hails from the 'olden days' of Flaming Eternity.


The Modern duelist would likely ask 1 question when offered this card:


"Why would I want to tribute 2 monsters for a 2400 ATK Beatstick, when

I can tribute 1 monster for a 2400 ATK Monarch AND score a +1?"


Sound familiar?


Whereas it's hard to argue with the above statement, it's not all as

cut & dry as that.


Why you should run Sacred Phoenix:


If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card

during your next Standby Phase. If you Special Summon this card in this

way, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.


One of the reasons that Vampire Lord was so powerful back in the day

was because of it's effect. It laughed at your opponent's Torrential

Tribute, Ring of Destruction, Raigeki, Dark Hole, and always came back

from the graveyard for more.


Well, not only does Phoenix laugh at your opponent's Spell and Trap

Removal, but it also shrugs off the effects of your opponent's

Monsters! Cards like Old Vindictive Magician, Night Assailant, Zaborg

the Thunder Monarch, Exiled Force, and even the newly popular Snipe

Hunter all become temporary solutions.


What's even better, is that unlike Vampire Lord, Phoenix returns when

destroyed by ANY card effect, even your own. If you've ever enjoyed

summoning Wildheart and activating your own Torrential Tribute to clear

the field, you know what I'm talking about.


Phoenix will also return if destroyed by the effects of your Premature

Burial or Call of the Haunted, making both playable again in a format

that is currently shunning both.


Since the current Format seems to be moving towards pure 1-for-1

removal, through cards like Exiled, Zaborg, Smashing Ground, and

Sakuretsu Armor, the Phoenix will give you quite an edge against your

typical deck. It only gets better now that the Gadgets are out (you may

have heard about them) as those decks tend to run TONS of 1-for-1



And, if that wasn't enough, when Special Summoned by it's effect,

Phoenix provides you with a free 'Heavy Storm' to clear your opponent's

backfield. Not bad.


"But what about the 2 Tribute thing"?


Well, Vampire Lord's 2nd strength was it's searchability via Pyramid

Turtle. Fortunately though, Phoenix isn't to be outdone by the Lord of

the Dead.


It does however, require the use of another card: The Hand of Nephthys.


Tribute this card and 1 other monster to Special Summon 1 "Sacred

Phoenix of Nephthys" from your hand or Deck.


Seems simple, no?


- Summon Hand of Nephthys

- Tribute it and Treeborn Frog / Sangan / face-up Dekoichi


and voila...2400 ATK of Pyrotechnic Poultry, summoned from your hand OR

your deck. Sweet.


(If the Creator Incarnate was as good as Hand of Nephtys, you would see

more Creator Decks!)


And, just to further things along, why not run Apprentice Magician to

search out Hand of Nephthys, who is conveniently, a 2-star Spellcaster.


Now, as to why you shouldn't run Phoenix.


Unfortunately, Phoenix can only be resurrected via it's effect if it

was destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard. If it ends up

in the Removed from Game pile, it's gone for good.


Cards like D.D. Warrior Lady / D.D. Assailant, Bottomless Trap Hole,

and Dimensional Fissure / Macrocosmos all counter what makes Phoenix so

good, and all the above are seeing consistent play throughout Local and

Regional tournaments.


The other downside is that Phoenix must be 'destroyed' by a card

effect. This doesn't count the effects of cards like 'Soul Exchange',

or having your opponent use 'Brain Control' and then tributing your

Phoenix for a Monarch.


Not the perfect monster by any means, but not to be arbitrarily

dismissed either.




4/5 vs. Gadgets

3/5 vs. typical Monarch deck




1.5/5 - too slow and is useless against BLS


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