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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - SCJ-EN003

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.40
Advanced: 4.46

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.27.0


Dark Paladin

Today we're reviewing a card many people are anxiously awaiting a mass release of--Shrink. This is to be released soon in an easy to obtain form.

Shrink, simply put, is an amazing card. It is a Quickplay magic card, which is excellent. It wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful if it weren't. For being so fantastic, the effect is actually incredibly simple. It's sort of like a superior version of Rush Recklessly.

When activated, you select one monster on the field. That monster then has its attack cut in half until the End Phase of the turn (assuming it survives the turn.) You may be familiar with Kaiba using this in combo with his own monster on the anime to pull off the Crush Card combo.
(Something you could also do pending its release.)

However, outside of the combo use, it can be used in pretty much any deck. Almost every deck needs to attack sometimes, so why not surprise your opponent who thinks that they have the upper hand controlling a Jinzo, Monarch, Phoenix, or what not against your weak monster.

Shrink will be an excellent card, I await it eagerly.


4/5 all around
Art: 4/5
You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Bob Doily Shrink

Finally, it’s finally coming out in mass production for the TCG. It is Rush Recklessly on crack. This will see heavy play upon release and then slowly curb off as players find out the niche where Shrink does best. It’ll also be interesting to see how this affects the play of Don Zaloog, especially considering that this format has no PoG or GC and it seems Warrior friendly at first glance. I could see some warrior-toolbox being made with this in it. Naturally Gadgets will abuse this card to death.

Traditional: 3.0/5 not really needed for anything
Advanced: 4.5/5 it’s about time



This is the card we need to make Horus playable. This is what we need to make a lot of decks playable. It is a form of removal that almost guarantees Jinzo will die out. Zombie Decks can flourish with this thing. Phoenix needs to be smart when playing against it. Gadget decks swarm even deadlier, etc. It gives us a reason to run 3x Royal Decree.
Turkeyspit Shrink

One of the most widely anticipated cards is finally coming to the TCG. So why is this simple Quick-Play card so sought after?

Shrink by itself is nothing but a useless card. Shrink is an enabler; it makes other cards more effective.

Take for example Elemental Hero Wildheart:

- Searchable via Sangan, Wildheart, Giant Rat, The Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and Reinforcement of the Army, and has great synergy with Call of the Haunted.
- Is immune to the effects of all Trap Cards.
- Has 1500 ATK and 1600 DEF.

So why isn't Wildheart seen in every deck in 3's? Well, it's 1500 ATK means that it cannot defeat the 'usual' suspects on your opponent's side of the field, namely Cyber Dragon and Monarchs.

If we decide to run Rush Recklessly with Wildheart, we will now have a monster with 2200 ATK that cannot be stopped by Sakuretsu Armor and Mirror Force; good, but that still leaves the 2400 ATK Monarch to deal with.

Enter Shrink!

With Shrink, Monarchs and Jinzo become 1200 ATK weenies, while cards like Sangan can defeat Kycoo, D.D. Survivor and Chiron the Mage.

What's more is that since Shrink is a Quick-Play spell, you can set it face-down and use it as a defensive card, baiting your opponent into suiciding their monster into yours!

Imagine your opponent attacking your Don Zaloog with their Cyber Dragon, only to see you flip over Shrink in the Damage step for the 2-for-1 (you lose Shrink, they lose their Cyber Dragon and a card from their hand!).

- Don Zaloog
- Cliff the Trap Remover
- Airknight Parshath / Mefist the Infernal General
- Ancient Gear Engineer
- Hydrogeddon
- Meanae the Thorn
- Vampire Lord

all become better cards with Shrink in the game.



3/5 - not really needed, but still of use


5/5 - once mass released, this card will appear in every Aggro based deck in the TCG.

Card Art:

4/5 - "Honey, I shrunk the Orc!"

Lonely Wolf
Tuesday, February 27

Today’s card is rarely seen in any decks simply because it is hard to attain, for now…..

Quick-Play Spell
Select 1 faced-up monster on the field. That monster`s original ATK is reduced to half the end phase.

This card’s effect is self explanatory. You activate it, and just like that a monster on the field loses half its attack. On it’s own, this isn’t very good. Sure, it can kill a repear, or save you from losing for a turn because you only took 1200 from a monarch, but for those purposes why not just use Sakuretsu?

This card become great when combo’ed with other cards, like Hydrogeddon, Don Zaloog, several Lv monsters, as well as others. If you have one of these out and your opponent attacks with a big monster, like Cyber Dragon, you can chain this in the Damage step and decrease that monsters attack by half, then your monster wins the battle and you either get to discard a card from the opponents hand for Don, or get another Hydrogeddon, or be able to level up a level monster at the end of the turn. PLUS you’ll have an incredible field position, and it will knock your opponent for a loop. (And I would know, it’s happened to me)

You can also use this against a Bottomless Trap Hole, or regular Trap Hole. When you summon a monster, and your opponent tries one of the above, you can chain Shrink, dropping your monster below what BTH and TH can destroy. Or you can use it save yourself from losing to a Ring of Destruction. Or for those lucky, or extremely skilled duelists out there who have Shrink AND Crush Card Virus, you can use Shrink on your Dark monster so that it is usable with Crush Card.

The ways you can use this card could go on and on. If you happen to have this card, you might as well try it out with some of the ideas I’ve mentioned above.

Traditional: 2/5 (This isn’t going to save you from Yata or CED)
Advanced: 4/5 (In a deck it compliments)
Art: 5/5

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