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Blast Held by a Tribute
Ultra Rare

You can only activate this card when your opponent declares an attack with a monster on his/her side of the field that has been Tribute Summoned or Set. Destroy all face-up Attack Position monsters on your opponent's side of the field and inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.3.30.04

Date Reviewed - 02.20.0


Blast Held by a Tribute
This card has long been known as the poor man's Mirror Force.
It's quite restrictive, forcing you to wait until your opponent actually Tributes for something to use it.  The only things that this would normally destroy in that regard are Monarchs; Mobius usually destroys this, although Zaborg and Thestalos could be nuked.  The thing is, unless your opponent already has another face-up monster on the field to go along with that Zaborg/Thestalos they just tributed for, that 1,000 extra damage this card awards isn't worth playing this over Mirror Force for.
Give me my Force, Torrential, Ring, and Saku/Bottomless setup any day of the week over playing this.
1.5/5 Advanced
1/5 Traditional

Dark Paladin

Happy birthday to Dark Maltos, I wish you a very happy day!

Blast Held by a Tribute is a very interesting card, that we saw in the anime on "A Duel with Destiny Part 2--Kaiba vs. Ishizu." This card simply isn't good enough to warrant use, in my opinon, but I digress.

Let's take a look at monsters that fit this criteria that you have a chance of seeing in your dueling encounters. Airknight, Jinzo, Cyber Dragon, Vampire Lord (possibly), Sacred Phoenix, and Silva/Gould, the Dark Lord monsters.

Now, let's look at that in a bit more detail. Jinzo stops this card, since it's a Trap. Vampire Lord and Sacred Phoenix will return on the next turn. Cyber Dragon is almost never tributed, so that leaves Airknight really, but you could run into Dark World.

Besides, we have Mirror Force right now, so people don't tend to throw out too many attack position monsters at a time, you might be lucky to take out two or three with this and then you did 1000 damage to your opponent.


1.5/5 all around, not worth it at all

Art: 4/5 Nice picture

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Blast Held By a Tribute :
This seems to be "Cards that sound good, but aren't"

Blast is Mirror Force, with a 1000 damage chaser. Many new players wonder why it isn't played. Quite simply, because it can only be activated if a Tribute monster attacks. Any card that requires your opponent to do something for you to activate it is already lagging behind. Then, add the fact the two of the most popular tribute monsters, Mobius and Jinzo, nullify this card just leave it sadly in the dirt. Shame really.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Blast Held by a Tribute


I tried to use this card, I really did. Even in a format full of Monarchs the card is specific to a deck type and often becomes a bad draw. It has potential and really pays for itself upon use. But the tribute thing makes you cry playing against any deck not running more than 2 tributes. Versatility is the key to being good, this does not have that.

Dark Maltos B. Day XD
Turkeyspit Blast Held By Tribute

Sometimes I wonder if the Card Designers forget that this game isn't a manga/anime, and that there is no 'script writer' to direct the story. Otherwise why would they create cards that have very specific and situational activation requirements?

Basically, if your opponent attacks you with a monster that they tribute summoned, you get to destroy all of their Attack Position monsters and give them 1000 LPs of burn damage. That's nice and all, but what about all the times you will be attacked by Don Zaloog? Cyber Dragon? Spirit Reaper?

And it's not as if people don't tribute summon monsters these days. I have to guess that of all the years that Yu-Gi-Oh has existed, at no time have there been more tribute monsters being maindecked. I have personally seen decks built with 12 (twelve!) Monarchs in them; and still I wouldn't run this trap due to it's situational activation requirement.

Murphy's Law being what it is, if you did decide to try this card out, the first monster that your opponent would tribute summon would end up being Jinzo.

Just use Mirror Force.



1/5 - Do they even run Tribute monsters in Traditional?


1/5 - There are better cards to run against Tribute monsters

Card Art:

2/5 - "If I tune my Palantir correctly, I can watch Naruto fansubs!!! This is way better then YouTube!"
Aaron Fletcher
Blast Held By A Tribute

This card has never been taken up by the masses, but it IS a good card. Basically what we have here is a mirror force with stipulations and bits of burn thrown in. Now this card has two conditions so lets explore them

Condition 1: Face up monster that has been tribute summoned or set.

Firstly the majority of people at competitive tables are playing are Mobius. This has come about as more and more people are playing gadget decks, and the majority of them are only setting non-chainable magic and traps. This again is a non-chainable trap, so it wouldn’t cut it in this meta. Unfortunately it should have done when people were playing 3 Zaborgs, but didn’t. The set monster is much different. There are little monsters which when flipped destroy magic and trap (in fact none come to mind besides Grenkappa, which you will be happy to know is NOT been played at the top tables.) So realistically speaking its viable to get a flipped card to attack.

A little ruling here. The monster DOES NOT have to be tribute summoned that turn, so why not save this UNTILL AFTER they have dropped their Mobius, then play it?

Condition 2: That monster actually attacks

People summon monsters for a reason, if your not playing a burn deck then 9/10 people will attack with anything. This requirement is easily met.

Should be run in decks

  • That require extra monster destruction
  • That don’t own a mirror force
  • Want to explore their options
  • Have side deck space

In conclusion another card which hasn’t been taken up by the meta but is still viable. It can act as a secondary mirror force, with restrictions.

Related Rulings

  • Tyrant Dragon’s effect CANNOT negate the effect of this card
  • In order to deal 1000 damage, you MUST destroy a monster. So if they chain Interdimensional Matter Transporter Zero Damage is done


Advanced: 3

Traditional: 2

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