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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Reckless Greed

Reckless Greed
Normal Trap
Draw 2 cards from your Deck and skip your next 2 Draw Phases.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.33
Advanced: 3.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.19.0


Reckless Greed
Reckless Greed is a decent draw card that can be used in a select few decks for a heavy advantage.
The first deck I could think of that would use this is Chain Strike Burn; Reckless Greed's sacrifice of 2 draw phases isn't nearly as bad if its activation lets you hit the 4th link needed for Accumulated Fortune, drawing 2 more cards and getting back the one card of disadvantage Reckless cost you.
Now that 2 per deck are legal, if you can get both activated during the same turn, you'll get 4 cards and still only skip 2 draw phases, not giving you any advantage, but not losing any either (4 cards drawn - 2 draw phases - 2 copies of Reckless.)
Reckless is useful for combo decks that hope to win by getting those 2 draw phases "on credit", maybe drawing that Overload Fusion or that final burn card or whatever is needed to win the game that turn.  If nothing else, you can trick your opponent into MSTing it or something and they lose 1 card's worth of field/hand presence right along with you.
Finally, it sucks less to use this when you're also using other cards that force you to skip Draw Phases.  Chain Strike Burn loves to side-deck Offerings to the Doomed as an answer to Jinzo or either Des Wombat.  Throwing Offerings and this on the same chain lets you get out of losing out on a valuable draw phase.
3/5 -- hard to make it work to your advantage, but can be well worth it.

Dark Paladin

Today we look at a fairly underlooked draw option, Reckless Greed.
This is apparently a fan request, and not a horrible card, despite what my review my tell you.

The effect is incredibly simple, you draw two cards, and skip your next two Draw Phases. Skipping your Draw Phase once, let alone twice, is a hefty price, as hand management is a very important aspect to this game. If you can't draw, you can't replenish your resources and that just isn't good.

This is a welcome addition to an Exodia deck, or perhaps even certain OTK decks, but in general, especially since we have Graceful Charity currently, I wouldn't recommend using this. If you want some extra draw power, try Jar of Greed for the extra card (and you get to keep your Draw Phase.)


Traditional: 1.25/5 No need
Advanced: 2.25/5 Still, no real need.

Advanced Exodia/OTK: 3.75/5

Art: What big eyes you have there...3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Reckless Greed :
This week's random reader request.

Reckless Greed is a strange card to say the least. It says "Draw two cards," and yet is hardly ever played.
I have tinkered with it on a few occassions, but rarely kept with this card. Basically you take your next two turns draws now. So, if you manage to draw the last few bits of combo, you have gained. Mostly, though, you lose. The main use for Reckless Greed I can see is in a deck that can stack the top to be game winning. Reckless can then let you win slightly faster. Otherwise, it isn't worth the trap slot.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Lonely Wolf
And once again, Monday is here. School and work start over. And so does the Card of the Day. Today we look at a card that a reader requested that today’s dominant OTK deck seems to like A LOT.

Reckless Greed
Trap Card
Draw 2 cards from your Deck and skip your next 2 Draw Phases.

It’s a trap card, which is good and bad, that let’s you draw 2 cards, BUT you skip two Draw Phases. Pretty simple effect.

It obviously isn’t a card that most decks will want to play. Even if you are drawing 2 cards, which is a +1, skipping two draw phases makes this card a -1. NOT something most decks want, but in decks that are made to win in one turn, this can give you that last piece of the puzzle to play the combo at which point skipping 2 draw phases doesn’t matter. The Chimeratech OTK deck places this card in multiples.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a trap, which makes it slow, but it also gives it another use. To draw out s/t removal. So, you draw two cards and you no longer have to worry about a Breaker or a Heavy Storm, making it a +2, or a break even come two turns.

Also the “skip 2 draw phases” does not accumulate. So, you can activate two Reckless Greeds in one turn, you draw 4 cards, but you only skip 2 draw phases. Or if you drew a Reckless Greed because of another Reckless Greed, and have already skipped one Draw Phase, you can activate it and only skip 2 more draw phases, as opposed to 3.

So, +2 extra cards, -2 draw phases, s/t removal bait, bad in most decks, but great in OTKs.

Traditional: 1.5/5 (We have Yata here, you don’t want another reason to not draw during your Draw Phase)
Advanced: 5/5 (In an OTK deck)
Art: 2.5/5
Turkeyspit Reckless Greed

Yu-Gi-Oh is truly an unbalanced game. When you compare it to other TCG/CCG games, you will notice that the activation of a card relies on other things besides "topdecking" it. As such many people complain that Yu-Gi-Oh is 'skilless' and 'luckbased', as all you need to do is draw a card to play it.

Having said that however, in such an unbalanced game system one can distinguish between a 'skilled' player and an 'unskilled' player by what they do with their cards. In the hands of a bad player, a card may generate negative advantage or none at all. In the hands of a skilled player though, the same card can work miracles.

Such a card is Reckless Greed.

Advantage wise, Reckless Greed is nothing more then a -1: You flip over the card, draw 2 cards, and skip your next 2 draw phases. A skilled player however, can turn this simple -1 card into a powerful weapon.

A good player will:

- bait out spell/trap removal cards (Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm) with a set Reckless, turning into a 1-for-1.
- activate multiple Reckless Greed's in the same turn, turning both into 1-for-1's (you lose 2 cards and 2 draw phases, but draw 4 cards) as the 'skipping your next 2 draw phases' part of Greed's effect does not stack.

So why would you want to use Reckless Greed in the first place? The problem with 'combo' decks is that they require multiple cards in hand/on the field in order to work. The best way to accomplish this is to increase your draw power as much as possible.

Some combo decks that really benefit from Reckless Greed:

- Dark World
- Chain Strike
- Chimeratech OTK
- Exodia

Reckless Greed isn't a card for everyone, and it takes a great deal of patience, practice and skill to use effectively. If you are running a deck that relies heavily on combos to work, Reckless Greed might be the card for you.



1/5 - Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, and Mirage of Nightmare mean you don't need this card.


4/5 - in a combination deck
2/5 - just anywhere

Card Art:

3/5 - This guy stumbles upon 'Pharoahs Treasure' and then alls into the trapdoor underneath. Sadly, 'Cliff the Trap Remover' comes along and falls into the same pit (Trap Dustshoot). When will these criminals ever learn...
Aaron Fletcher
Reckless Greed.

Now we are reviewing one of my favorite cards not to have become adopted by the majority at some point or another. Essentially this card increases the speed of any deck that’s it in, but at a steep cost. For those extra two draws which you have acquired you must be willing to give up your next two draw phases making this card when played by itself a negative one in terms of advantage. Hopefully you as card players will now understand that advantage isn’t everything, well I certainly have. Let’s review the good points of this card.

  • It provides easily draw speed for people who need it
  • It’s a common card so easily obtainable
  • The effects do not stack, but overlap
  • It can be chained to magic and trap destruction

Lets look at that last statement for a second. Playing reckless greed in response to used magic and trap destruction is a very good idea. It neutralizes this negative one effect.

Secondly as the effects do not stack you can play 2 in the same turn and only skip your next 2 draw phases. This essentially gives you 4 cards in your hand for limited resource expenditure. It’s even better if both are chained to Heavy Storm, Breaker, Mystical Space Typhoon, Mobius the Frost Monarch or any other numerous Magic/Trap removals. Again this applies when activating Offerings to the Doomed. If you play Offerings to the Doomed with Reckless Greed you only skip the next 2 draw phases.

George Bush: I set one magic card face down

Tony Blair: I active Mystical Space typhoon on your face down

George Bush: Chain Reckless Greed Draws Two

Tony Blair: Dam!

Are you starting to see why I like it? It allows the player to refill their hand and it’s so easy to neutralize the cost of this card. There’s a good reason why this card is limited. It’s also a good idea to run this card with Jar of Greed’s at 3. Running these makes most of their magic and trap removal less then useless. Another thing to note is try to run mask of darkness with both of these cards. Typically moves will be like this.

George Bush: Set 1 face down Magic/Trap and one face down monster

Tony Blair: Summon and attack face down monster

George Bush: I Chain Reckless Greed Draws Two

George Bush: Flip Mask of Darkness Gets back Reckless Greed

Tony Blaire: Dam!

Then of course on the next turn reset reckless greed.

Recently I came second in a tournament with a deck that ran 2 of these so lets state which decks this would have impact in. Well essentially its any deck which needs to speed up their hand, needs to draw more cards then your opponent, needs to push for that extra win or combo reliant decks. These decks include:

  • Dark World
  • Exodia
  • Diamond Dude Turbo
  • OTK Variants.

To conclude, if your deck needs X card to win, this offers a way to get it faster. Reckless greed is very much a card that can overwhelm your opponent.

Related Rulings

  • You CANNOT use reckless greed, and still draw from Freed the Matchless General’s Effect.
  • You CAN use Reckless Greed’s Effect and Use Offerings to the Doomed and still only skip 2 draw phases.
  • Skipping your draw phase is not a cost, so if Reckless Greed is negated you DO NOT skip your next 2 draw phases.


Advanced: 4

Traditional: 3

Greedy Deck: 5

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