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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Neo-Spacian Hummingbird

Card Number - STON-EN004

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.10
Advanced: 2.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.30.0


Dark Paladin
Well, let's open by saying this week sucks. I'm not even referring to the cards, I mean that it is Finals week for me in College, the most dreaded time of year. Sure, summer is almost here, but you have a week of greuling tests before hand, whatever. Good luck to all who have finals this week, or in the near future!

Opening the week, we take a look at one of those Neo Spacian cards, in particular, Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird, who isn't the most useful of the Neo Spacians.

Our Hummingbird friend has an incredibly simple effect, during your Main Phase, you gain 500 Lifepoints for each card your opponent has in his or her hand.

Let's take a look at that. Early game, say the first couple of turns, your opponent could have five or even six cards in their hand. That's 2500 or 3000 Lifepoints right their. Mid game, your opponent may average three cards or so, that 1500 Lifepoints, while late game, your opponent could have no cards, but as many as two. That's 1000 Lifepoints.

However, the trick here is that this doesn't happen upon summoning, it's on your opponent's next turn, so they could completely use up their hand or set it just to keep you from gaining some Lifepoints.
Honestly, this isn't a terrible card, it just won't be very useful, as it only has 800 attack and 600 defense, so it probably won't see a second turn.


1.5/5 all

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Neo-Spacian Hummingbird :
The question of where exactly a Hummingbird would fly other than the air seems somewhat pedantic...

I actually rather like this. It might be small and only gain you Life Points, but as they have been trying to produce a LP gain deck, this helps that somewhat. Early in the game, just summoning this could gain you 1500-2000 LP, which is fairly impressive.
With just a bit of protection, this could keep you quite high in the LP totals. And remember that anything that lets you either flip it face down and up again, or anything which bounces it and lets you resummon can gain huge amounts of life (oh for the infinite loop abuse of a card that lets you bounce monsters repeatedly).

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5
Fairy LP Gain: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird


Upon its release this got some play in side decks for overtime games. But in reality this monster will not stay on the field long enough to make any impact. If it had beefy stats then it would be playable. If its effect gave us two free draws, it would be abused. But the fact we have a monster that just pumps LP up means our opponent will smack us next turn with a cyber dragon and something else.


Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird


Originally I thought this card was going to be widely played due to the prevalence of Gadgets when it was released. Sadly, this card fell by the wayside.


On a good note, I feel that Life Gain is still the most underrated tactic in the game and should be given attention.


This card’s effect is not bad at all: 500 LP per card in your opponent’s hand per turn.


I like it!


While his ATK/DEF ratings are paltry at best, I really like the effect he was given. When’s you’re talking about a first turn, you gain 2500 LP for starting with this guy. It’s so easy. His text should say: “Start the game with 10,500 LP please”.


Hummingbird’s Life Gain effect rewards a handsome 2000 LP if your opponent has least 4 cards in his/her hand. Wonderful!


Gain 1/4th of your starting total for doing nothing, and you get priority with this effect?


Buy why am I ranting and raving about this? Well, like my brother always complains about: games end too fast. Even more often: when you don’t want hem to.


If you were to look at the format, currently, you’ll see that this format encourages fast games and LP depletion. As with any format in Yugioh. Life Gain and Damage Prevention are extremely effective ways to stop games from ending before you want them to.


Think about it briefly. What are the last cards you want to see when you’re about to win the game besides the obvious Trap staples (Ring, Torrential, Mirror Force, etc)?


Waboku and Threatening Roar.


Isn’t disheartening to know that your opponent just got an extra turn to live? I know it is for me. I usually shout a loud expletive every time I see one of those buggers flip over on my opponent’s side of the field. At this point I wish I would run Jinzo or Royal Decree.


Why do you think DDT still wins? In NEEDS those extra turns to survive. That deck is not possible without Threatening Roar, in my opinion.


Last Word: Getting to the point, Life Gain and Damage Prevention are not bad ideas. You don’t have to think of them in the traditional sense by relating them to Fairies. The Fairy monsters have their own world of shenanigans I don’t want to get into. Air Hummingbird is an excellent tool to increase your LP to essentially “buy” yourself another turn or two. Put it this way, each time you use Air Hummingbird’s effect you can rest assured that you CAN take that extra Cyber Dragon hit and you’ll be just fine.




Traditional: 4/5 (much needed here with CED and all, this is just speculation though).

Advanced: 4/5

Turkeyspit Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

One of those cards that people cannot seem to agree on, Hummingbird is certainly an interesting addition to the Metagame.

As you recall from a previous COTD Review of mine, I have a sneaking suspicion that WIND attribute decktypes will be competitive, largely in part to the introduction of the new WIND Monarch in Force of the Breaker. Being WIND and Winged Beast, as well as having a kicking effect, means that Raiza the Storm Monarch will lead WIND decks to a whole new level, and Hummingbird might just become a part of it.

Searchable via Kamikari, I can see this card working it's way into a Raiza deck:

- Kamikari is destroyed in Battle, summon Hummingbird to the field.
- During your Main Phase, activate it's effect to boost your LPs by 500 to 2000 LPs.
- Tribute off Hummingbird for Raiza or Icarus Attack.

Just like Hunter Owl, expect to see this card teched into a few decks here and there, but I doubt it will make a profound difference at a Regional tournament.


1/5 - Wind? Again?

2/5 - It could be teched into a WIND deck, but there are better choices

Card Art:
2/5 - Woody the Woodpecker is all grown up.

Lonely Wolf
Wow, the last day of April…..

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

Wind/Winged Beast/3/800/600
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can gain 500 Life Points for each card in your opponent's hand.

So, we have a Wind monster with 800 attack and 600 defense. Searchable by Flying Kamakiri and Sangan. This is the type of card that you want to draw in your opening hand when you are going first. You summon it first turn and gain 2500 just like that. And if you can keep it alive, you could be gaining some serious life. Or, it could force the opponent to set more cards, setting himself up for a Heavy Storm or something. But, with how weak this is, it could be very hard to protect.

The problem is, you don’t win games by gaining life. You COULD win a game that way, by decking your opponent out, but you can’t count on it. And as the game goes on, hands generally get smaller. This card would be 10x better if it were dealing damage to the opponent. I’d include a copy if I could simply drop it first turn and do a guaranteed 2500.

But as it stands, it belongs in certain stall decks, or Air Neos decks, obviously.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5 (for most decks)
Art: 2.5/5
BobDoily Monday

Well as a complete reversal from some of the recently reviewed E-hero related cards, today we get to review a crappy one!!!! Aside from the obvious use in bringing out E-hero Air Neos, this card is pointless. Gaining LP has never been a major priority in most decks, and although this gives you an option to get free LP, it is based on the opponent’s hand size, something that you tend to want small. My other issue is that it’s effect completely contradicts that of the fusion monster!!! This gives you LP, while the fusion monster benefits from being lower in LP. *sigh

This fits into the case of ratings being useless. I you want to run an Air Neos deck, then use it. If not, this is sh!t.

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
This card isn't bad, and eventually I'm sure it will see more play, but with the combo decks of today I just don't see it being a great card.
Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird, once per turn, grants you 500 LP for each card in your opponent's hand.  Like Confiscation, it's one of those cards that becomes significantly weaker as the game goes on, and is at its best if you catch it in your opening hand going first.  Given that the average "value" of a card is somewhere around 2,000 LP, getting 2,500 LP and having your Neo still on the field is a good investment.
There is one situation where I feel it really shines, and that's against Demise OTK.  Demise decks tend to hoard cards in hand, as they have NINE cards that bring a free card to hand.  It's not uncommon for a Demise deck to be holding a Manju, two copies of Advanced Ritual Art, a Demise, and some other cards that aren't helping as they wait for their Doom Dozer or Metamorphosis or whatever to finish the combo.  Gaining LP once early-game, or more than once any time else agianst Demise ensures they won't be able to win the game in one turn.  That's huge.
Otherwise, I'm sure a deck that will abuse the crap out of this will show itself later.

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