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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Ultimate Rare

If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase. If you Special Summon this card successfully in this way, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.

Type - Winged Beast Level 8
Card Number - FET-EN005

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.58
Advanced: 3.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.18.0


Dark Paladin

Closing this week, we look at Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, everyone's favorite Flaming Bird. You can now use two copies of Sacred Phoenix, which in theory means it's either not as good, or not a problem anymore, since you can use more than one copy?

Is a Sacred Phoenix deck any good to stand up to the Tier 1 decks this format? Arguably. Even with things like Remove Decks and Diamond Dude Turbo around, like last format, the emphasis still seems to focus on monster destruction as opposed to removal.

What has changed since last format? Someone can use three Exiled Force and two DD Assailant...that's about it. Exiled Force is only seen in threes in Warrior Toolbox, if at all, and Sacred Phoenix would return.
DD Assailant isn't seen very often, again, except in Warrior Toolbox, as DD Warrior Lady is the removal of choice.

Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute are both staples, but Sacred Phoenix would again return. One annoying way to get rid of Sacred Phoenix is to just suicide a Monarch into her, as they both have 2400 attack. Sacred Phoenix IS competitive in my opinion, but not enough to hold its own currently.


Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

2x D.D. Assailant
1x D.D. Warrior
1x Neo-Spacien Grand Mole
random D.D. Fissure Decks

These cards alone make phoenix useless. The card is a great monster but so many other factors effect its use. I do think it deserves play in DDT due to multiple ways to summon it for free (D-Hero Dasher, Monster Gate, Reasoning)

It is also a great counter to Demise and Gadget. But then again Shrink pops up and this bird goes down again.


Due to all the ways available to make it a joke. I hate to say that but honestly this girl just can not cut it in this format. People run 3x Brain Control and Snatch Steal. Her summon will only make you hurt worse than you already are.


Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys


I am big fan of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. Is the metagame friendly towards this card? It depends on your metagame, in my opinion.


The more the format leans toward ATK modifiers and deadly Quick-Plays, the less effective Phoenix becomes. I learned this the hard way the GPG Box Tournament, even though I did extremely well.


I ran into unnecessary card-wasting situations just to keep my Phoenix on the field. Maybe it wasn’t best to combine it with Zombies?


My build can definitely be improved and it was pretty sluggish too.


However, Sacred Phoenix’s upside qualities are worth playing her in a deck. The constant Heavy Storm effect along with the absolute abuse of destruction effects are what make her worthwhile.


The ease of summoning a monster of this caliber is beyond comprehension. Hand of Nephthys has got to be one of the most unfair cards in the game allowing you to summon Phoenix without much effort at all.


If you steal your opponent’s monster, use your own, or use some tokens, you’re getting that Phoenix on the field. Most decks aren’t very prepared for it. The match-up that may give Phoenix the most trouble is Monarchs due to its ability to Tribute all your monsters for theirs.


Other decks might have to compensate heavily just to adjust to Phoenix’s anti-destroy-effects nature.


Last Word: I can talk about the pros and cons of Sacred Phoenix all day. My verdict? Use the card. ATK modifiers or not, this card is very good. Try it out for yourself and test out what I’m saying.




Traditional: 2/5

Advanced: 4/5


I went over my Zombie/Phoenix build on my blog almost 2 weeks ago. Come check out the post I made about it at: www.thebestyugiohblog.blogspot.com


Also, I’ve got pictures from my latest testing session and the analysis of the results.


Later this week, I’ll be reviewing a multitude of articles from various sources to give you a nice spread of information about the metagame.


Lonely Wolf
April 18th, 2007

This chicken has been fighting for its tier one spotlight for over 2 years now…

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Fire-Winged Beast
Level 8
2400 atk/1600 def.

If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase. If you Special Summon this card successfully in this way, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.

Obviously, this card works great with revival cards and loves to be special summoned by Hand of Nephytis. Back in the pioneer days of Soul Control, using a Soul Exchange and Hand of Nephytis to bring out the flaming chicken was a common occurrence.

The Phoenix’s effect is pretty simple. If it gets destroyed by ANY card effect. Your Ring of Destruction, the opponent’s Mirror Force, Exiled Force, Zaborg, Smashing Ground, you name, and it gets sent to the graveyard, then it will get special summoned during your next standby phase. And, you get a Heavy Storm when that happens too!

So, with such a great effect, what makes this card not see the tier one play? Well, to start it’s an 8 star monster. Not good. Second of all, it has 2400 attack. That makes her just in range of a monarch suiciding with her. If she just had 2450 attack, I think the amount of play she would get would drastically increase. As it stands now, the opponent will Special Summon Cyber Dragon, tribute for Zaborg, blow up the face down Apprentice Magician, kamekaze with Phoenix. Pretty simple. The final problems are D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Warrior, D.D. Assailant, Bottomless Trap, a new addition, D.D. Crow. With the exception of D.D. Warrior, those other four cards are seeing play in either main or side decks all over the place. If Phoenix gets removed from play, it isn’t coming back, at least not with its effect. And the fact that this card is no longer limited doesn’t really help it. Even a dedicated Phoenix player is likely only going to play two phoenixes in their deck, TOPS!

If this card is your style, then go ahead give it a shot. It can be splashed into any type of aggressive deck if ya like. It basically counters most of your opponent’s monster destruction. Or, you can make a deck dedicated to getting it out and protecting it.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5

Well, see ya all next week!
BobDoily Wednesday

Mmmm, fried chicken…… sorry. The phoenix no longer restricted, because it can’t be abused as easily as when it was first released. Once phoenix hits the field it can cause quite a bit of damage, forcing the opponent to commit resources to getting rid of it. Which leads to the key issue… getting it to the field. Being a bulky double tribute hurts, and after she’s gone you are either stuck without what is probably the focus of your deck, or attempting to commit enough resources to get out the next phoenix. That is the problem. Aside from Mausoleum of the Emperor you will have to commit quite a bit of resources to do that, and sustaining that for several phoenixes will hurt the deck. Even the use of Mausoleum will be costly since any instance of the Phoenix’s effect will destroy it.

Naturally the Phoenix’s tutor can be helpful, but with Apprentice semi-ed and Mof gone the magician recruiter chain has been hampered. Maining two Phoenix’s in a dedicated deck is definitely possible, not easy, and definitely not the most effective deck possible. Running three is just asking for trouble.

I’ll leave you with something I believe Peddle said: “Just don’t draw it”

Traditional: 3/5 (far easier to handle, and even drop/revive)
Advanced: 2.75/5

Well Pojo is going on vacation, so thankfully you’ll be spared my ramblings for a few days. Have a good time Pojo.
Ryan Peddle

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

This commonly called 'Flaming Turkey' has been set to 3 since the first days of March. It didn't really do anything to the meta. Players still play Bottomless Trap Hole, Shrink, Bazoo the Soul-Eater, and of course, monarchs (Brain Control and Soul Exchange). Sacred Phoenix is very easy to take down, so making a deck around it isn't the best idea. If you can find a way to make it work, go for it.

Rating: 1.5/5

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