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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Horn of Heaven
Ultra Rare

Offer 1 of your own monsters on the field as a Tribute to negate the summon (including Special Summon) of a monster and destroy it.

Type - Trap
Card Number - DB2-EN076

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.28.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Horn of Heaven

You're giving up 2 cards to destroy 1. Usually, that sucks. However, there are ways to make this card not suck, unlike the earlier cards this week!

Tributing a sheep token: It becomes a 1.25 for 1, and usually that 1 is worth negating.'

Tributing a Synthetic Seraphim token in a counter-fairies deck: Optimal situation for this card -- you'll probably get a replacement token because of the Synthetic Seraphim itself, if it's still on the field, and a draw if you have Bountiful Artemis.

Using this against a tribute summon, without either of the above: it becomes a 2 for 2, which is acceptable -- it will also usually screw up your opponent's plans well enough if they were trying to bring out a Monarch or Jinzo.

However, Solemn Judgment in most cases > this, as giving up 1 card + half your life points, except in the very early game, is less painful than giving up two cards.

1/5 in regular decks (both Traditional and Advanced)

3/5 in counter-fairies, although you should still be running 3 Solemns in that deck

Horn of Heaven:
Well, it can get rid of Jinzo.

The main reason to use Horn of Heaven is to confuse people with timing issues. Horn of Heaven and Solemn Judgement are the only cards that can be activated before a summon is successful. As such, when summoning a monster you should (technically):
- Announce the monster you are summoning and reveal the card.
- Ask your opponent if they wish to negate the summon.
- If he doesn't, put the card into play.
- Then, declare if you are using your priority.
- Now, your opponent can respond.

Most people know about the priority bit, but the successful bit is interesting. For example, summon Tribe-Infecting Virus and use priority to activate its effect. However, your opponent wanted to negate the summon. You have now shown your opponent a card you didn't need to as the discard was illegal.

Oh, watch as judges sigh.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,



I do not see what this has to do with mokey-mokey, but do not play it. Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Judgement, Smashing Ground, Zarborg the Thunder Monarch, etc. Are better ways to deal with monsters.

Forced Back is better than this too. Simply b/c it does not require us to kill a monster of our own.


Dark Maltos


Horn of Heaven :

I’m not sure wh6y this is in Mokey Mokey week, but whatever, I’ll do it anyway.

Horn of Heaven, along with Solemn Judgement, used to be the only trap way past an ever present, trap - locking dude by the name of Jinzo . Over-Shadowed by Solemn Judgement basically since its initial release, Horn of Heaven never really hit it off. Still, I liked it, so that’s gotta count for something.

Essentially the effect prevented that or Sangan, or a flip effect, or even a Monarch nowadays from ever activating, at the cost of a monster ( Treeborn frog anyone?) . This could prove vital, but at the same time deadly, since you’re out a monster.

Nowadays, not much has changed, except for Treeborn frog of course, but with that comes the realisation that Forced Back can do a similar job for free, as well as Divine Wrath for a somewhat smaller discard from hand cost. And Solemn Judgement still has it beat, even now.

Traditional : 1/5
Advanced ; 1/5

Art : ¾ Pretty sweet.
MPS : 4/5 For old time’s sake.

Horn of Heaven


Basic Summary: I'am not sure why we're reviewing this card over the better card to use with Mokey Mokey released with it in AST called " Order to Charge " but whatever this is still a decent card. Now be a Counter-Trap makes it usefull with the Fairys released in EoJ but Order to Charge is much superior since its Quick-Play plus works with non-effect monsters ( which would be often if you run Mokey Mokey ) plus triggers Mokey Mokey Smackdown. Now it depends on your opinion if you would rather run this slower card over Order to Charge in the Mokey Mokey deck but thats all depends on you.


Conclusion: Order to Charge > Horn of the Heaven ( Mokey Mokey deck ) Horn of the Heaven > Order to Charge ( General )


Traditional Format > 1/5: why bother


Advance Format > 5/5: Counter-Fairys or run Force Back which is better in my opinion


Artwork > 3/5: Cool looklng but even Order to Charge looks better >.>'


Horn of Heaven.

Today we look at one of my favorite cards, Horn of Heaven. This card came from the MRD set, and wasnt used as much as I hoped it would.

Back in Goat control format, this + 3 goats were very good. Stop every summon, and still have goats to spare for a Metamorphosis or something afterwards. It could still be useful with Treeborn Frog but Bottemless works

better anyways, plus removes the monster from the game. If goats ever go to
2-3 this might see some play. I would try it out for sure.

I went to a regional and saw someone get Top2 with it, before they split the

prizes and left. It worked great, very good.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 2/5

Any questions, e-mail me at freezergeezer111@hotmail.com


Horn of Heaven: DB2 – EN076


Horn of Heaven is one those cards that you really WANT to use, but it doesn’t quite make it to your Main-Deck or side. Horn of Heaven is excellent in decks with floaters or decks that use Scapegoat and Treeborn Frog (which is 90% of them anyway). The only problem I see with Horn of Heaven is the amount of targets it has. Essentially, it has an unlimited amount of targets. OK…sure. However, how many of those targets could you destroy without using 2 cards in the process? How many of those targets are really WORTH the cost of your field presence?


Bottomless Trap Hole, Trap Hole, and Torrential Tribute are much easier to use than Horn of Heaven. You’ve got to weigh your options here: Have an unlimited amount of targets by Tributing a monster or limiting your scope of potential targets and take advantage of convenience and no loss of field presence?


Last Word: My personal preference is to have the less expensive version of virtually the same effect. There aren’t enough monsters that are enormously powerful (like Chaos Sorcerer). Those types of monsters would be worth the effort to nuke with Horn of Heaven.


Traditional: 3/5

Advanced 3/5


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