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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Chimeratech Overdragon
Ultra Rare

''Cyber Dragon'' + 1 or more Machine-Type monsters
This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summoned. when this card is is Fusion Summoned, send all cards on your sid of the field to the Graveyard except this card. The original ATK and DEF of this card become thte number of Fusion Material MOnsters you used for the Fusion Summon of tis card x 800 points. This card can attack as many of your opponent's monsters each turn as the number of the Fusion Material Monsters you used for the Fusion Summon of this card.

Type - Machine/Fusion/Effect
Card Number - POTD-EN034

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.6
Advanced: 3.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.20.06


Dark Maltos



Chimeratech Over Dragon ;

It’s been a month since we last did this, has much changed? Nope.

COD was, and still is one of the most game ending cards printed for a LONG while. The instant ability to reach obscene amounts of attack relatively easily, as well as attack multiply is obscene, and when you consider the ease it take to summon, you’re left thinking, a ’How come machines get so much support?’

COD can essentially be pooped into any deck with relative ease, if you pack a fair few machines that is. Just by having a random Overload fusion in your deck to fit in with your already run 3 Cyber Dragons, and you can hit them REALLY hard VERY easily. Once we get ourselves some Gadgets (and by some I mean 9) we can hit them hard and expect a lot of machines in the grave, REALLY quickly, and a single Overload fusion and Cyber Dragon forming a massive powerhouse of a card. Screw Future Fusion, this is where it’s at.

Traditional : 5/5 (it’s a fusion)
Advanced ; 5/5 (Its GOD, not COD)

ExMinion OfDarkness
Chimeratech Overdragon

OTKs got a new card to try out, Machine decks get one hell of a finisher, and the english Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game finally gets a $50 card to try and get again. And us scalers have a reason to start raiding local stores again!

Chimeratech is a monster that gets more powerful for the more monsters you put into it. The only Machine that HAS to be involved is Cyber Dragon (which means you don't have to run any crappy cards in order to make this work) -- you can just get rid of any other Machines that you don't need at the time. Typically, you're either doing this from the deck for Future Fusion, or from the Graveyard with Overload Fusion (or playing Future THEN Overload!) Cyber-Stein no longer needed? Pitch the 3 of those you can't use anymore. Got Dekoichis? Dump 'em. Cyber Phoenix? Go ahead, throw it in. Jinzo? Spell Canceller? Just pitch 'em all!

For all your effort, you get a monster that's ATK is 800 x the number of monsters used, that can attack an opponent's monster(s) a number of times equal to the number of monsters used. 3 fusion materials? 2400 triple-attacker. 4 fusions? 3200 quadruple attacker -- and coincidentally, that's the number you need to guarantee game gainst an ATK position Spirit Reaper.

The Machine deck that runs this combo will ideally dump every machine in the deck with Future Fusion, then every monster it just got rid of with Overload Fusion. If even ONE attack gets through from that, it should be enough to win the game. If it isn't, then your old friend Return from the Different Dimension can help, and if that Return brings back both Jinzo AND Spell Canceller, your opponent is QUITE limited as to what they can do to save themselves!

You have to remember that Chimeratech DOES destroy every other card on your side of the field...and you still have to worry about your opponent's face-down cards. But hey -- Giant Trunade can solve both of those problems. And if you're already running Trunades, it's not a far stretch of the imagination to throw Cyber-Stein support in the deck, run 3 Steins...it's also worth noting that Chimeratech's original ATK is considered whatever the # of used Fusions made it, so you CAN double that with Megamorph or Limiter. This way if you fail to pull off Stein, you can just go through Machines until you get 3 or 4 in the Graveyard, Overload out your Chimeratech, and pump for a win.

It hasn't proven itself just yet, but the new format is young. I could really see Chimera/Chimerastein/machines with splashed Overload doing well.

4/5 for potential in the new format.

Chimeratech Overdragon:
You think you understand someone and then they go an make this...

I thought Konami hated OTKs. Well, it just goes to show you can never know someone completely. On it's own, Chimeritech ain't that bad. Yes, it requires three tribute pieces to be good, but there are enough ways around this. As a OTK, Chimeritech is brilliant.
Two cards and a deck of machines for a game win?
That's easy!

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,



Chimeratech Over Dragon

This card is sweet. Easily a broken monster that wins games. Machine decks should run overload fusion for him and him alone.

a fusion merits a 5/5

But he is not a good fusion unless he is summoned with overload. Why someone would use polymerization or power-bond on this beast is beyond me. Combo potential, otk potential, etc.

What is not to love?

Sweet picture and a devastating effect in one. How funny a skill drain makes him feel:P

Chimeratech Over Dragon - Wednesday's Review.

Yes, today we look at a worthwhile card in Chimeratech Over Dragon, which is suppose to be very good, a very good OTK indeed.

Im sure everyone knows the OTK deck with Future Fusion, Overload Fusions, and a bunch of machine type monsters, etc. Basically bring him out, make his attack big and go in for beats. Pretty easy stuff. None Top8ed SJC Boston, but as the meta goes on and more SJC happen, some will pop up in Top8 for sure.

If you can get 1 of these, def. try the deck out, or sell it/trade it for big as its a good card that mostly any good player will want.

Traditional: 3/5 (Not too sure though)
Advanced: 4/5 (Some will top8 soon)

Hate mail/anything send to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

Chimeratech Over Dragon:

I heard so MUCH hype over this card and it seems that Cyber Stein is more popular than this card; maybe because the combo is too slow for the format. In my preliminary testing for the format, this card seemed to be pretty effective. Future Fusion + Overload Fusion + Dimension Fusion wasn’t that hard to pull off.

I can understand where most people would be turned off by this card. A 3-card combo you have to wait for and setup appropriately. Cyber Stein offers much more versatility since he only requires 5000 Life Points do anything significant. In this respect, Chimeratech falls short. You have to commit many more cards to Chimeratech to get so little.

Chimeratech is a beast of a monster. He has the potential to reach untold amount of ATK power, but can only attack multiple monsters with his ability. He CAN just attack an open field and hit for 3000+ or more (just one attack, that’s all you get.).

Last Word: He’s a good card. The amount of cards committed in the process of summoning him seem to be determining factors related to the preference of Cyber Stein instead of Chimeratech. Also, I think the restriction of a majority of the Stall cards in the game limited his abilities as well.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5

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