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Super Rare

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all effects of Magic, Trap, and/or Effect Monster Cards that involve Graveyards are negated and neither player can remove cards in the Graveyard from play. In addition, increase the ATK and DEF of all monsters that includes "Gravekeeper's" in their card name by 500.

Type - Magic
Card Number - PGD-084

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.9
Advanced: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.15.06


ExMinion OfDarkness

This is one of the few good Field Spells in the game.

Gravekeeper decks love their Necrovalley, not so much for the 500 ATK/DEF boost (which is significant if you're dedicating your deck to it and know your opponent has no monsters that will get the boost themselves) but for the lockdown effect; cutting off your opponent from Premature, Call...non-staple but still viable things like Strike Ninja, Bazoo, and the like get cut off as well. It lost a little luster when Chaos Sorcerer got banned as it prevented him from being Summoned, but it's still good.

Gravekeeper's Assailant gains a free Enemy Controller effect when Necrovalley's out, Spear Soldier becomes a powerful trampler, Spies are nearly impossible to beat through battle with 2500 DEF...almost every card becomes tournament-worthy when it's getting that Necro boost. Heck, you could even slip Gravekeeper's Watcher into that deck and watch your opponent cringe as you discard it to negate their Graceful Charity.

I know other Pojo moderators who absolutely loved their GK decks and could really see some of those people who used to play the deck bring it back for this new format.

5/5 for the deck dedicated to this.
2.5/5 in Traditional instead of the standard 1/5, because it prevents Chaos monsters from being summoned while it's out.

Bob Doily

Necrovalley, land of the tombs of the pharaohs. Land of the tomb of the Gatekeeper’s. The birth of Cyber Dragon lead to the death of the Gatekeeper’s. And with the world shifting to order from its chaotic birth, they are no longer needed to protect the dead.

Traditional: 3.0/5
Advanced: 2.0/5

With the new format will come the traditional run of Gravekeeper's decks at my local tournaments.

Or maybe not this time. Necrovalley was one of the most obvious chaos counters, but never worked as a chaos player is more than willing to wait a few turns to play CED/BLS/Sorcerer. From a Gravekeeper's perspective, Necrovalley is a requirement. They are powerful, but slip into mediocrity the second Necrovalley leaves the field. Thus their lack of success. However, it is always a fun deck to play. I'd recomend giving it a go one day.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,


Gravekeepers are cool as hell imo. Chris "tightsavage4ever" Moosman (Who's account I recently got banned on the forums, btw xD.) are a big fan of them and he has ran them for a very long time. He made top 8 at a San Mateo regional with them, which coicidentally had Jae "JAELOVE" Kim in its top 8 running his Strike Ninja deck. Lots of innovation.

Outside of a GK deck though, Necrovalley is really disruptive if you use it in one of those Viral Sides, a side deck that has something like

[3] Necrovalley
[2] Deck Devastation Virus
[X] Necrovalley support and Deck Devastation Virus food

The side deck was popular last format, I don't know exactly what was in it because I never browse deck forums, but it was some sort of anti meta side deck including Necrovalley and DDV.

shrug. Good card in its own GK deck (obviously).

Advanced: 5/5 in its own deck.




As long as this card remains on the field, negate the effects of Spell, Trap and Monster Cards that affect a card(s) in the Graveyard and neither player can remove cards in the Graveyards from play. Also as long as this card remains on the field, increase the ATK and DEF of all monsters that includes"Gravekeeper's"in their card name by 500 points.

Necrovalley is a nice card that actually forces an opponent to play your game. An overall killer card with the ability to give you some big monsters while also forcing countless cards (premature burial, call of the haunted, etc.) to become dead draws in your opponents deck. I like gravekeeper's due to their versetility and swarmingness (is that a word?)

Necrovalley is another good choice when combating Overdragon. But the fact it increases both attack and defense by 500 is what makes it good. Bascially allowing fast games to be won due to super powerful g-spy's.

By the way pot of avarice, doom dozer, dark necrofear, freed the brave wanderer, etc. will cry




Basic Summary: We save the best for last now its one of the best Field-Spell cards ever released not only for the support it gives out ( Gravekeepers ) but its effect on its own. Now it has lost one of the best decks it was most effective agianst ( Chaos ) but its still a good deck types since it can still shut down many deck types that rely on the graveyard for there effects or highly played cards like Premature Burial/Magician of Faith for example. Now 500 ATK/DEF boost is very impressive indeed making both the GK Assailant/Spear Soldier 2000 attackers which makes both of them good targets for Deck Devastation Virus. Now just like fish in water this card is needed for Gravekeepers ( maybe not spy depends on your deck ) so it goes without saying.


Conclusion: This is the most competitive Field-Spell oriented deck out there plus a few deck to run :D


Traditional Format > 2/5: It can still haunt chaos decks there :P


Advance Format > 5/5: ( Gravekeepers )


Artwork: Valley of the Pharoahs





Lastly we look at Necrovalley from the PGD set. Mainly for Gravekeeper decks, although Ive seen some teched to counter Chaos back in the day.

These are a must in a GK deck, if you dont run this, jump off a bridge, rinse and repeat, cause clearly you need your head checked. It was always run to have this on field, and your opponent tried to bring out Sorcerer, and couldnt. In some cases that would be game, as they might not have something to stop it a onslaught of Gravekeepers coming their way.

This format, GK could still be very good with Noc at 1, but they still have to worry about Exiled Force taking out main pieces like GK Spy or something.

I might actually test a GK deck at a local or something and see how it does.

Traditional: 2.5/5(Stops BLS, CED, but HFD, Storm, more murder it)
Advanced: 3/5

E-mail freezergeezer111@hotmail.com for questions.


Necrovalley: PGD-084


Everyone knows I love Necrovalley. It’s my favorite Field Spell. So I’m a little biased about it; forgive me.


Aside from the obvious (500 ATK/DEF boost for GKs) it’s a pretty useful card. This card denies any deck the use of their Graveyard; to a certain extent of course. Neither player can:


  • Remove from play cards from either Graveyard.
  • Play revival cards i.e. Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, and Monster Reborn.
  • Use Graveyard Retrieval effects i.e. Magician of Faith, Mask of Darkness, and anything that essentially “plucks” something out of your Graveyard by choice.


The downside to the Valley is that it doesn’t stop effects that activate in the Graveyard such as:


  • Recruiters (Tomato, Rat, Turtle)
  • “Destroyed and sent to the Graveyard” effects (Sangan, Twin-Headed Behemoth, and Sand Moth). Basically, an effect that ACTIVATES IN the Graveyard.


I’ve seen this card used in Side-Decks before to combat certain types of decks. It can stop Bazoo from getting bigger by preventing the removal ability. It can stop decks that use excessive amounts of revival like Zombies. It’s nifty and very useful, but it needs the right set of Gravekeeper monsters to have a full disruptive effect. Necrovalley is just one part of the “pincer” you must place on the opponent with a GK deck.


Last Word: I LOVE Necrovalley so I’ll give a good score. I haven’t tried it during my testing phases for this format. I’m drawing from past successful experience. I have a few GK deck models I plan to develop that will yield me positive results. I’ll be sure to write about it in a future article to let you guys know. I suggest you try this card out in this new format. If you yield some promising testing results email me at: deathjester86@gmail.com.


Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 4/5


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