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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Fusion Gate

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, a Fusion Monster can be Special Summoned without using "Polymerization". The Fusion-Material monsters used in the Fusion are not sent to the Graveyard, but are removed from the play.

Type - Magic
Card Number - DB2-EN030

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.1
Advanced: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.14.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Fusion Gate

You're STILL putting out 3 cards to summon 1 monster whether it's actually Polymerization or not.

As I preach to pretty much everyone, the entire concept of Fusion is flawed. If they'd just errata Poly/Fusion Gate/etc. to have "Draw 1 card for each material used in the Fusion", then maybe those types of decks can see play. But otherwise, the only playable Fusions are ones you get out without Fusing -- ones through Cyber-Stein, Future Fusion (mainly to prep for Chimeratech), Overload Fusion (to actually get Chimeratech), Metamorphosis...

The only benefit I can see to Fusion Gate is that it removes the monsters in question, which helps set up a Return from the Different Dimension. But otherwise, I see no real reason to try to play this card.

1/5 in any deck using it.

Bob Doily
Fusion Gate

At most a mediocre card. In a world plague by Stein, Overload Fusion and countless others, Fusion Gate is really not a necessary. I can only see it being of some use in an E-hero deck, but then again that archetype has enough specific support to make me feel sick….. er I mean to not need it.

Traditional: 0.6/5 (cough*scientist*cough)
Advanced: 0.8/5

Fusion Gate

You can tell this card is about fusions. It has a swirly thing in the picture.

Fusion Gate is a rare card in Yu-Gi-Oh; it is one where newer cards actually do the job better. Fusion Gate isn't bad as such. It's just that the requirement of actually having the fusion pieces in hand/on field is 'so last year' that few would consider using this anymore. Fetching your fusions from the grave, or even the deck, is the in-thing now, so this card has seen its day come and go. And no one really noticed.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Fusion Gate


A kid at my local brings out Master of Oz with this card. Its badass. ATLEAST SIDE 3 OF THESE!

5/5 all formats.



Fusion Gate

Why this card does not get abused with E-Hero's and return from the D.D. is beyond me. Thunder Dragon absolutely loves fusion gate. If you think about how fast thunder searches itself out and terraforming nabbing you this, on your first move you can easily have a 2800 beatstick on the field. But E-Hero's in general can run 5 spell searchers (reinforcements of the army and the E card) to get basically any monster in the deck. I really like this card. All kinds of untapped potential. Cyber Dragon can have fun with it. Even BEWD can abuse this.

This is the best form of fusion support we got. (OUTSIDE OF FUTURE FUSION and the graveyard targeting type specifics a.k.a. dragon's mirror and overload fusion)


Dark Maltos


Fusion Gate

Now this is pretty cool. Using this, as well as a certain RFTDD could give you the game.

Fusion gate is the second attempt at making fusion happen, the first being Polymerization. It’s not bad at it either, acting like a continuous form of the original card, that just so happens to set up a OTK later on. Sweet huh?

Use this with Thunder Dragons, and its pretty cool, use it with Dark Paladin and I’m loving it. Use it with Blue eyes and you’ve got game. In fact, In an ALL fusion deck, this is the game winner. I like fusion gate, use it wisely and you’ll go far.

Traditional ; 2/5
Advanced : 3.5/5

Art : 3/5 Weird innit?
MPS : 4/5

Fusion Gate


Basic Summary: Back in the day this card or Polymerization were your ticket to the Fusion Deck until in later sets they released better cards to help gain access to your Fusion Deck. Now this was better the Polymerization since it stay on the field if you wanted to Fusion Summon more monsters but nowadays with the Hexes ( FET ) or the many subtype Polymerization like Spells that target either the graveyard or the field or both for example Dragon's Mirror ( Dragon ) Miracle Fusion ( E-Hero =/) Overload Fusion ( Dark-Type Machine :D ) Power Bond ( Machine ) just to name a few.


Conclusion: This card is realing outdated but could benefit a E-Hero deck if you don't have Miracle Fusion maybe.


Traditional Format > 1/5: why bother much better cards out there.


Advance Format > 1/5: Fusion reliable decks only


Artwork > 2/5: ??? what is it cyberspace


Fusion Gate

Yes, today we look at one of my favorite field cards, tommorow's beating it out.Today we look at Fusion Gate from LON set.

This is the much quicker way to fuse, instead of Polymeriztion. Although you

can bring out fusions with Stein, and Metamorphosis. Still pretty easy though. You could also make a very cool deck with it with Return from a Different Dimension, or the slower Spell Version, Dimension Fusion.

Have 3 Cyber Dragons, Fuse to CED, and then activate Return for a big swing.

Although Future Fusion/Overload Fusion > this. Its still a very cool card, and imo much better than Polymerization. I might consider building something

for it, but I dont feel like it.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5 (Better ways to get a fusion out).

E-mail freezergeezer111@hotmail.com for questions.


Fusion Gate: DB2-EN030


It’s my B-Day today! Just turned 20 and loving it! It feels good to be 20 years young!


Fusion Gate is a cool card. In order to use this you would have to fulfill the same requirements as Polymerization (have the Fusion materials in hand or on the field). Being a Field Spell Card it’s readily available via Terraforming or Magical Merchant.


This card is also useful for setting up OTK combos with your Fusion-themed deck. Sine it requires you to remove the monsters from play instead of them going to the Graveyard, you can make use of Return from the Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion.


If you’re a fan of Cyber Dragon and his Fusions, which I am, you’ll love Fusion Gate. Simple play Fusion Gate, remove the 2-3 Cyber Dragons from play to Fusion Summon Cyber Twin Dragon/Cyber End Dragon and then activate Dimension Fusion or set off a Return during the Battle Phase. It’s another easy way to rip apart your opponent in a matter of turns. The trick is getting the Cyber Dragons in your hand or on the field. I’m also a fan of Power Bond.


Hint: You can try using Proto Cyber Dragon + Infernal Reckless Summon or…just the Proto Cybers.


Last Word: Fusion Gate is a cool card if you want to pull off easy Fusions or maximum damage with any Fusion-themed deck. It’s not half-bad. I would play it.


Traditional: 2/5 (This format is TOO fast)

Advanced: 3/5

Pippin Fusion Gate

This was Konami's first attempt at making fusions playable. It negates the use of Polymerization, but removes the monsters used from play. This GREAT for Return decks. But alas it has the same shortcoming of almost every other field magic, it helps your opponent. Not much help if they are not running Fusions.

There are better ways to fuse in my opinion that do not remove the monster, unless that is the effect you are after so that you can remove the monsters and return them later. Cyber Dragons are good with this, but I like Barrel Dragon and Blowback Dragon better for this effect. Returning them grants you MUCH more in the way of attack and options.

Bottom Line:
Both Formats: 3/5 would get higher BUT it is a field magic card and vulnerable to all the dangers that come with the status.

Art: 3/5 - Wierd and trippy looking altered-universe.

Until Next Time, You just crossed over into the Twilight Zone *da de da du da de da du*


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