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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Premature Burial
Super Rare

Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 Monster Card from your Graveyard, Special Summon it on the field in face-up Attack Postion, and equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed, the monster is also destroyed.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DB1-EN091

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.65
Advanced: 4.73

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.08.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Premature Burial

Last format, people were starting to take this out of their decks because they were removing most of their good stuff for Sorcerers to use with Return. Now that the easiest Return choice is gone, the Graveyard becomes a more important resource.

There are so many reasons to pay 800 LP to bring back a monster; Sangan to Tribute for a better one, a big beatstick to push for damage, a Don to discard out of their hand, a Stein (if you have the
5801+ life before Premature)...

As for the few decks that WOULDN'T run this besides the random OTKs and combo decks -- Strike Ninja/Return probably wouldn't because Strike would only hit the Graveyard if you're out of fodder to remove for it, and then it'd just be a random 1700. Bazoo/Return could get some use out of it, but it's still a hard decision to justify. Same goes for Freed or Soul of Purity and Light/Return -- with those, Premature is only as good as the things you can still bring back that you removed to summon, and although Soul can be okay, Freed isn't without more stuff to remove.

Basically...if you'd even think about running Pot of Avarice in your deck, then you should definitely run Premature.

5/5 all formats, a perfect week.

Premature Burial:
Another very powerful graveyard manipulator.

For the little cost of 800 LP and the risk of your opponent's S/T destruction being able to destroy a monster too, you get any monster up to at again. Now, some people don't use Prem, prefering to use the room for something else. Now, a control heavy deck won't have many good targets for this, and combo decks often won't need it either, but if you attack this can be the way to another attack or free tribute.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Premature Burial

Premature Burial can be seen as a "staple" card to many players. I really don't know why.

When you activate Premature Burial., you're already overextending. You're taking up a monster slot, and a Spell or Trap slot. At this point you have to worry about Heavy Storm, and Zaborg the Thunder monarch. Lets look at some examples…


Opponents Cards: Facedown Monster. Nothing in hand.

Your Cards: F/d Mystic Tomato. 2 Card in hand. Activate Premature Burial for Cyber Dragon. Attack the F/d monster. Its Spirit Reaper. You pass.

Opponents turn: Tribute Reaper for Zaborg, nuking F/d and killing Cyber Dragon.

Dee dee dee.


Opponents cards: Facedown monster. Nothing in hand.

Your cards: Premature Burial in hand along with Sakuretsu Armor and Smashing Ground. Premature gets back Cyber Dragon. It attacks into the facedown Sangan. Your opponent searches spirit reaper. You set Sakuretsu in case they go Reaper + Smashing Ground. Your opponent top decks Heavy Storm. You lost.

Of course, a lot of cards have downsides and risk. Premature Burial just has too many for me to like it.

Traditional: No idea.
Advanced: 3.5/5.



Premature Burial

This card has been a staple upon release. The ability to bring broken monsters back for another round or simply swarm the field for game.

Overall I think this card is better than call of the haunted. They both have their strong and weak points and premature burials best thing is you can use it upon draw (900 + LP of course).

In any format really, why would you not run it in a deck using multiple monsters?


Dark Maltos


Pre mature burial ;

Ahhh, an easy Friday, now that’s what I like.

Pre mature burial is the 3rd or 2nd best revival card ever made, sharing a close rivalry with Call of the Haunted. For all their different uses, they share a lot of similarities.

Whilst Call is generally used as an attack negator or a response to s/t removal so you can grab a Jinzo ,a Sangan, or even a Nephthys and hopefully reap some advantage with that , Pre is a little bit different.

The 800 lp cost is neither here nor there mostly. 10% of your lp is normally so insignificant it doesn’t matter, although with Ring back that could be set to change. You can then use this as an extra monster to battle with, or tribute fodder for your Jinzo or Mobius. You can also make use of an Exiled force again too.

Despite the advantage of being able to be used during your turn straight away, that Pre has over Call, it also has a fair bit of combo potential itself. For instance, using this with Giant Trunade allows for it to be replayed without the loss of your first monster. It’s also an eligible target for MoF , and also quite a good one at that.

The only real downside to both this and Call is that a well placed MST or the like could screw you over terribly. If this card is destroyed you can say bye bye to the monster its on, still that’s a chance you should be more than willing to take. Revival is few and far between in this game, take advantage of it when you can.

Traditional ; 5/5
Advanced ; 5/5

Art : 4/5 Pretty sweet
MPS : 5/5
MikeJ Premature Burial

Basic Summary: Now unless you entire deck focuses on removing cards from play ( etc Banisher or Macro Cosmos ) then Premature Burial should be in your spell line up next to Gracefull Charity and Heavy Storm. Paying 800 is a small cost for a special summon from your graveyard but the disadvantage is that Premture is an equip Spell that needs to stay on the monster you bring back soo to make it simple Premature Burial leaves so does your monster or the monster leaves soo does your Premature Burial.

Conclusion: 800 is small cost for this amazing versatile card run it if you have it which is simple since its a common by now.

Traditional Format > 3/5: Still a very versatile card there but out done by Monster Reborn

Advance Format > 5/5: Play it now....!!!

Artwork > 2/5: The Japanese artwork is much better


Premature Burial

Friday's review we look at Premature Burial. The final card of the week. At end of lasts format I didnt use this, and took it out and did good at SJC Hamilton without it going 7-2, but have it my Sept 1st deck.

Why did people start taking it out? Might not provide much advantage, could lower LP's to below 5000, which Stein players or people whom tech Stein would hate to do. You could have probably found a better choice instead of it. I put in a 2nd Controller for Stein players and it worked like a charm.

This format people will still run it, as many people might not tech Stein cause of Ring, Cylinders, and Controllers running about, and it will become effective, but I dont know. Im gonna run it till I find that its not useful anymore.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4/5
Try it out, its still very good.

E-mail freezergeezer111@hotmail.com if you wanna talk.

Premature Burial – PSV-EN037

One of the few generic revival cards we have left. It costs you 800 Life Points to activate and creates a condition in which if Premature is destroyed (Keyword here!) the monster will also be destroyed. The best Equip Spell in the game next to the now-banned Snatch Steal.

The Life Point cost of 800 is meaningless to most people. I’ve seen this card in decks with a copy of Cyber-Stein and a copy of Return from the Different Dimension. This happens often I assure you, look at the SJC Top 8 Lists. Some players would easily right this off as garbage, but that’s a bit unfair. I think it will see more play now that Chaos Sorcerer will see more play. The Graveyard might see more use as a significantly strategic area of the game rather than a garbage dump for Lights and Darks. We’ll see how the format pans out. For now, Premature Burial looks like it will stick around for a LONG time.

Last Word: Excellent effect, but it has key weaknesses that are EASILY exploited. If your deck relies on removing from the Graveyard with cards like: Gigantes, Freed the Brave Wanderer, and Bazoo the Soul-Eater then don’t use it. Otherwise, it’s helpful to use that one monster one more time.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


Stats                : Premature Burial is an Equip Spell.  Normally this is a kiss of death for a card, but Premature Burial is good despite being an Equip.  Largely, this is due to the potency of the effect, though as we will later see, being an Equip does have a few advantages for a card like this.  Mostly, though it means its great effect can be prevented by S/T removal used in response to Premature Burial being activated, and one later still is a problem.


Effect(s)            : Pay 800 LP to Special Summon a Monster from your Graveyard to the field and then equip it with Premature Burial.  Of, and if Premature Burial is destroyed, then so is the equipped Monster.  Essentially, this turns a Spell into a Monster, and that tends to be a very potent ability.


Uses and

Combinations  : As stated, Premature Burial tends to be a “variable Monster”: choose the best thing you have in your Graveyard and revive it!   Early game that can (but won’t always) be a small pool to choose from, but as the game progresses, Premature Burial just becomes better and better (unless one of you removes Monsters from your Graveyard).  Vulnerability to S/T removal can seem like a downside for a Monster… until you realize that it isn’t really a Monster, but a Spell.  For example: you Premature Burial a Cyber Dragon because if it can kill your opponent’s Set Monster, your remaining Monsters can go for the win, and end up crashing into Spirit Reaper.  Your opponent when uses something other than S/T removal to get rid of Cyber Dragon: you probably came out ahead.  Monsters are harder to kill (outside of battle) than S/Ts, so if they wasted Monster removal, especially something big (Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force or Zaborg since he requires a Tribute), that ends up being a waste for them, doesn’t it?  If they do use an S/T destroying card, usually it’s a one-and-done card, like Mystical Space Typhoon and hey, better Premature Burial than Mirror Force.


Then there are a handful of cards particularly useful to combo with Premature Burial, the most useful being Giant Trunade: aside from both cards normal benefits, since you didn’t actually destroy Premature Burial, the Monster it was attached to survives no problem and you can drop Premature Burial again.  Any card capable of bouncing a Spell can abuse this and I believe cards that “send” a Spell to the Graveyard can as well, but the only other really useful one is Abyss Solder, and then only in Water decks (Premature Burial Abyss Soldier, bounce Premature Burial and discard a fatty, revive fatty).




Traditional       : 3.5/5 – Not a bad card, but we have much more removal and Monster Reborn for our reviving needs.


Advanced        : 4/5 – It can be somewhat finicky and very late game, when the picks may be the best from your deck and you also might not have the LP.  800 isn’t a lot when you start with 8000, but once you dip below 2000, you have to be careful.  Oh, and Ring of Destruction can be very, very annoying.  Run this card unless it dramatically clashes with your deck (Macrocosmos decks, for example).



Premature Burial is probably tied with Call of the Haunted as the second best Monster revival in the game.  While it lacks the flexibility of Call of the Haunted, it can be used immediately and thanks to Exiled Force being at two, that may become very important soon indeed.  Personally, I feel Premature Burial is just on the “broken” side of things: look at Autonomous Action Unit: a fine, balanced card.  Doesn’t see much play because it relies on what your opponent’s plays, and has a heftier LP cost (though still largely manageable).  For a card that revives something from your own Graveyard, the contents of which you can usually control fairly well, you’d think it’d cost more than Autonomous Action Unit.  Virtually anything from your Graveyard can often swing the game in your favor, from the lowly beatstick to a well timed effect Monster.


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