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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magician of Faith

FLIP: Select 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard. Add the selected card to your hand.

Type - Spellcaster/Effect
Card Number - DB1-EN163

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.87
Advanced: 4.06

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.07.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Magician of Faith

It's restricted to 1 for a reason.

So many good spells out there to retrieve -- Confiscation, Graceful Charity, Heavy Storm, MST, Premature...usually retrieving a power card will heavily swing the game in your favor or completely clinch it. There's just no good reason NOT to run this unless you're running some weird combo deck that absolutely requires it not be in there (like Reversal Quiz or Blasting the Ruins/Life Equalizer).

If you don't believe this card is good, go play in a tournament, watch it be used against you, and then you'll think otherwise. Sorry for the short review today, but sometimes there are cards that are so good that it's easier to run down the short list of situations where you wouldn't play it as opposed to the 1,000 reasons you should.

5/5 all formats

Coin Flip
Magician of Faith is a card that gets good or bad with the times. Way back in the day, Magician Of Faith was considered among the most broken cards in the game because of her Attribute and her ability to get back the actual most broken cards in the game. Think about how powerful Magician of Faith is in a format crawling with Delinquent Duo, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Snatch Steal and Heavy Storm. Now imagine how weak she is when her best targets suddenly become Heavy Storm, Premature Burial and Pot of Avarice.

This is one time when I will actually give Magician of Faith a low rating because of her inability to truly impact a game anymore. Getting back a spell card isn't nearly as powerful when the effects aren't as powerful anymore.

On the other hand, considering the amount of reliance people are having on flip effects this format now that the fear of a Nobleman is gone... And the amount of reactive traps being played, and the amount of Decrees being played against the reactive traps... Yeah, might not be so bad after all to get back that Heavy Storm, or that Nobleman of Crossout, or that Premature Burial. Not chaos food anymore, so not blindly added to decks. I just got a little happier and more optimistic. This week is great. It's the first time in a while I look at the game and the people playing it and a part of me doesn't die inside. =)

General: 4/5

Magician of Faith:
Have one? Have two? You can't decide anymore.

MoF is a fairly useless body. Unlike, say Dekochi, she won't be staying around for long and is only useful should her effect activate when you have a Spell card available. Her power is dependant on how powerful the card you get back is ("Look, my fifth Graceful!"). She is also dependant on how often you can reuse that effect. With Tsuki gone, MoF is nowhere near as powerful. However, she still circumvents the restricted list, and with Spells being the most powerful card, she is the Graveyard manipulator most in need of control.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Magician of Faith

Magician of Faith (MoF) is a LIGHT monster with stats of 300/400. it's a flip effect that will get you a Spell card from your graveyard when activated. You can probably see how nice this is, as most of the best cards are spells (Smashing Ground, Confiscation, Graceful Charity, Enemy Controller, Heavy Storm etc. are all great cards).

Uh, Its restricted to one now, so that helps solve any questions you may have concerning "Without Chaos, do I really need to run 2?". You run 1. :D.

Traditional: No idea.
Advanced: 4/5. Flip monsters are slow and with no chaos its LIGHT type doesn't matter, but its still a great flip monster.

Dark Maltos


Magician of Faith :

Oh, the stories we could tell about this card.

Magician of Faith has been on a roller coaster of a Yugioh journey since it’s initial release. In the age of beatdown, it was scarcely used because of it’s week stats. Fast forward to the Trinity format and it was an absolute staple in 2’s , being able to do some MASS abuse with Tsukuyomi and the 3 cards that broke that format, not to mention being light food AND level 3 for TER, MoF had it MADE.

Last format, 2 was also pretty sweet. Apprentice magician got a new lease on life thanks to this thing, and with the return of Graceful Charity to the game we actually had an eligible target for Faith. Good stuff. 2 Faith’s added some power to my spell caster deck, not to mention a little fella by the name of Chaos sorcerer.

Nowadays, I’m not so sure. As it stands, she’s at one, and Tsukuyomi’s gone as well, really kicking her in the skirt. The loss of Snatch Steal as a lethal target , AND Chaos Sorcerer’s days being over make its hard for her to find much use in this age if you ask me. Maybe next format, who knows? Still, she may have lost a little shazaz , but she’s still worth a spot in my opinion.

Traditional ; 4/5 Gorgeous here.
Advanced : 3/5 A little bit less.
MikeJ Magician of Faith

Basic Summary: Now if you run Spells ( which you most likely doo ) Magician of Faith is very good for every deck no guestions ask. Being Light used to main a lot a few weeks ago but now we can look past that just for her Spell reviving effect which very powerfull in a game when the most usefull powerfull cards are your Spells. Now it can be fetched by Apprentice Magician which is the best searcher since it puts MoF ( Magician of Faith ) face down ready to flip her up next turn.

Conclusion: If you run Spells then you run Magician of Faith plain and simple :P

Traditional Format > 3/5: Solid card

Advance Format > 5/5: Play it or lose

Artwork > 2/5: Girl holding a stick


Magician of Faith

Today we look at Magician of Faith. The card that recently got dropped to 1 per deck, AGAIN. Poor thing, cant wait to see it 2 again.

So why back to 1 per deck? It could grab excellent spells like Graceful Charity, MST, Snatch Steal. Basically cards that can change the game pace.
Not only that but it fed Chaos Sorcerer. With Sorcerer gone, it not Chaos food now. With Tsukuyomi gone, you dont get that Tsuk-lock loop going to grab Grace, and go draw crazy. Less cheapness, yah!

Still run it, as it can still fetch Grace, but watch out for lone Nobleman,
2 Exiled's, and Zaborgs going around. It can still be good at 1, but not as useful with Tsukuyomi gone and stuff. Should have made the attack bigger too, 300 blows.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5
It being at 1, brings down its rating.

E-mail freezergeezer111@hotmail.com if you wanna talk.

Magician of Faith – MRD – EN036

I love Magician of Faith. Spell retrieval is a concept that gets hated on in some formats and shined upon in others. With the banning of Tsukuyomi I think this card could have stayed at 2 easily without a real bother (Considering Exiled Force being at 2). Magician of Faith, like all other Flip-Effect Monsters, was made broken by Tsukuyomi’s ‘Book of Moon’ effect.

The ability to get back any Spell you want is truly amazing. Graceful Charity or Pot of Avarice being used more than once is more than anyone can handle.

Last Word: It’s a shame that she got axed, but I think we needed a break from this card’s ridiculous power. Even with all the face-down removal available to us it still hurts when Magician of Faith goes off once; an excellent card indeed.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5

Magician of Faith

-She is of course a good card, but with the banning of so many broken spells as with the banning of Tsuky I don't see any reason to run her. I'm an aggressive player, with such a temper I find cards like Faith the way of the past.

She has been great, and has been good. She is still a good card, but I expect Dekoichi, Cyber Phoenix, etc. to replace her.

I guess the ability to bring back Graceful, Heavy Storm, creature swap, etc. is good. But a slow tempo card in an aggressive format will have to prove its worth.


she has proved it more than enough


Magician of Faith has led an interesting “life”.  When she first came out, you’d usually want to run at least two and many times three copies of her.  Why?  Because many of the best Spells that were Restricted or Semi-Restricted.  Then Jinzo and Nobleman of Crossout came along.  These really hurt flip effects: the classic strategy was to use a protective Trap to allow you to get the Flip Effect without losing the Monster that gave it to you, then make use of the reclaimed Spell and unless it was Dark Hole, use Magician of Faith to pay for Summoned Skull’s Summon.  This was a simple combo that often culminated in the opponent losing at least 2500 Life Points.  Eventually though, Flip Effects came to be seen as too slow for the game, and largely were.  Magician of Faith use plummeted, waning and waxing opposite Nobleman of Crossout use.  Then Metamorphosis became a loose staple and Magician of Faith came to be in most decks irregardless of the prominence of Nobleman of Crossout.  After all, now not only could she get a precious Spell back, but she could also be flipped back down with Book of Moon or Tsukuyomi or ‘morphed into Thousand-Eyes Restrict.  Hitting your opponent with a double Delinquent Duo or using a double Pot of Greed was fantastic.  Additionally, there were enough other Monsters being set that Nobleman of Crossout could scarcely keep up.


Now, Magician of Faith finds herself restricted to one per deck.  Why?  Well simply put, Yu-Gi-Oh has a big problem: most Spells lack any significant cost to them, especially considering their potency.  Additionally, Cyber Dragon often means you can Special Summon it, then Set Magician of Faith, so you aren’t even losing much momentum.  While it pains me to say this, it is true especially if the other “problems” in the game aren’t addressed: Magician of Faith may need to go.  I could be reading the situation wrong, as I no longer attend all the big tournaments, but when I am dueling I know that so often I am counting on Magician of Faith being their so I can “double up” a Spell.  A deck that doesn’t use a lot of Remove From Grave effects can easily keep itself going with a Magician of Faith, Pot of Avarice, and four other worthwhile Monsters.  Simply put, Yu-Gi-Oh plays like a gross parody of itself: the basic idea is to have your Monsters battling it out with your opponent’s, augmenting them with Spells and Traps.  The reality is you use your Spells and Traps to jockey for position and when it’s safe bring out your Monsters t smash a defenseless opponent.  Part of the reason for this is the abundance of mass removal: its not limited to a specific Attribute of Type of Monster (where other Attributes and/or Types could have their own, equally powerful countermeasure) and often, it is quite low cost (Heavy Storm for Spells, Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force for Traps), so there is little point in dedicating Monsters or Spell/Traps to the field, since they can be so easily obliterated.  It’s like running a race but everyone has to casually jog because the instant someone bolts for the finish line and is in first place, the other racers are allowed to shoot at him!  Sound ridiculous? Well it is, but that is pretty close to how the game is played: jog towards the finish, but don’t risk really racing until you’ve crippled the opposition and are thus safe yourself.


When using Magician of Faith, look for opportunities to Set her without losing momentum.  That used to be hard, but with so many ways to Special Summon in decks now, it is a lot easier.  Additionally, with things like Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute still legal, there are many times you’ll have to slow down anyway, so you can’t lose momentum if you’re already stopped.




Traditional       : 3/5-Much riskier here.  Change of Heart and plenty of true Monster removal mean that while it’s Chaos Food and a shot at some of the most broken Spells in existence, it can backfire utterly.


Advanced        : 3.5/5-A great card you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to avoid.  Sound low for how much I built it up?  Think of that as a base score.  Now count the number of Spells in your deck, and add 0.05 to the score for each.



If the game ever gets its act together, maybe Magician of Faith won’t be so strangely powerful.  Then again, she can still fit so easily into most decks.  Hmmm…


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