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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mystical Space Typhoon
Super Rare

Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DB1-EN031

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.95
Advanced: 4.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.06.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Mystical Space Typhoon

It's the best spell-based 1:1 we have.

I really shouldn't have to explain why this card is good, but for the newer players...Spell/Trap cards are harder to get rid of than monster cards. If you look at any good tournament-worthy deck, they'll probably be packing 4 or 5 monster cards that can destroy an opponent's monster. For Spells/Traps, you have Heavy Storm and this, and maybe a Dust Tornado or two (or Royal Decrees for negation.) You get to pick and choose what's destroyed and you don't have to discard or lose any cards of your own. You simplify the field and usually open it up for a big attack from a couple of your monsters (using MST, then summoning Cyber Dragon and something else to destroy their monster and swing for damage or something.)

It's been a common in almost every starter, and should be in almost every deck.

5/5 all formats

Coin Flip
MST is another fun card. If Sangan was the birth of combo and control decks, and Spirit Reaper was the birth of the reign of control decks, this was the birth of control-beatdown, and a large component in V3l0c1ty. The ability to destroy any one card introduced a lot of people to chains. Also, a lot of people had taken to running equip cards. A popular trick was to allow your monster, equipped with an Axe of Despair, to attack my monster with higher ATK, and then flip over MST to destroy the Axe of Despair, reducing your monster's ATK to below my monster's ATK. Because Mystical Space Typhoon was ridiculously hard to get in the days of Metal Raiders (and even up until the release of common MSTs in the Pegasus Starter deck), there was definitely a time when this card made a lot of people quit just because they couldn't match up to richer people who could afford Axe of Despair, Mechanical Chaser, Megamorph, MST, Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, Forceful Sentry, a suite of counter traps and two Heavy Storm.

In other words, MST was probably the game's very first chase rare. Mirror Force didn't quite cut it because people could only play one from the time it was released. MST was desired by almost everybody, and they all desired multiple copies.

Fun stuff.

Right now it's immensely powerful. It's one of the few cards that will actually allow you to combat a burn or stall deck efficiently, and it also serves a use as tech against cards like Premature Burial, SoRL, Call of the Haunted or even against opposing traps. High rating.

General: 4.8/5

Mystical Space Typhoon:
Oh, the days when you had three of this.

At the time of its restriction, many complained that it was unneccessary. Since then we've seen what we can do with those s/t's that aren't being destroyed. This is a staple in all decks intending to attack, and some combo decks might use one to get rid of pesky interference. An easy demonstration of just how powerful Quick-Play Spell Cards can be.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Mystical Space Typhoon :

Back in the day, this was allowed in 3’s, and believe me it was played in 3’s, along with 3 DD Warrior ladies incidentally, if memory serves. MST is flawless, 1 for 1 in terms of s/t removal, that can be activated generally whenever you like, also being quick play. The best move EVER was chaining this to Imperial Order. Unfair negation, that’s what this will be remembered for.

Instead of just jumping into a 5/5 review I think I’ll extend this a bit and just go into why s/t removal is so good. It may be obvious to most , but I bet some have never even considered it.

Cards like this are superb and often run for some good reasons. In spite of an opponents monsters, generally the s/t’s are the cards that do the most hurt to a player. They change the dynamics of the game, and constantly prove to be the defining cards in a game. That’s why it’s important to blow them up. You need the reassurance that when you summon something and attack that A, You will successfully summon it, and B, It will successfully attack. That’s pretty obvious, and that’s why Heavy storm finds its way into almost every deck since it’s release, and why this card is the same. The great thing about s/t’s is the fear associated with them all. People are scared to make moves when there are s/t’s out, and likewise, people are scared to play too many s/t’s in case someone pops a heavy storm on them and they’re unprotected. That’s the beauty of MST and Dust tornado, they remove the safety net the opponent wields and makes it safe for you instead. They are also the bane of continuous cards that pack some sweet effects.

Traditional 5//5
Advanced ; 5/5

Art ; 4/5 You must admit, that’s pretty sweet art.
MPS : 3.5/5 I like it.

Mystical Space Typhoon

MST is a fabulous card.

This card is one of the greats "Simplifiers" the game has. What is a simplifier? When using cards such as Mystical Space Typhoon and Smashing Ground, you simplify the game.

If you have 5 cards, and your opponent has 2, your opponent has a set Spell or Trap. You activate MST and kill the trap. Now you have 4 cards, and he has 1. The best way to win in YGO is to have more cards then your opponent. That means you have even more options over your opponent, making it much easier for you to win. Get my point?

MST is a great card. Its incredibly versatile and really great after you have a lot of advantage over your opponent, as it is (again) VERY versatile and will often help you push through that last bit of damage for game. it's a nice open set with Magician of Faith (In those situations where you have a dead Magician, this helps xP). I" ono, not much more to say on this card. Great yadayadayada, I'm tired xP.

Traditional: No idea.
Advanced: 4.5/5. Good for almost any deck.
MikeJ Mystical Space Typhoon

Basic Summary: I never like the term " staple " but this is right up there on the cards you would be crazy not run. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Dust Tornado review this card is golden in the End Phase to take care of nasty annoying cards like Book of Moon or Scapegoat before your opponent can chain them. The effect is simple play it destroy a Spell or Trap but this card is much better setting to destroy things later or if you need to clear the field for a game win with Stein for example.

Conclusion: Its very simple you if own a common or holo MST then run it no guestioned asked.

Traditional Format > 5/5: Mirage of Nightmare anyone

Advance Format > 5/5: Play it !!!

Artwork > 4/5: How is a space typhoon " mystical " ???


Mystical Space Typhoon

I remember when these were ran in 3's, back when I was noobish and I didnt run them cause I thought they were crap in 3's. Then I ran them in 3's, and I honestly <3 them. But it eventually got too powerful and they restricted them to 1.

Anyways, this is a must have in most decks, it takes out a spell or trap that can be deadly and can leave a possible opening for a game swing.
Nothing like MSTing a Mirror Force, and Special summoning Cyber Dragon, and swinging for game. >_<. Much more uses too. I <3 the Hobby League version though, it makes me splooge my pants when I see it. Then people ask me, and Im like wtfbbq!!11!!1!!!!1!1. Im rambling on though.

Short review, but we all know its a good card, my mom doesnt play cards and she knows it's good. If she suggests its not, I'd go e-crazy on her.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5
Is there any reason to back this up? Its good.

E-mail freezergeezer111@hotmail.com if you wanna talk.

Mystical Space Typhoon – DB1-EN031

Mystical Space Typhoon is standard S/T removal. It can go in just about every deck if you want it to. That fact that it’s a Quick-Play makes so versatile. Play it from the hand or from the field as a ‘Trap’. They’re very easy to get and they come in all kinds of rarities and holographic foils.

A lot of people want this card to be unrestricted, but what would be the point? We have Dust Tornado; which I find to be more useful. It’s not like we have Mirage of Nightmare anymore. Even then I would use Emergency Provisions.

Last Word: It’s a versatile card. Superb at what it does and it seems right that it’s restricted to 1.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5


Stats: Mystical Space Typhoon is one of the oh-so tantalizing Quick-Play Spells.  Activate it at almost any point you wish on your turn, and if you want to take a chance, Set it so that you can then activate it at almost any time on the opponent’s turn as well.  Quick-Play Spells may be the ultimate form of Spell.  Logically, they should then be weaker than most other forms of Spells.  Too bad this isn’t.


Effect: Destroy a Spell or Trap in play.  This is a potent ability on its own: most people forget that “one for one” trades always come out in the favor of the person initiating the trade.  It’s just a matter of simple timing: I trade my Spell for your Trap and can safely attack your Monster with mine.  I gain field control and eat away a bit of your Life Points, or I wait until you are in the middle of a combo, nail a key card, and thus render the entire combo dead on arrival, usually resulting in at least an effective card advantage gain if not an actual one.  As an example, destroying A Legendary Ocean before you Normal Summon a Giga Gagagigo ruins an opportune play, and if you have Tornado Wall already active then I’d actually be destroying two cards for the price of one since Tornado Wall will self-destruct once A Legendary Ocean is gone.


Uses and

Combinations: Destroy suspicious facedown cards, the few Spells and Traps that remain in play that are worth playing, etc.  The main difficulty with using this card is just to maximize its benefit.  Still, that’s not too terribly difficult, and is generally what separates a newbie from an experienced player.




Traditional: 5/5 – You get a copy and you run it.


Advanced: 5/5 – You get a copy and you run it!



Okay, realistically I don’t think this one can get any better without things getting silly.  I mean, Sangan just barely missed this score and I don’t think even I can justify less than broken perfection, even with Harpie’s Feather Duster available for your mass Spell/Trap removal needs in Traditional.  It’s already Spell Speed 2 but can be played straight from hand… it’s the perfect one-for-one Spell and Trap removal.




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