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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Alien Warrior

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, place 1 A-Counters on the monster that destroyed it. (If a monster with an A-Counter battles an ''Alien'' monster, it loses 300 ATK and DEF for each A-Counter during damage calculation only.)

Type - Reptile/Effect
Card Number - POTD-EN027

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4
Advanced: 4.16

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.01.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Alien Warrior

Not a bad beatstick for an Alien deck.

1800 is good enough to take out most non-Tribute, non-Cyber Dragon monsters, and an opponent will either have to waste a card or effect on this, or get stuck with 2 A-Counters on the monster that killed it (which is either a -600 ATK or a way to take control of that monster for a couple of turns, depending on what other Alien monsters or cards you have out.)

So it's kinda like Dark Jeroid, kinda like a Snatch Steal, kinda like Red Moon Baby...having similar effects to other decent or quasi-decent monsters is better than having no effect, or having an effect that sucks horribly.

Needless to say, if you run an Alien deck, you run 3 of this as it's some of the best support you can get.

5/5 for the Alien deck and 1/5 all else.

Alien Warrior:
Holy mother of Betsy! A Reptile!

I like Aliens in most forms, including the movie (though it's better without the 's'). However, the A-Counter mechanic isn't that great (until such time as they give us a card let lets us move A-Counters from dead monsters to others). This isn't a very effective way of getting counters onto monsters, as 1800 ATK is often destroyed by more s/t based methods than battle, and why would someone want to help you out by attacking it? This is a actually a monster that would have been better with smaller stats in my opinion.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Alien Warrior:

One of the more playable Alien’s recently released to us in POTD.

Aliens revolve around A counters, monsters with them on lose attack and defense when battling with other monsters. They also become targets for Brain control - like effects, which is also pretty cool.

As Aliens go, like I said Warrior is one of the best. Not only is he fairly strong with 1800 attack fior a level 4, he also is one of the better token-engines they have available, placing 2 tokens on a monster that destroys this card in battle. Pretty abusable in an lien deck, and a must there.

Outside of this deck though, as you might imagine Alien Warrior is bad. Slate Warrior pretty much has his stumped, being more powerful, potentially FAR more powerful, and being less specific in the attack deduction area. Still, if you run alien, you run 3 of these.

Traditional (Alien) 5/5
Advanced (Alien) 5/5

Art ; 4/5 I love all these Alien Arts.
MPS : 4/5 Gotta love them.
Pippin 1800 Reptile. Yeah for Reptiles! If its killed in battle, put 2 of those freaky A-Counters on whatever killed it. This works well with that alien trap Brain Wash (or whatever it is called) 1800 if nothing to snear at, but I want to use the Alien cards in a different kind of deck.

Dinosaur/Alien could be a very interesting deck. It would abuse the Ultra Evolution Pill and the big Dinosaurs that just came out. It says to tribute a reptile on my side of the field to special summon a Dinosaur from hand. Thats all. The Tyrannos on the field for the cost of a spell and a monster. And it does not take up your summon for the turn. Sounds fun :)

Bottom Line: Alien Deck - 3.5/5 - he is the 4 star heavy hitter for the alien crew
Everywhere else: 1/5 there are better attributes, types, and atk cards for the same stars.

Art: 3/5 Lots of claws. Everywhere! How does he wipe his butt with those things.

Until Next Time, You still have 1 of the 3 branches of government working for you and 1 out of 3 ain't bad.



A decent monster in it own right. 1800 Earth is a good place to be. Gigantes food. Ultra Evolution Food. Etc.

But this monster was built for an Alien deck. I have yet to see a decent build to run aliens, but the monster in questions has decent stats. His effect will only make your developing hordes stronger. Without Tsuky in the game, his defense is relatively pointless to point out. But if someone enemy controllers him it will come with a Cost.

Basically this monster is a theme specific Slate Warrior who kills stuff.

I like aggro monsters, and in his deck this one is a monster of value.

3/5 in any deck running 3 of them. A beatstick is a beatstick. I assume if you run this your running others. Personally I like Luster Dragon Better but if your running multiple Aliens why not:P




I happen to really enjoy the ‘Alien’ theme. I really hope they expand on this. Alien Warrior is one of their “brute force” monsters with a nasty drawback for the opponent destroying it in battle. 2 A-Counters mean your opponent’s monster is losing 600 ATK and DEF when battling an “Alien” monster.


I expect the September 1st format to be a battle-intensive one, so the Alien theme fits right in. They’re effects revolve around battle; concentrating on maximizing your battle capabilities while depleting your opponent’s. Your own monster being destroyed in battle is something that this monster set allows you to benefit from in future Battle Phases.


As far as stats go he sits at 1800ATK/1000DEF. We don’t have to worry about Tsukuyomi anymore, but we still have to worry about Enemy Controller. Regardless, Alien Warrior still gets his effect and turns your opponent’s monsters into wimps.


Last Word: Alien Warrior is an excellent monster. He has decent stats, his effect kicks butt, and he supports the Alien theme very well. I’d build an Alien deck.


Rulings Note: An Alien monster’s effect of “placing counters on a monster” is a targeting effect. Thus, Spirit Reaper dies as a result of this. This is good to know J   


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