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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Armed Dragon Lv. 10
Ultra Rare

This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This can only be Special Summoned by sacrifacing 1 "Armed Dragon LV7" from your field. Discard 1 card from your hand to the graveyard to destroy all monsters on your opponent's field.

Type - Dragon/Effect
Card Number - DP2-EN013

Card Ratings

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.24.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Armed Dragon Lv. 10

Okay...you have a Lightning Vortex attached to a 3,000 ATK monster you had to jump through at LEAST two hoops to get out (Lv 5 and 7). It's newbie bait and filler, and not much else. It is guaranteed to get its effect off at least once when you bring it out, and you'll get a big shot in, but I could think of much better 3-card combinations to use to do big damage in one turn. Namely, Cyber-Stein, Megamorph, and Giant Trunade.

The thing is, no one plays Lightning Vortex. This card requires too much investment when you'll most likely be destroying your opponent's monsters through attacking with it ANYWAY, and if you destroy their face-ups but leave a face-down, you just cheated yourself out of the ability to do damage that turn.

There's pretty much only one Lv. monster set that should even remotely see any tournament play, and it does a lot more than just get rid of monsters that the standard removal cards could get rid of just fine.

1/5 for too much effort to summon the dang thing.

Bob Doily
Armed Dragon Lv10

For those wondering, I’m not dead, just in the middle of midterms and major projects

Today we look at one of the big boys. Armed Dragon lv10 is another of the oversized dragons that I love, but unfortunately Konami doesn’t like them nearly as much as I do. Armed Dragon Lv7 was relatively pointless, the amount of effort in game that you had to do to even bring him out wasn’t worth it. The sheer amount of card advantage that you lost to get a big beatstick isn’t proportional to how easy he is do by-pass. Lv10 takes that problem one step further.

Simply put in order to bring him out you’d need to devote your deck to it. This is risky because you WILL draw bad hands. Then once out his effect requires a discard, after all the work to even get to lv10 you should be able to use the effect once per turn sans discard, that just puts you further in the hole. Then the final drawback comes when the opponent uses a 1:1 card to kill him.

All in all if you want to focus on dragons, or more specifically Armed Dragons then you are best off cutting it off at Lv5. A simple deck running Masked Dragons to bring out Lv3, who you then sack on your standby phase to get out a nice 2400 is really your best option. You won’t be hindered by dead weight cards and will be able to bring out a faster offence than in a deck devoted to the entire family

Traditional: 0.2/5
Advanced: 0.3/5

Armed Dragon LV 10:
It's big, it's bad, it's hard to summon, it's a Yu-Gi-Oh monster!

There is nothing wrong with Armed #10's effect, but Armed #7's is good enough. The gain of not having to discard a Monarch to guarantee clearing the field is not worth the added difficulty in summoning this as there is no Lv-Up effect. Thus, you've got a nomi that requires a nomi to work. Never gonna happen.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

Share and enjoy,



This is power.

I, more than likely the only cotd reviewer to summon and win games with him, really find his effect superb. The fact you must sacrifice an Armed Dragon LV. 7 to summon hurts, nonetheless the armed dragon deck makes use of this monster. You can discard it from your hand to destroy a pesky monarch/jinzo/BEWD for that matter with LV. 5 or LV. 7. Or in the few cases that that in hand Nobleman of Crossout needs to become a lighting vortex, just summon him out right.

I like him. Having the coolest art of any Yu-Gi-Oh card he warrants play just for that. As far as tournament playability I think armed dragons have what it takes to win a regional. I have used them with success in locals sense their release. They have their inherited flaws, but they become free tribute monsters that control the field. Monster destruction is one of the best ways to ensure victory, they give us that. I think LV. 10 would of been better if you could summon him from the deck, then again that would be ridiculous. He is a good monster, he is playable, and he has won me games.

Even if you don't summon him you can make him into a smashing ground. He is not necessarily needed in his deck, sense level decks can be situational. But armed dragon can run up to 6 searchers (flying kamakiri and masked dragon (BOTH OF WHICH GET TOMORROW'S COTD). Thus consistency is not a big issue with the armed dragons. They work, I dare say they are the best LV. monsters simply because of their reachable nature.

In an Armed Dragon deck (that is the only place he can be played) I'd give LV. 10 a 5/5 because he is good. Either he will be discarded to destroy a monster or add flare to your already winning condition. The fact he is a tribute on top of costing a discard to work his magic hurts. Zaborg does it for just the tribute on both face up and down monsters. Of course zaborg can not wipe 5 monsters out at one time and hit you for 3000! His stats are extreme and his picture is cool. He is not really needed, but in the proper deck you can find multiple uses. That is why running 3x Lv. 5 and 2x Lv. 7 in an armed dragon deck does not hurt you. They will either be summoned or discarded to kill something. Outside of his deck I'd ask you why run him. Without the proper Dragon Set up (people who run him with 1x lv. 7 and 2x lv. 5) I'd ask you why he has been included. Unless you are running 2x LV. 7 I'd tell you not to waste your time. But if you calculate his weakness you will definitely be impressed. Your friends will also give you props for summoning him too:P

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