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Ordeal of a Traveler

You can activate this card's effect when your opponent attacks. Your opponent randomly selects 1 card in your hand and calls the type of the card (Monster, Spell, or Trap). If your opponent calls it wrong, the attacking monster is returned to its owner's hand.

Type - Trap
Card Number - DB2-EN239

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.92
Advanced: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.27.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Ordeal of a Traveler

This is another card I often have to take out of newbie decks when fixing them.

It looks good at first glance -- continuous bouncing of opponent monsters so they can't attack or do anything. But there are a good few problems;

Continuous Trap = your opponent will know it's coming after the first time and can just work around it
They see your hand, card by card, eventually...meaning your opponent knows when it's worth trying to attack
No hand = no use of Ordeal, and 1 card means they know exactly what to call after one attempt, failed or not. Hand sizes remain pretty low now, so this would happen often.

It's almost always better to destroy than temporarily get off the field. This is no exception.

1/5 all formats.


Ordeal of Traveler is a defensive Trap that I have a strange fondness for. It is Continuous Trap, making it of course vulnerable to S/T removal.  On the bright side it has no cost to keep it in play, and the Activation requirement is readily met.  Ordeal of Traveler’s actual effect is that when an opponent declares an attack, you may choose to let them attempt to guess whether one random card from your hand is a Monster, a Spell, or a Trap; if they guess wrong, it returns the attacking Monster to the owner’s hand.  It can’t be activated if you have no cards in hand.  I don’t know what would happen if somehow your hand were emptied before it resolved.  Obviously if your hand has any card type in majority, the odds of the opponent guessing the right type go up.  Ideally your hand would be six cards, consisting of all easy to burn cards so that if your opponent uses Confiscation or another discarding effect you can shift down to the appropriate three cards with ease the next turn.  Realistically, three will be what you’ll strive for, one of each of the types.


A two thirds chance of not only negating an attack but bouncing the attacker is very potent.  Not unlike Fairy Box, even though the opponent can succeed in attacking, the possibility of their attack not only being ruined but of utterly backfiring will lead many to try to wait it out.  There is an exception: Breaker the Magical Warrior and similar Monsters who like being bounced will obviously charge ahead recklessly, since either the attack goes through or they get bounced and can try to re-use their effect.  If the opponent does attack, they are risking a Monster, and as we all know Monsters in play are very valuable since normally they are the hardest cards to get into play and rarely can be utilized until after they are Summoned.


The card requires a fairly “balanced” deck in terms of card count.  Not limited to running even amounts of each kind of card, but rather having a deck where cards can sit in your hand when you need them too, or be played when you need them to be.  You want enough Monsters that you can keep one in hand, but also just like in any other deck you want to be Summoning at least once a turn.  The same goes for Spells and Traps: thankfully if you’re running three of these, you’re apt to get two at once and hopefully the “spare” can become your default “hand” Trap.  Then again, you can activate multiple copies of Ordeal of Traveler when the opponent declares their attack, so if Heavy Storm has already been used and unlikely to be recycled, you might want to have multiples in play.


All in all this appears to be a good, balanced card even if it is luck dependant.  You can easily get it from Structure Deck 7 (Invincible Fortress, the Earth/Rock one)




Traditional: 1/5 – No, too much S/T removal.


Advanced: 3.25/5 – Nice, but hurt by the overabundance of removal and negation.  This might be useful with all the Special Summons in the game right now, though: not all of them are easy to redo like Cyber Dragon.


Ordeal of a Traveler:
It seems being a tourist was rather more difficult in the past.

I continue to be a fan of this lonely trap. You trade the secrecy of your hand for your opponent's field prescence. And you do so repeatedly. OK, if you've only got one card in your hand, this is useless. OK, like all continuous things it is liable to be destroyed. OK, if it bounces a monarch you are screwed. However, when it does work, it basically negates a summon (and an attack), and I've always thought that was good enough for stall.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,



Ordeal of a Traveler

A great card that has annoyed me. Until I saw every card in my opponents hand while also remembering the backs of the sleeves to prevent drawback:)

Against the average player this will be useful only during a plentiful time. If you have one in hand card don't bother.

I've seen its power first hand and witnessed it pay for itself time and time again. A sakuretsu armor is more versatile in my opinion but nonetheless this card is playable.


Not super great, or a shoe in, but in the hands of a skilled player (who knows how to shuffle his hand) expect some great results.

Ordeal of a Traveler

I kind of like this card. Ordeal of a Traveler makes your opponent play a guessing game with you about which type of card you have in your hand through its effect. If your opponent calls it wrong then the monster they are attacking with is getting bounced back to the hand. These days, that can be a bad thing considering all the Monarchs and Cyber Dragons running around. Those cards make it too easy to recover from ‘bounce’ and ‘spin’ effects.

Ordeal of a Traveler is continuous so you can get some good stall time out of it. Just make sure to have enough cards in your hand to keep your opponent guessing. The less they know about your hand the better off you’ll be with preventing attacks. If you like these types of chance cards, I’d suggest playing Fairy Box, Sasuke Samurai #4 or Blowback Dragon.

Last Word: It’s a pretty good card. I used to play this back in the day. Try it out. It’s not bad.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5

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