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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultra Rare

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are negated.

Type - Machine/Effect Level 6
Card Number - DB1-EN067

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3
Advanced: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.16.06


ExMinion OfDarkness

Ahh, how good you once were, Android Psycho Shocker...

Jinzo used to be the pinnacle of tribute monsters. If you were tributing for something, it dang well better have had 2400 ATK and negate Trap cards. But now, 2400s just do better stuff. As a general rule, it's always better to destroy cards as opposed to lock them down temporarily, and with Mobius destroying 2 S/Ts, Zaborg destroying a monster, and Thestalos ripping away an in-hand card, locking down a card type that usually only 7 or 8 of show up in your average deck (that's 20%) just doesn't appeal so much any more.

Machine decks obviously include it, because Limiter Removal owns with this card, and Chimeratech machine decks HAVE to include it because it's half of the "I brought back Jinzo AND Spell Canceller out of the RFG pile, you're SCREWED now!" combo. But other than that, fans of the old PSV secret rare just have to admit one thing...

Monarchs > Jinzo.

2.5/5 Advanced
1/5 Traditional

Didn't we review this just a few weeks back? *sound of
surfing* Oh, six months is fairly reasonable.

I don't think the position of the Jinzo v. Mobius debate has changed much with the new format. More traps may be around, but they are generally unchainable and ample Mobius food. Jinzo is still very powerful, and it is mostly your choice, but I think in anything outside a Machine deck (which is stupid to not use him) Mobius is better.

Traditional: X-0.1/5
Advanced: X-0.1/5
(where X=the score for Mobius, roughly 4.9)

Share and enjoy,

I'll admit that Jinzo negates, and negating is not as good as destroying. But being able to negate up to 5 cards is a fair trade off. Machine decks have multiple ways to get a use out of this monster. Overdragon, Future Fusion, Cyber Stein Protection...

Combos with Call of The Haunted and beastly attack. This is one of the best monsters made to date.


If utilized properly he will always win you your duels. He's taken me to top 8, 3 times. Zaborg and Mobius have their destruction effects, but a Jinzo never dies to a bottomless trap hole.

If you run call use this.

If you run machines, why is he not in your deck?

Damn Fine card...Damn Fine!

If anyone has a DB1 (Ultra Rare Version) I'd be more than happy to trade for them. Hit me up, cause I love this card so much that I want as many as I can get.

Dark Maltos
Jinzo :

The third and final of my Maltos fav’s, (if my Kuriboh goes up) Jinzo.

Jinzo has always been a top notch monster, even during his times of absence in the Regressive format, and has always been a monster I’ve been particularly interested in.

For a level 6, Jinzo used to define what I takes to be a level 6, he’s got 2400 attack, and a fairly decent 1500 defense. Jinzo set the bar for all past and future level 6’s upon release with this stat set-up. He also ruled over every deck that was for a LONG time and was the main deciding factor in the majority of player’s trap limit being a maximum of 6/7. That’s impressive right there, all alone he defined the metagame.

Jinzo also lasted through that age of chaos, the era when most level 6’s were replaced with envoy’s or Light and Darks. Being a Dark himself, Jinzo made the cut , and also helped secure a BLS attack, which was pretty sweet.

When Jinzo fell from grace and was replaced by many by Mobius we entered a new era of ultimately trap heavy decks, where 1~4~1’s were all that mattered. People were deemed n00b’s by n00bs if they played him.

Now Jinzo has battled his way back, and is still a pretty decent monster , able to contend with most threats this format, most noticeably that of Ring of Destruction, which really screws Mobius up something proper. We could debate for hours and hours over which is better, Mobius or Jinzo, and still never really get anywhere, but in Jinzo’s credit, their face down’s may be a problem when Jinzo himself dies , but up until that point you are really beating on them hard with a gorgeous monster, AND you can revive him later with his pall Call of the Haunted a reap some mayhem once more, after all we all know Jinzo’s possibilities with that trap card.

Jinzo is a solid monster, and often one I can rely on . Definitely a contender for the best ever tribute monster.

Traditional : 4/5 He’s dark and a threat still.
Advanced : 4.5/5 He will beat you up something hard.

Art ;3.5/5 I like it, certainly unique.
MPS ; 5/5
MikeJ Jinzo

Basic Summary: Now my opinion of this card greatly dropped with Cyber Phoenix being released in EoJ but still is one of the best one tribute monster ever. Now 2400 trap negation isn't something to laugh at since it can also fit into many competitive decks still like Strike Ninja or hardcore Machines... since 4800 with trap negation with Limiter Removal is just great well not for your opponent. Now lately I have prefered Mobius the Frost Monarch over Jinzo since I like S/T removal not S/T negation because in most sitautions since when Jinzo is gone the S/Ts still remain and even if Mobius the Frost Monarch gets destroyed from the chaining of the cards it destroyed with its effect at least they're gone. Now other then my personal opinion still remains one of the best old school cards that isn't banned and a good choice to keep in your trade binder not being traded ( unless you have more :P ) because it always seen a lot of play then dies down a little.

Conclusion: Its seen a lot of play before then goes down much like a roller coaster but still a decent cards.

Traditional Format > 3/5: Mehhh trap negation isn't that great here

Advance Format > 4.5/5: Still very decent to play but Monarch are in the spotlight now and maybe forever.

Artwork > 5/5: Evil Android of Doom





Jinzo is a wonderful card. The perfect Aggro weapon that can guarantee some major damage; How many times have you been beaten by Jinzo? Everyone has lost to Jinzo at least once in their Yugioh career.


Aside from being a devastating card when played at the right time, he is a Dark monster. This means he’s food for the increasingly popular Strike Ninja. He’s also a Machine. You know what can happen with that.


Last Word: A truly excellent card. Main-Deck it, Side-Deck, just play him. He’s good.




Traditional: 5/5

Advanced: 5/5


I’m very grateful for the support and I encourage you to e-mail me more decks. I’ve answered more than half of these e-mails. E-Mail me at deathjester86@gmail.com.


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