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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultimate Rare

A monster equipped with this card cannot change its Battle Position or attack, and has its ATK decreased by 300 points. If the equipped monster is destroyed, select 1 monster on the field and equip this card to that monster.

Type - Spell
Card Number - RDS-EN042

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.16

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.02.06


ExMinion OfDarkness

Okay...continuing with the theme of "you can't attack"...

This card doesn't create many heavily advantageous situations on its own. Although it could get equipped multiple times in more aggressive formats such as this one, it may not actually DO much.

By equipping this to something, you stop it from attacking and it goes -300 ATK. The only way I see it actually generating advantage is if you get to run over something SPECIFICALLY because of that 300, and then do so again later.

The bad things:
*Spirit Reaper is limited to 1, so you no longer have the "Equip to Reaper, it dies, equip to another Reaper, it dies, equip to your opponent's real monster and kill it."
*It has to equip to one of YOUR monsters if your opponent doesn't have any.
*Same problem with Ekibyo -- if you Tribute the monster, Flint just dies and doesn't come back. And there are a good few ways to Tribute off your monsters now.

There's no longer enough reason to play it. Throw it into the bulk rares pile, take your 8.33 points for it, and find something better.

1/5 all

A keepsake monsters just can't bear to part with.

This is another stall card that doesn't have an obvious deck. It stops monsters from attacking, so it should be in a stall/slow control deck. However, you get the most use out of it by attacking the equipped monster (while your opponent controls another face-up monster). As such, it is a tad mismatched and is unlikely to be played (mostly because one Level Limit Area B locks out all the monsters instead of just one).

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Share and enjoy,




It can be annoying but the same statement I've used all week holds true, Smashing Ground is better. Negating an attack or reducing attack points are ok but ridding the threat is much better.


Unless you attach this to a spirit reaper you will be sorry.

Dark Maltos



Flint is another card I like , much like yesterdays, and pretty much an improvement on the effect of Archfiend of Gilfer.

Similarly to the effect of yesterday’s card, this one prevents attacks from an equipped monster. It also reduces the attack of the monster by 300 which can really put a downer on an ‘unsurpassable’ Cyber Dragon.

If this monster is then destroyed, re -equip this to something else. That’s pretty cool I think, but the only downside is that this isn’t optional. Play this card wisely otherwise you’ll be forced to nail your own monster with it, still not bad if you use it wisely, perfect for nailing reapers.

Also, if the monster’s tributed this card doesn’t resurface again, which sucks.

Traditional : 1/5
Advanced ; 3/5

Art ; 2/5 Some sort of chain thing…
MPS ; 4/5 I like stuff like this.
Matt Cortez Ancestral Vision

Constructed - Just Like yesterday's card, I think this is a good card to use

for Magnivore deck's. It's a sorcery so it speed's Magnivore up in power. A good card. Great first turn drop. Worth the wait for one blue. This is the closest we will come to Ancestral Recall for a long time or maybe ever. Who know's.
Casual - Every player love's to draw extra cards and if you say you don't, your a lair! Waiting for a few turns to get this out is no big thing because in the end you net yourself 3 card's.
Limited - I would first pick this because card advantage is key in limited.
Of course it is in other format's as well, but getting that few extra card's

could mean life or death. When that last counter come's off you get four card's, 3 from card and 1 for draw step, that could get you that one kill spell you need or that huge bomb that will turn the game. Get it first!

Constructed - 4.0
Casual - 4.0
Limited - 5




Hey everyone! How is everyone today?


Today’s Card of the Day is Flint. Another one of my famous “Personal Favorites”, Flint is a card that can really be the most annoying thing you’ve ever faced. You equip it to a monster, reduce it’s ATK by 300, and then prevent from changing Battle Position or attacking. Once that monster is destroyed in anyway, Flint “jumps” to another monster and repeats it all over again.


Why is this so amazing? Well, it’s a card that prevents your opponent from accomplishing one of the fundamental goals required to win a game: Attack to reduce your opponent’s Life Points to 0. Very simple, Flint gives you power over your opponent’s monsters. It gives you time to deal with the monster on your own terms.


You can setup some nice tricks on your opponent with Flint and dictate the terms of combat. Just keep Flint on the field and you’ll have some pretty nice control over what your opponent does.


There are two instances where Flint won’t equip itself to another target as a result of you or your opponent’s actions:


  • You or your opponent Tribute the monster that Flint is equipped to.
  • You or your opponent destroys the equipped Flint by an effect that destroys a Spell or Trap.


The first example happen A LOT this format, considering the high number of Tribute in the typical Monarch deck.


Last Word: I like this card and it’s pretty tricky. This game is slowly evolving into a game where we have to make the most out of what cards we have available to us. It’s up to us to make new cards & strategies work.


Traditional: 2/5

Advanced: 4/5


E-mail me any decks you readers may have to: deathjester86@gmail.com. I don’t care if those decks are ‘cookie-cutter’ or not. I DO fix or comment on decks, but please be patient as I get quite a few e-mails daily. I have a 2 week maximum waiting time for a reply to an email. This gives me time to completely focus on your e-mail and give you the best response. I am responding to e-mails in the order they come. The sooner you e-mail me, the sooner I can get to your deck or answer your question.


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