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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Royal Magical Library

Each time you or your opponent activates 1 Spell Card, put 1 Spell Counter on this card (max. 3). Remove 3 Spell Counters from this card to draw 1 card from your Deck.

Type - Spellcaster/Effect
Card Number - DR1-EN129

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.47
Advanced: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.04.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Royal Magical Library

I wish we had Elma back again.

This card isn't that great on its own; a 0/2000 blocker that essentially gives you a draw after 3 played Spell cards. Without the Butterfly Dagger -- Elma combo, that's all this is, and odds are one of those 3 Spell cards will either destroy RML, bring out a monster that is capable of doing so, or steal it and take the draw for themselves. (Snatch Steal is a staple, and Brain Control is seeing a small rise in popularity to help with the Monarch Control decks. Nothing would suck worse than having your RML jacked, the opponent taking the draw, and then tributed off for Mobius to nuke a Mirror Force and Sakuretsu Armor, then swing for 2400.)

As of now, there's no reason to play this card. I could think of many, many better cards with high DEF scores to play over this, some of which include Exarion, Guardna, and given what's being legalized right before Nationals, possibly even Banisher.



Stats                : A Level 4 Light Spellcaster is a good start.  Its easy enough to get into play, can feed Chaos, and Spellcasters have some really excellent support right now.  Then you see the ATK and see that it isn’t so easy to get out: 0 DEF.  If this was the manga or animé and we could Normal Summon in Face-Up DEF mode, it wouldn’t matter.  It isn’t, however, so this can be quite a pain since we have to either include cards to flip it face up or shift it to DEF position after we do.  The DEF is nice, though: 2000.  The Attribute becomes a little better because of this: if you want to run a Dark/Spellcaster deck, you could toss this in since it would still have its DEF powers.  Why you’d do this… I don’t know. ;)  Of course, 2000 DEF is sadly no longer sufficient thanks largely to abundant Monster Removal and easy to Summon, high ATK Monsters.


Effect(s)            : Each time a Spell card is played and successfully Activated, once the Spell card resolves, Royal Magical Library gets a Spell Counter, up to a maximum of three.  You can remove three Spell Counters from this card on your turn in order to draw a card.  Not too bad, but not too good either.


Uses and

Combinations  : So why are we looking at this?  Apparently someone came up with a OTK for this card.  I haven’t seen the deck, so I don’t know how reliable it is.  The basic idea is to use something to Special Summon Royal Magical Library (I believe Marauding Captain is what is used), activate an Inferno Reckless Summon to make it into three copies of Royal Magical Library.  Now play three Spell cards, with at least one being a burn Spell.  Now use the Libraries to draw three cards.  Repeat the cycle until you’ve burned 8000 LP for the win.


The combo has the potential to give a FTK, but just barely: you need one Marauding Captain (or Reinforcements of the Army), one Royal Magical Library, and one Inferno Reckless Summon.  That’s three cards of your opening six, meaning the last three must be Spells (though the burn part is optional so long as you eventually draw into and use them).  Of course, there aren’t that many really good burn Spells, but apparently you can get by using the weaker ones due to the combo.




Traditional       : 1/5 – We have real FTK decks that are much more reliable here.


Advanced        : 3.5/5 – Well, with most current OTK decks losing important components, this could become an interesting alternative to Cyberstein OTK.


Limited            : 4/5 – It’s a big defender that might work as draw power.  Take it.



As most regular readers should know by now, I detest OTK decks because they are largely a matter of luck.  Once you have a decent built and the combo learned, you just need to draw into it quickly to win with little or no hope of an opponent countering it.  This one thankfully does seem weaker than its predecessors, so the bans are making progress in this respect.  Also, this one requires three copies of Royal Magical Library, so as long as Konami doesn’t overreact, they can just Semi-Restrict it and the deck dies.


Dark Paladin
Royal Magical Library is a card I've never really cared for. There are combos and it's not even that it's useless. By removing 3 Magic Counters, you get to draw a card. You could draw most or even all of your deck out in a turn in an attempt to finish your opponent in a single turn. It just isn't worth it though. There really isn't a specific place to run it either.


1.5/5 all

Art: 3.5/5 The picture is cool though

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Royal Magical Library:
Can you see a pattern in this week? I can't.

This is an important part of one version of the Elma-Gearfried combo. Beyond that, this could be a tech choice for those that haven't quite mastered the art. It's light chaos food, with a good defense and, if it can survive the activation of three spells, you get a free card.

Free cards are good, but as one of the three spell cards is likely to be a Smashing Ground getting rid of this, I don't think it's worth the bother.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Royal Magical Library
Attrib: Light
Type: Spellcaster/Effect
Atk: 0
Def: 2000
Each time you or your opponent activates 1 Spell Card, put 1 Spell Counter on this card (max. 3). By removing 3 Spell Counters from this card, draw 1 card from your Deck.

Basically, this card is reviewed JUST for that OTK.

3|Lod|Marauding Captain
3|Mfc|Royal Magical Library
3|Mrl|Giant Trunade
3|Mrl|Messenger of Peace
3|Dp2|Inferno Reckless Summon
3|Lob|Final Flame
3|Dp2|Magical Mallet
3|Mrd|Tremendous Fire
3|Mfc|Poison of the Old Man
2|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army
2|Sd6|Nightmare's Steelcage
1|Sdp|Graceful Charity
1|Ast|Level Limit - Area B
1|Sdy|Card Destruction

Thats a list for you. The idea is to Special Summon Royal Magic Library (Today's card.) with Marauding Captain, and activate Inferno Reckless Summon to special summon the other two Librarys. You play 3 burn cards (Or LLAB and Giant Trunade combo for a quick 3 counters, = 3 cards.), do a bit of damage, draw 3 cards, and repeat the process until you kill the opponent.

It's an interesting combo, for sure.

Other than the combo, its pretty crap =/.

Advanced: 4/5 That OTK is solid.
Traditional: No rating


Dark Maltos


Royal Magical library:

Recently this card featured in an ingenious first turn kill, but besides from that, is it up to much? In short, - Maybe…

Royal magical library has always been at worst a 2000 defense light type monster that was searchable by Sangan, and if you do manage to get its effect off, it’s a +1 apparently. Whoopdy doo!!

Still, I like it, draw powers always welcome, even if it is unbelievably unlikely to happen, still imagine how broken this’d be if it were level 2? You know what im talking about…

Traditional : 2/5 Defense doesn’t mean much here..
Advanced : 3/5 There’s an OTK, its spell caster, and pretty unsurpassable, what’s not to love?

Art : 3/5 I know it’s a library, but I just cant help but feel ‘How would it look if you summoned it?’
MPS ; 3.8/5



Royal Magical Library

This card is an interesting Light Monster. It generates advantage and provides a solid defensive choice.

Yet without a deck capable of utilizing its draw power, it will simply get ran over by Cyber Dragon.

1.8/5 as random tech.

If you get the draw off, as in a spellcaster deck going through magical dimensions, then YAY your monster paid for itself.

It has potential, but with cards like Dekoichi and Magical Merchant, the draw is just too hard to pull off.

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