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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Doom Dozer

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing from play 2 Insect-Type monsters in your Graveyard. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, send 1 card from the tops of your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.

Type - Insect/Effect
Card Number - SOI-EN024

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.3
Advanced: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.14.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Doom Dozer

The Insect deck's BLS makes its debut.

This card isn't bad. You remove 2 insects and drop a 2800 ATKer. The guy has a lot of combos (Metagame covered most of them), but realistically I'd be playing a lot of cycling insects (Gokipon, Howling Insect) to maintain presence and then let this guy overwhelm the field after a well-timed Heavy/Hole or Heavy/Mirror Force (if it does indeed come back in April.)

The deck discard is negligible unless you actually follow through with the Phoenix Wind Wing Blast combo, but given that insects will put you at a disadvantage as is, I don't want to be discarding anything else.

1/5 Traditonal (obv. they still have Envoys there so this blows)
2.5/5 Advanced (meh, but still a possible deck)

Doom Dozer is going to do for insects what Dark Necrofear would have done for fiends if that type were to get any relevant form of spell or trap support (hint hint Konami). At the expense (ha ha) of removing two insect monsters from your graveyard, you get an insect of titanic proportions on your side of the field. This guy is HUGE, and there are no actual monsters that are commonly played in this format that can actually take this thing out without help in battle. It’s just a big bruiser, but it’s an easily summoned big bruiser that gives insects the muscle it needs to actually win games. If you want to explore insects as a tier 2 archetype, feel free to play-test with them. They have quite a few tutors and tricks, so they’re actually not bad.

Unless you’re playing in traditional, in which case you don’t bother since insects aren’t on the level of Dark World, Chaos, or FTK.

Advanced: 3/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin
Today we review Doom Dozer, a card with an effect similar to, yet slightly less powerful than...what's that other card...oh yea, Don Zaloog.

Doom Dozer is certainly strong with 2800 atk. and 2600 def.
respectively. He is also fairly easy to summon, all you have to do is remove two Insect type monsters from your Graveyard from play.

Then, if he inflicts damage to your opponent, they lost one card from their deck to the Graveyard. There is no reason for you not to play this in your Insect deck, but no real reason to play him outside of one.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Traditional Insect: 3/5

Advanced: 2/5
Advanced Insect: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Bob Doily
Doom Dozer

Continuing with the insect support, today we look at Doom Dozer. And with this card they hit it right on the nail. The summoning requirements are akin to those of the Envoys, but in this case being two insect monsters in the grave. The key difference is the word “except” still making this a nomi, but the easiest nomi to get out. Furthermore with the requirements being insects you won’t see this splashed all of the place.

Now the stats are nice 2800/2600, meaning that you won’t be wasting it just to be killed by Cyber Dragon. At the same time it gives insects a big high level monster that they can benefit from. The effect is slightly disappointing, it offers nothing in the way of removal or card advantage. In the end you get a beatstick who just mills, now while that could help by nailing power cards, at the same time it doesn’t do anything to directly benefit you.

In insect decks he’s worth running, he’s the best high level you have, and without requiring the annoyance of tributes he won’t hurt your advantage. Outside of insects though there is no real way to run him, he won’t help you, regardless if you run Merchants or not. In my opinion though, that is a step in the right direction, a theme specific card that can’t be splashed.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.7/5

Doom Dozer:
Insects finally get to do like real insects and swarm.

Well, actually, this isn't particularly great swarm, but an effectively free 2800 ATKer is always good. The other effect is reasonably irrelevant to the beatdown deck Insects appear to be becoming, but who cares when you have such a large, free monster. Just make sure you have some ways to dump insects into the grave (possibly some form of merchant of the magical inclanation). Having the card in your hand to destroy that pesky Don and being unable to use it is rather anoying.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5
Insect: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Doom Dozer:

Man o man, this thing rocks hard. This is the soul reason insects can now be considered playable. This card puts the tiny creatures up there with Fiends, as it is basically a Necrofear for insects.

The summoning costs for such a ridiculously high attack power are reminiscent of the Envoys, as for the mere cost of two insect in the grave ( a concept easily done considering the certain insects out there) you receive this enormous 2800 attack beat stick.

Then , when you use your ‘insect King’ you are treated to discarding the top card off the opposing deck after inflicting damage. A mediocre effect, but at certain times it can be effective, just imagine this with 3 needle worms, and you get where im coming from. Anyway, it isn’t the effect that you use this guy for is it?

Traditional (insect) 5/5 A definite run, as said previously - a watered down envoy

Advanced (insect) : 5/5 Superb

Art : 3/5 …ugh…bugs….


Doom Dozer.

Forest Says, play this card......................................................

This is what insects needed.

a big special summon monster. Not as broken as BLS or Chaos Sorcerer. But still, throw this down and laugh as your bug squishes your opp. Insects decks can and will be some of the most powerful decks in the future metagame. Even Turbo Pot's little friend is at home here. Synergy is created off this concept, the ability to mill through your deck, and bring a 2800 special summon. I love this card

4.9/5 not broken, but the effect is pretty sweet


Stats                : Doom Dozer is a Level 8 Monster, but it’s a nomi that can only be Special Summoned through its effect, so the Level will rarely matter.  Insects are a Type that has a little support, but it’s rarely used and until this latest set, the best Insects usually worked best splashed into non-Insect decks.


For the most part, Attributes only matter for Chaos – I like using Field Spells as pressure cards, and often find them worthwhile, but my decks aren’t usually your standard fair.  Doom Dozer is an Earth/Insect, which is quickly becoming the premiere Attribute for Insects, with only a few non-Earth notables.  Spiritual Earth Art –Kurogane is solid though, especially when you need to “dodge” certain cards’ effects, like Snatch Steal (which would fizzle because the original target is gone).


The ATK is 2800 – just shy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon – which sounds about right.  After all, ATK and DEF scores for this game should probably be lower rather than higher.  I mean, right now a direct attack from this critter is worth 35% of the starting LP value.  It can run over a 1500 ATK Monster and still hit for 25% of the starting LP value.  So the ATK score is indeed good, since this is a Special Summoned nomi Monster and you still have your normal Summon left.


The DEF of 2600 has two major implications: first, Doom Dozer is going to be the most likely target for Smashing Ground and second, that if you are in a bad way it should be a solid DEF.  Of course, anything it can survive an attack from it should be able to destroy in battle.


Effect(s)            : As I already stated, this is a nomi Monster; that is it can only be Special Summoned by an effect.  In this case, it is an effect printed directly on the card (as opposed to just listing a second card whose effect Summons it).  For the cost of removing two Insect Monsters from your Graveyard (yes, this is a cost, I’ll explain why shortly) you get to Special Summon this big bad bug to the field.  As a nomi Monster, this is the only way to Special Summon it to the field: feel free to remove a deceased Doom Dozer for your next Doom Dozer’s Summoning requirement unless you have a Pot of Avarice or something else ready to return it to your deck or hand (and feel like paying the cost again).


Doom Dozer also forces the opponent to discard a card from the top of their deck if it inflicts damage via battle.  This is alright: it shouldn’t really hurt you, but it’s only moderately helpful.  After all, one win condition is the opponent decking out, and most cards don’t help the opponent in the discard pile.  At least, when the discard is off the top of the deck, it’s much less likely to help; that card was their next draw: now in order to use it, they must use another card.  Occasionally, it’s not going to matter or would be beneficial: you discard Dark Magician of Chaos and they then use Call of the Haunted to revive it.  You discard a Light Monster, and they bring out Chaos Sorcerer.  For most cards, it just means it’s wasted, even if they can immediately revive it: Spell go to the Graveyard?  Yeah, their Magician of Faith now has a target to revive, but they can’t use it once and then get it back to use again.


Uses and

Combinations  : This is the trick that Insect decks needed.  Why just Insect decks?  Well, as I stated, removing two Insects from the Graveyard to summon the card is a cost.  You actually need those Insects in there to remove, of course, and once you do either they are gone or you need to include Return From the Different Dimension or the like to get anymore use out of them.  Nor can you revive them with a card like Premature Burial to aid in swarming, or to meet the requirements for Pot of Avarice.  It is far from a major cost, and Insect decks will just learn to work with it.  Other decks will probably be hard pressed to get enough discard fodder in the Graveyard to make running a copy worth it: you’d be better off augmenting your current Light/Dark Monster selection to make your deck “Chaos compliant” than to run enough Insects for Doom Dozer to slip in.


For Insect decks, it provides the combination of power, speed, and numbers they have been sorely lacking.  It seems odd that Insects, which in real life use Swarm Tactics, aren’t so great at it in the TCG.  Multiplication of Ant gives you some so-so Tokens at the cost of a Monster, Insect Queen’s Tokens are mainly for paying for her attack, and pretty much everything else is a monster for monster trade.  This gives you a buggy bomb to drop on your opponent at a nice price, and it’s quite nice.




Traditional       : 1.5/5 – The raw power of cards in this format tends to allow only certain, ridiculously broken decks to survive.  Insect decks aren’t apt to become one of them: simply put whatever an Insect deck can do, aside from depletion, Chaos can do it better.


Advanced        : 4/5 – The score is, of course, deck specific since its pretty hard to run this effectively in a non-Insect deck.  It’s been called the Dark Necrofear for Insects, and it seems like an apt description.


Limited            : 4/5 – Looks like there are some good Insects in this set to go along with Doom Dozer and Chainsaw Insect.  So paying for Doom Dozer’s Special Summoning shouldn’t be too hard.  An added bonus: this card is only a Normal Rare, as is yesterday’s.  So while multiples of them will be tricky, all the other bugs are commons.



This looks to be a solid, well rounded card and exactly what Insects needed to see some serious play.  It looks like Konami is learning its lesson with this style of game mechanic: unlike the Chaos Monsters, it’s a true nomi, its Summoning requirements focus on the Type (and it’s a lesser used one), and it’s mostly important as a big beatstick with an okay effect instead of a big beatstick with super sick tricks.  Good job, people (like they read these XD).


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