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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Chainsaw Insect

If this card battles a monster, your opponent draws 1 card at the end of the Damage Step.

Type - Insect/Effect
Card Number - SOI-EN021

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.21
Advanced: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.13.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Chainsaw Insect

I'll open Shadow of Infinity week with two thoughts on this card;

Out there, somewhere, someone is grinning as they see pure power for their Skill Drain deck. Somewhere else out there, someone is thinking of ways to break this card for massive draw for themselves.

Chainsaw Insect is the strongest 4-star monster that doesn't either have an inane summoning requirement/immediate destruction effect tied into itself. Basically, it prevents a player from getting any kind of advantage with it normally as although it would destroy a monster in battle, the opponent would draw afterwards, replacing the destroyed card.

There are a few ways to make his effect work for you though I can think of off-hand; the other reviewers will most likely catch the ones I miss.

*Skill Drain: Obviously, this will be the first choice. Beatsticks that can take out everything short of, and actually suicide with, a Monarch make that deck even more wrong.

*Heavy Slump: It's possible to play a bunch of effects that let your opponent draw, and then shrink their 8-card hand to 2. Not possible, would horribly backfire should the Heavy Slump fail, but a fun deck idea nonetheless.

*I want to say that the Scapegoat/swap this over in DEF/ram the 4 0 ATK tokens into its 0 DEF could possibly work, but we already have a better option in The Bistro Butcher/Creature Swap/Mystic Tomato, which costs most likely 2,000 LP and nets you 9 cards (Tomato ram into Butcher/Tomato ram into Butcher/Tomato ram into Butcher/Sangan ram into Butcher to get the last 2 cards and Sangan's search.)

If nothing else, it gives us one more reason to try Skill Drain again. Otherwise, it won't help the average deck at all.

1/5 Traditional
2.25/5 Advanced

Chainsaw Insect is a card I want to see all of my opponents playing next Saturday at SJC LA. Seriously. I love the prospect of drawing fifty million cards off of my opponent’s monster. This is basically what you are inviting your opponent to do as well, as they will get an overwhelmingly ridiculous amount of card advantage if they were to blast through the Mystic Tomatoes in their deck by ramming into Chainsaw Insect.

It does have some cool little combos though. Such as the ability to be Creature Swapped to your opponent’s side of the field so you can benefit from the effect. Or, if you like absurd-funny jank, you can try to get Appropriate face-up on your field so you can draw 2 cards whenever this card battles. But let’s be honest here. If you want a big monster that can plow through things such as Cyber Dragon, just run a Goblin Attack Force of some kind, such as Elite Attack Force or Giant Orc. :/

Advanced: 1.5/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin

This week we start up the new set, Shadow of Infinity with a week full of new cards chosen by me. Today we take a look at Chainsaw Insect, a powerful Level 4 monster.

Chainsaw Insect boasts 2400 attack points which is unmatched for it's level short of Rare Metal Dragon and Armor Exe (remember them?) What does that mean...well, let's see. It's a non-tribute that takes out Zombyra the Dark, Goblin Elite and Attack Force, AND Cyber Dragon.
That's good.

However, Chainsaw Insect has the unfortunate side effect of that your opponent gets to draw a card each time this card battles a monster.
So, even if your opponent were to destroy it, or battle it with something weaker, they get a card. Furthermore, he has 0 defense, meaning anything can kill nearly, and it's very vulnerable to Tsukuyomi.

You could just use it as a wall though until you can tribute it for something, or the obvious use to only attack directly, so your opponent doesn't get a card.


2.75/5 All around. I'd like to give it more, but that's a nasty side-effect.

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Chainsaw Insect:
Hmmm. I'm torn on this card, which is appropriate considering the name.

We have before us the beatstick to end all beatsticks, a 2400 ATK Lv. 4. It might have 0 DEF, but it should never see DEF position. This can eat virtually anything you could ever see. The reason that I'm torn is that to use your beatstick, you must be willing to let your opponent draw a card.

Now, unlike most other big big monsters, if this is destroyed before Damage Calulation (ie. Sako), you are not punished. However, people build decks entirely based around the draw power of Pot of Avarice. Do you really want to give your opponent a free card?

Only to be used to finish games, or if you have a really clever way to make sure that card is of no use.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Chainsaw Insect

Welcome to Shadow of Infinity Week. Chainsaw insect is one of the more sought after cards in SOI basically because it’s a Cyber Dragon Killer, with only a moderate drawback.

At 2400 atk, for a level 4 Chainsaw insect is definitely above the standard, rivalling the stronger of the tribute monster which in its self has only been achieved by Rare Metal Dragon and the like, aka Cards that have MASIVE drawbacks, or difficulty in summoning them. The massive attack outweighs other Beatdown giants like Goblin Attack and Elite force and can therefore be a great tech.

Whenever Chainsaw insect battles another monster, the opponent gets to draw one card from their deck, so basically if you destroy a monster with this , the opponent gets to draw what they lost, advantage wise. Overall, pretty balanced, except when the opponent abuses this with cards like the DD family or Newdoria. Also, Scapegoat is really annoying for this.

Id consider possibly running one outside of an insect deck, but I truly think that’s where it truly belongs.

Traditional : 3/5 Not bad, not good.

Advanced ; 3.5/5 Playable, but easy for the opponent to abuse

Art : 1/5...ugh…bugs…..
Tebezu Chainsaw insect, what can be said about a 2400 monster.

It is cool, big, and will definitely hurt your opp.

I love the synergy created with appropriate and just think that this card is the future of yu-gi-oh. Think about the concept of steamroid and other big beaters. Mobius watch out; monsters like this, zombyra, goblin attack force, etc. force your opp. into wasting resources, and hence giving you an upper hand in numerous ways.

Also, attack directly, 2400 damage.



Bob Doily

Chainsaw insect


So today we start the SOI reviews. I rather enjoyed this set, support for themes, and some powerful yet balanced cards.


We are starting off with an insect support card, and they need it. Chainsaw insect gives them another beatstick option that is even bigger than previous ones. Being LV 4 and Earth is typical of them but the 2400 ATK is incredible. This pushes the boundery for big brutes even higher. But that is where they inserted the obvious catch, if it battles a monster they get to draw a card. Now this is a difficult decision to make, because in the current format a lot of monsters that you attack will replace themselves: Deko, Merchant, Tomato, etc. This would mean giving your opponent a +1.


Well there are several ways to deal with this. First off because of this drawback you’ll have to be careful when to play it, meaning it’s a skill card. The best situations for it’s use are obviously attacking directly, but if you need to attack a monster save him for taking out big monsters, ones that normally wouldn’t replace themselves. That way you can prevent yourself from losing card advantage. Now although it would be possible to try out a tech Protector of the Sanctuary I don’t really see it as that plausible, if an insect deck is going to run this, which is a good idea, I think that they should be careful of it’s use.


Outside of Insect decks though……. you’ll mostly benefit from this card is in Skill Drain decks, that way even without Skill Drain you still have a viable attacker. Also his being Earth helps those decks with Gigantes. Some crazy people will tech it in a Creature Swap deck, but if you aren’t running those decks they is no real reason to run this card, you’ll just be giving your opponent cards……


Traditional: 1.5/5 (still outclassed my the CCs)

Advanced: 2.55/5


Stats                : Chainsaw Insect is a Level 4 Monster, so you can just drop it into play as your Normal Summon.  Yes, I need to mention this, since there are quite a few effect Monsters whose effects prevent them from being as easy or as hard to Summon as their Level would otherwise indicate.  It is an Earth/Insect (huge surprise, I am sure).  Both Attribute and Type have support, and there are enough of this combination one could build an entire deck around the overlapping support (though it would merely be functional, as opposed to good).


Now we see the ATK score: 2400!  It has the absolute worse DEF score imaginable, though: 0, but that’s not a huge disadvantage.  This card is looking quite interesting, but it has an effect, so we must examine that to see if it renders the card good, bad, or broken.


Effect(s)            : When this Monster battles another in, the opponent draws a card.  This is a pretty serious drawback, as it means that if it destroys an opponent’s Monster in battle, it offsets some of the Advantage lost by the opponent.  In terms of card quantity, it breaks even exactly if you kill a single card Monster (like a Normal Summoned beatstick).  If it is a Tribute Monster or has some other Summoning cost, then you can actually come out ahead with Chainsaw Insect.  With precious few exceptions, a Monster on your field is worth two in your hand.  Well, not exactly, but it sounds catchy. ;)  The main problem will be the opponent finding a way to kill your Chainsaw Insect in battle, since they would get to draw a card then as well.  Of course, that will probably require they force a position change.


Uses and

Combinations  : Some say this is the new shock trooper for Insect decks.  Thing is, Insects already have the classic 1700, 1800, and 1900 Level 4 Beatsticks (the two bigger ones being Earth as well).  They also have Jirai Gumo, a 2200 ATK Level 4 whose effect may cost you half your LP, or it may not, for attacking, but was always good as an offensive wall.  Arsenal Bug wasn’t half bad: you could use Level Limit-Area B and Gravity Bind to protect it and maybe Swarm of Locusts/Swarm of Scarabs.


Branching out, Earth decks already have Goblin Attack Force and Goblin Elite Attack Force.


So where do you use it?


Skill Drain decks: then it’s just a “vanilla” 2400 ATK Level 4.  Yes, in such a deck, the 100 ATK bonus matters.  So it proudly joins the ranks of Goblin Attack Force, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei… with Chainsaw Insect, that’s four Earth Monsters with a minimum of 2300 ATK.  So you could run an Earth-themed Skill Drain deck if you wished now.


Don’t get me wrong.  If you are regularly being “out-muscled” and 2400 ATK will do it where 2300 ATK wouldn’t, this is a great option.  And remember, direct attacks don’t give them a draw.




Traditional       : 1/5 – Unfortunately, unless the metagame for Traditional has drastically changed, you do not want to be giving your opponent the chance of extra draw.  Sure, it’s probably easier to score a direct attack, but if they do get to draw… think of the sick cards they could be drawing here.


Advanced        : 3.5/5 – A composite score: it’s probably now a staple for a Skill Drain deck, and it can be handy in most decks other than control.  Side it out if they run Exodia.


Limited                        : 3/5 – If they didn’t get anything particularly good, congrats, even if you don’t kill them with this you’ll probably run them out of cards.  If they did, then you are probably allowing them to build a combo that would be nearly impossible without your help.  So it gets this score because it’s pretty much all about what your opponent drew.



It’s good to see that even if I am wrong and this card is at least more playable than the last two Level 4, 2400 ATK Monsters and shouldn’t be anywhere near as broken as the “negligible” drawbacks found on Berserk Gorilla, Goblin Attack Force, etc.




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