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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Metal Dragon

"Steel Ogre Grotto #1" + "Lesser Dragon"

Type - Machine/Fusion
Card Number - LOB-102

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.09.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Metal Dragon

A 3-card investment for a monster that's weaker than most COMMONS we have today? ...and all three of the cards suck on their own? Wow.

Sometimes I see debates on the message boards as to what the worst card in the game is. This week is making me realize that it takes a truly special card to take that title and there are so many worthy candidates.

I'm not even going to talk about any possibile playability of this card, because if you actually summon this card, you probably aren't just going to lose the Duel, but you fail at life too.

1/5 all

(continued from yesterday)


(to be continued)

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin
Today, I have chosen a very fun card to review, Roulette Barrel. The downside to this is that it may hurt you instead of your opponent. It is a Light/Machine with 1000 atk. and 2000 def. (or 2000 with a Limiter which isn't spectacular.)

This is one of those cards I don't really recommend for competitive play, but for a fun deck, luck deck, or a Joey Wheeler deck, knock yourself out. As stated, the effect isn't really something you can rely on, so just be careful, even in casual play.


2/5 all around Not useless, but dangerous.

Art: 3.5/5

Bob Doily
Metal Dragon

After yesterday’s break from me conducting proper reviews I’m back to normal. Today we look at a strong fusion monster, IMO better than even TER. IMO this card is reason enough to run Metamorphosis. Simply morph your expended Mobius, or weak Jinzo into this brute and you’ll be all set.
Regardless of what decktype your running you’ll be able to benefit from this card. IMO there is NO reason to not bring 3 copies of Metal Dragon with you to every tournament!

And if you thought that he was already awesome, you’re forgetting Traditional! Being able to bring him out via Magical Scientist is just amazing!

Traditional: 42/5
Advanced: (-1)^(1/2)/5

Metal Dragon:
Argh! The week got worse!
This is a fusion, so there is only one reason not to use it, being a certain common in SOI. However, this is fairly rubbish as commons go. The fusion parts are cruddy, it has no effect, and its ATK is only 1850 whilst we have LV. 6 fusions at 2200 now.
Use this only if you want a fusion deck large enough to be used as a weapon.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Fusion Deck with a substantial gravitational field:

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos
Metal Dragon

Terrible, simple terrible. The fusion isn’t worth it by anyone’s standards and the fusion material monsters are just BAD. This is just a weak @$$ monster, that’s also just happens to be a fusion, thus making it worse….

Traditional ; 1/5 Ugh
Advanced ; 1/5 Ugh
Art ; 4/5 Ok, its cool


I really do not know why this card was made. I guess because Kaiba used it

Anyway, it combos great with cyber jar, marauding captain; I do not know why you would use premature burial or call of the haunted on it; sense there are tribute monsters (Jinzo) that are much more playable. I also hate the art on this car, I don't see what makes it so special/ rare, and does it even look like a dragon?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

It is not all bad, but the fact its effect hinders its play, why not just make it a 5 star monster??????????????????????????????????

Seriously, here is another challenge. If anyone has a deck successfully using this card in 2-3's, I have never used one, send it in. Because I personally see it as a bad card. Not horrible, because it offers more than the broken larvae moth, but still a situational card.

I have questions allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the place on this thing

Why not make cool cards, like a fusion of 2 BEWD's whose effect reads


(If this card is summoned by Polymerization, destroy 4 cards on your opp. field and/or Make your opp. discard 4 cards from their hands, or any combination of the two.)


beastly, would make people want to run BEWD and POLYMERIZATION in Shonen Jumps and the like. But no, we are stuck with a monster whose effect hurts it.

1/5 Usable, but I like Dragons, and it is support like this that will never allow them to be tier one.

here is a fan deck made for metal dragon
from mtk64
3 metal dragon

3 steel ogre grotto #1
3 lesser dragon
3 king of the swamp
2 heavy mech support platform
3 giant rat
1 sangan
2 masked dragon
2 flying kamakari #1

3 polymerization
1 limiter removal
1 premature burial
1 card destruction
1 soul release
1 dimention fusion
1 hammer shot
2 big bang shot
1 lightning vortex
1 heavy storm
1 swords of revealing light
1 dark hole
1 reload
1 magical mallet
2 interdimensional matter transpoter
3 trap jammer
1 call of the haunted
2 sakaruretsu armor


Metal Dragon is one of those Fusions that exists because it appears in the manga or animé… or at least that is what I have heard.  If it doesn’t… oh well, it’s a poor card either way.  It is a Level 6 Wind/Machine/Fusion with an ATK of 1850 and DEF of 1700.  Now, most of the major Fusion “cheats”, that is Magical Scientist and Metamorphosis, don’t even need this card, as its stats are just that poor.  Even a halfway proper Fusion makes no sense since the Fusion Materials are also bad.  Finally, it has no effect to offset this.


Now, don’t get me wrong: between Limiter Removal and Power Bond, Machine Fusions have to be really weak.  Well, that’s a bit of a lie: they just need to ban those two cards.  Restricting them helps, but as it’s been made painfully clear by my duels with others, even the brain AI from the first GX game… Power Bond + Limiter Removal + otherwise playable Machine Fusion = Broken.  This sap doesn’t do it, but most others have OTK potential.  Steam GyroidPower Bond it, Limiter Removal it, and while it dies at the end of the turn and costs you 2200 LP, you have an 8800 ATK Monster, plus your Normal Summon still alive.  UFOroid Fighter may seem like a joke since you have to use UFOroid or else the only ways to Summon it will result in a 0/0 ATK Monster… well its lovely with Goblin Attack Force: 14000 ATK.  Yeah it cost you a lot (4 cards and eventually 3500 LP), but if you have a Catapult Turtle or any of several other useful combo cards… its well worth it.  Really, only Cyber Saurus and Metal Dragon are legal Power Bond targets that can’t abuse the two cards combined.  They try, but their pitiful natures allow them only to briefly flash as potent beatsticks and Tribute Fodder.  Every other Machine-based Fusion either has the raw ATK and/or a brilliant effect to produce hugely unbalanced results.  The most blatant offender is Cyber Twin DragonCyber Dragon is already a broken card; yes it is sometimes dead weight, but in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, its Special Summoning requirements tend to pop up close to every other of your turns.  So Cyber Twin Dragon is very worth building a deck around.  Power Bonding it results in a 5600 ATK Monstrosity that can attack twice.  Second turn, this will almost always gain a huge advantage for the player who pulls it off, and many times it will just simply be game.  If it is combined with a lucky Limiter Removal, the odds of surviving drop even more.  Limiter Removal was potent even when we had only one good Machine: Mechanical Chaser (Cannon Soldier, at the time, wasn’t as great since it was the era of Beatdown).


Well, it appears I’ve gotten a good rant in on the subject.


Basically, another useless Fusion.  Now that there is a way to punish someone for a big Fusion deck, once again we need to be more choosey about what we use.


Rating: 1/5

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