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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Larvae Moth

This monster cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Tributing "Petit Moth" on the 2nd of your turns after "Petit Moth" has been equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution".

Type - Insect/Effect
Card Number - DB1-EN144

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.06.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Larvae Moth

Welcome to Wicked's Wondrous Week. I think we have four of the five worst cards in the game laid out for you this week, with a SUPER-BAD one on Friday. So come on in and watch us make fun of the crap all week!

So you equip your 0/2000 monster (who could actually hold its own with 2000 DEF) with Petit Moth for 2 turns and get...wow, a 500/400 monster! Something even Sangan can beat, and Magical Merchant can successfully defend against.

Crap on a stick.

1/5 all



(to be continued)

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin
Ok, time to be blunt. This week is quite possibly the single worst week ever. I refuse to spend anytime on these cards, and as the week progresses, you'll see why. This is the only time I actually want to give a card(s) less than 1/5. This whole week gets 1/5.

So, I've also decided to review some other cards this week so this week isn't a horrible let down. Today, I'll look at Gear Golem, the Moving Fortress.

Gear Golem is an excellent Level 4 monster. He only has 800 attack points but he has a superbly excellent 2200 defense points. What does this mean? Quite a lot...allow me to explain.

Cyber Dragon takes 100 damage
Goblin Elite Attack Force matches it
Airknight and Spear Dragon take 300

Goblin Attack Force is probably the only non-tribute monster you'll see take out Gear Golem (while in defense anyway). Now, if that nice defense weren't enough, by paying 800 of your lifepoints, you can strike your opponent for that much...or so they think.

Imagine powering Gear Golem up with United We Stand, Mage Power, and Limiter Removal. That's going to add up for a hell of a lot of damage for that mere 800 lifepoints you paid, and that makes all the difference.


Traditional: 3/5 2200 defense is still solid Traditional Machine: 3.5/5 Traditional Stall/Offensive Burn: 4/5

Advanced: 3.5/5
Advanced Machine: 4/5
Advanced Stall/Offensive Burn: 4.5/5

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Larvae Moth

This is a special summon only monster with 500 ATK, no other effect, and that requires you to give up a 2000 DEF monster with an equip that has been on the field for two turns.

This is rubbish. Rubbish, crud, and completely useless.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos
Larvae Moth

Welcome to the f'd up week from hell . Singularly the worst card ever printed : low stats, insect, impossible to summon and finally WHY would you even want to summon it?

Traditional 1/5 ugh…

Advanced 1/5 ugh…

Art 1/5 UGH….

Rj This monster cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by offering "Petit Moth" as a Tribute on the 2nd of your turns after "Petit Moth" has been equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution".

This is WickEds weeks. I think hes testing my patience.

I love my job as a writer for pojo. I enjoy fixing peoples decks, and I try to make my articles not suck so bad, and I especially enjoy doing CoTD's. But it makes my stomach hurt when I have to review these cards.

I don't even know what Petit and Cocoon DO anymore, god its been so long.

1/5 all formats.


Hello everybody, hope you had a nice weekend.

Ugg, today's card is

Larvae Moth

a monster which belongs in a cocoon of evolution deck. I don't think I have ever seen such a deck, if anybody has one let me know:P

But as far as I am concerned I would prefer getting something a tad bigger for two turns waiting.

The deck is possible, maybe throw in some time seal and such. But this monster is not impressive...

if you got it in a deck cool, it gets a 1/5 because it is not needed in its own deck.

if you are playing it in an advanced deck without cocoon; my statement is simply to ask you WHY.


Bob Doily
Larvae Moth review

So today we look at the game’s best card. In fact this week is filled with broken cards, that for some reason have yet to be limited.

Starting us off is my personal favourite: Larvae Moth. I’m not sure why I reviewing this but for those who don’t know this monster is simply amazing. Get him out and you’ve essentially won the game! Although he has difficult summoning requirements I think he is more than worth it.

If you don’t main at least three of these, then you deserve every loss you get….

Traditional: 8/5 <-look at that 8 sideways….
Advanced: 10^1 000 000 000 /5
A Fan Deck
At Tebezu's Request

(Posted 3.7.06)
Manga Fan's Moth Deck

Deck Name: Moths
Author: Orlando Arias
Count: 40

Monsters: 20
Great Moth x2
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

Cocoon of Evolution x3
Flying Kamakiri #1 x3
Gokipon x2
Howling Insect x3
Petit Moth x3
Pinch Hopper x3

Chorus of Sanctuary x3
Giant Trunade x2
Heavy Storm
Premature Burial
Snatch Steal
Swords of Concealing Light x2
Swords of Revealing Light
Terraforming x2

Call of the Haunted
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell x2
Sakuretsu Armor x3
Solemn Judgment

Opening Hands Test:
Shuffling Deck 10x...

Drawing Top 5 Cards...
Swords of Concealing Light
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Solemn Judgment
Flying Kamakiri #1
Sakuretsu Armor

Drawing Next Card...
Shuffling Deck 10x...

Drawing Top 5 Cards...
Flying Kamakiri #1
Cocoon of Evolution
Great Moth

Drawing Next Card...
Call of the Haunted
Shuffling Deck 10x...

Drawing Top 5 Cards...
Snatch Steal
Swords of Revealing Light
Chorus of Sanctuary
Great Moth

Drawing Next Card...
Solemn Judgment


Given the cards we are looking at this week, I am abandoning my normal breakdown, because as far as I can tell, the best ones are like obscure single deck TecH.  To hopefully make it a more pleasant experience, I will focus on how the cards could have been made much more useful.


Today’s CotD is Larvae Moth.  All in all, it is a pretty bad Monster; a Level 2 Earth/Insect nomi whose effect only pertains towards it summon.  To get it into play requires you have a Petit Moth that has been equipped with Cocoon of Evolution for two turns.  It can be Special Summoned in either Main Phase of the second turn that Petit Moth has been equipped with a Cocoon of Evolution, but the question is: why?  Cocoon of Evolution is a better Monster: it may have 0 ATK, but at least it is a Level 3 Monster with a solid 2000 DEF.  Petit Moth is a pitiful Level 1 Normal Earth/Insect with 300 ATK and 200 DEF points.  Also, in order to equip Petit Moth, it must be face-up, just like any normal equip Monster.  So you have to get it into face-up DEF mode, or else when you equip it… it becomes a Level 1 0/2000 Monster.  Tributing it all for Larvae Moth is extra depressing, since for such a tiny little Monster, we’ve invested three cards!


So, how could this mess have been made playable?  First, either make each nomi Monster in the Moth-line (Larvae Moth, Great Moth, and Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth) a Special Summon from any of Deck, Hand, and Graveyard, or add the effect “This Monster is kept in the Fusion deck instead of the main deck.  If a card effect would return it to the deck or the hand, return it to the Fusion deck instead.”  That way it couldn’t be a dead draw, and would essentially be one less card of clutter.  Second, Cocoon of Evolution should force the Petit Moth it equips to into DEF mode.  Third, make the Special Summon effect Spell Speed 2 so that you “settle” for one of these cards because the equipped Petit Moth is about to buy it otherwise.  Fourth and final blatant change to make this card more playable: add real effects that aren’t part of the nomi status to the cards.  Even the final “stage” of this card, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, is just a 3500/3000 ATK nomi.


Rating: 1/5 – It’s the lowest score we can give.  The card is nearly useless though and even I feel this is too high.

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