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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Elemental Hero Necroshade
Super Rare

While this card is in your Graveyard, you can Normal Summon 1 monster from your hand that includes "Elemental Hero" in its card name whitout Tributing, You can only use this effect once while this card is in the Graveyard.

Type - Warrior/ Effect
Card Number - GX1-EN001

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.03.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Elemental Hero Necroshade

Necroshade has so much potential but it's just out of reach.

5 stars = bad thing. 1600 ATK = JUST unsearchable, and not only can it be kamikazed against with a spent Breaker/Drillroid, but the Warrior Toolbox monsters take it out no problem. And I wouldn't let this thing sit on the field with 1800 DEF; it won't last too long.

You WANT this thing in the graveyard to get a freebie summon of an E-Hero Tribute. But what good E-Hero Tributes are there? Right now, ONLY bladedge. That's a lot of trouble to go through for a 2600 Trampler.

The fact that there's not much good to pull out with it now means even in an E-Hero deck I wouldn't play it.

1/5 all.

And today, we have reached the end of Elemental Hero week. I’ll make this as quick as possible.

Elemental Hero Necroshade: …just, no. :/

Have a good weekend everyone! :D:D:D

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5

Coin Flip
This card is not good. In fact, its only redeeming point is that it makes other cards less bad. =\ I featured one or two in my original draft of “A Bug in a Jar is a Hero’s Best Friend”, but cut them because I had bad enough hands with one Sorcerer, one Cyber Dragon, and two Bladedges already. I think the deck would be helped a lot by Enemy of Justice and its mini-Heavy Storm for E-Heroes (since it used Return from the Different Dimension in place of Decrees). Shame that Pot of Avarice is restricted to one per deck in Japan, and will be here by the time we get Enemy of Justice.

Besides that, it’s not a bad card. In fact, most of the time it will go straight to the Graveyard anyway, since you won’t even bother summoning it. If you can dump it with Card Destruction, Magical Merchant, or Morphing Jar, you might get out a good monster. Whoops, E-Heroes don’t have any. You can get out this or Bladedge, and running three of this with three of Bladedge equals bad hands. Maybe with Elemental Hero Neo. Maybe.

Whew, this week’s over. I’d like to thank whoever picked the cards, since I wasn’t disgusted at the cards I had to review. If I just looked at these five cards, I might think E-Heroes were almost kinda good.

You would only play it in E-Heroes, so for the third time this week (and in a row), I leave you without a rating. Enjoy your weekend! :)


Stats                : I was so impressed by this card I bought two copies of Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Duel Academy (one to keep, one to trade back in for store credit as a “Used Game”).  That was when I had misread the card.  I thought it was a Level 4 Monster.  It isn’t.  It is Level 5.  As I will reveal, this really hurts the card.


The upside is that it is a Dark/Warrior; only Light/Warriors rival that Attribute/Type combination for support.  It has a pitiful 1600 ATK for its Level, with an “okay” 1800 DEF.  The effect does not save it, either.


Effect               : What is the effect?  While this card is in the Graveyard, you may Normal Summon an Elemental Hero from your hand without Tribute, but only once.  Now, if it leaves then returns to the Graveyard, I believe the effect retriggers… but that isn’t too likely to matter anyway.


Uses and

Combinations  : Right now, if you are desperate to run Elemental Hero Bladedge, you should be considering this guy.  Chuck him into the grave somehow (there are a lot of cards that have discard costs) and you can pretend Elemental Hero Bladedge is a Level 4 2600 ATK Monster with Trample.


Now, in a few sets, this card might have a reason for existing.  If the spoilers I’ve seen are accurate, Elemental Hero Wildheart gets a second Fusion, and Elemental Hero Necroshade gets a Fusion with Elemental Hero Wildheart.  So use Polymerization to Fusion those two, get a solid Fusion monster, now Normal Summon without Tribute Elemental Hero Bladedge, and if you want to really have fun, maybe Miracle Fusion something else out, depending on the situation.  But that is then.  This is now, and right now there aren’t a lot of options.


Remember, its Bladedge you have to want to use, since you can just use a substitute for Elemental Hero Wildedge’s Fusion.


Ratings (Elemental Hero Bladedge deck only)


Traditional       : 1/5 – Just don’t play it here.


Advanced        : 3/5 – Remember it’s for a very specific deck.


Limited            : N/A – This was a video game promo, after all.  Probably be pretty lousy anyway.



Even with the support that should eventually come out for this card, it’s still underpowered.


Dark Paladin
Not really being an E-Hero fan, I don't really see a use for this card, and it isn't even horrible (in its deck.) Sorry to be so short this week but it was one of those -/- types.


2/5 in its deck
1/5 elsewhere

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Bob Doily
Ehero necroshade review

So we are ending the week with Necroshade, a monster with an interesting yet terrible effect. The effect is simple, once while it is in the grave you can normal summon a high level ehero from you hand sans tributing. Now this may seem nice, but that just means another Necroshade or Bladedge. Without any other benefit there is no reason to run multiple Necroshades, and as was addressed earlier this week, Bladedge isn’t really worth running.

Already the card is relatively useless. The next problem is that it is a tribute monster itself, meaning running it is risking further bad hands in a deck that isn’t truly competitive. And unfortunately with 1600 ATK you won’t be bringing it to the field via tomato to make it at least slightly beneficial. This leaves Merchant as the central way to drop him to the grave.

People may argue that he is worth running for his fusions, but once again Fusion substitutes prove that this is untrue. If you want his fusions run subs. There is no reason to ever run this horrible card.

Traditional: 0.1/5
Advanced: 0.2/5

Elemental Hero Necroshade:
Yugioh returns to form with another rather silly card name.

A rubbish monster. This should never be seen on the field (its a tribute monster DDAssailant can kill, for frack's sake). However, this isn't intended to be summoned. He wants to go to the Graveyard, where he can act as a Tribute monster for your happy little EHero.

Currently there aren't really that many tribute monsters EHeroes would actually want to use, so for the time being this guy isn't all that wonderful.
However, should a rather good EHero tribute monster happen to come along, this will be a welcome assistance to it.

Traditional/Advanced: 1/5
Elemental Heroes Deck: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Elemental Hero Necroshade

Necroshade is the kind of monster many consider not truly worth it, myself included.

What appears to be an attempt at a Dark Type E Hero, which basically allows you to get out Blade Edge for free , once…period.

If it weren’t a level 5 and the effect was special summon it would be good, but without that , its not good.

Traditional : 1/5 Not worth the deck space in an already unstable deck.

Advanced : 2/5 Its pretty bad here too….

Art : 4/5 Very redeeming.


Elemental Hero Necroshade.................

What can I say, his effect is great punishment for people using spirit reaper, etc.

He allows Lightning Vortex to actually produce more advantage.

He is another support card that gives E-Hero's a chance to come back by off the wall means:P

He is meant for and only for an E-Hero Deck

Overall I think the cards art deserves a 5/5

In an E-Hero Deck he gets a 2/5 due to the fact he is a horrid topdeck and requires another monster, which is also going to be a bad top deck, a.k.a. Bladeedge, to work to his full potential. The best thing he has going for him is you choose when to use his effect.

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