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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Super Rare

When a monster that includes "Elemental Hero" in its card name attacks, if its ATK is lower than the ATK of the attack target, increase the ATK of the attacking monster by 1000 points during damage calculation only.

Type - Spell
Card Number - CRV-EN048

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.1
Advanced: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.02.06


ExMinion OfDarkness

A constant 1,000 ATK boost for E-Heroes to go on the offensive against stronger monsters? Not bad.

Skyscraper is one of the few decent Field Spells that exists. It makes your Wildheart a 2500 ATKer when he's the one doing the attacking, enough to take out Monarchs/Cyber Dragons...the bad thing is that when the opponent is attacking, he's back to being a 1500 weenie, easily run over by DDA/whatever else the opponent wants to throw out there.

This especially hurts the more common Fusion material E-Heroes whose ATKs hover around 1,000. Even AFTER the boost for those they wouldn't be able to take on the Monarch/C-Dragon.

I wouldn't count on the ATK boost, but it's a nice thing. Just watch out for Dust Tornado targeting Skyscraper in response to an attack.

1.5/5 Traditional
2.5/5 Advanced

Eh…”mediocrity” and “terrible” is written all over Skyscraper. This card only boosts your E-Heroes while you are attacking, and it will serve you no purpose when you are actually losing. Ugh…I hate crappy theme support. There is nothing quite like flipping up a Dust Tornado in response to an E-Hero player declaring an attack on one of your stronger monsters while Skycraper is out. That single-handedly makes this field HORRIBLE.

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5

Coin Flip
Skyscraper is good support for the E-Heroes because it encourages your opponent to 1 for 1 your useless monsters so they don’t lose their own. Using this, Sparkman can take out Mobius, Jinzo, Bazoo at 2500 ATK, Avian can hit Parshath and Breaker and D. D. Warrior Lady… So your opponent has to either lose the cards or 1 for 1 it. Or they just lose the cards and then swing out another monster to kill your E-Heroes on *their* turn.

The boost only occurs on your turn (it would be a bit broken otherwise), but I still don’t like it. In fact, I don’t think people would play E-Heroes even if it worked on your opponent’s turn, while the E-Heroes were being attacked. This card would not be that broken.

It does combo well with Elemental Hero Wildheart, as I mentioned on Monday.

Since it only goes in E-Hero decks… No rating again.

Dark Paladin
Today we look at Skyscraper, a Field Magic card that can be done without. The downside is the fact that it only increases the attack when YOU attack and only if your monsters attack is lower. Junk...


1.5/5 even in the right deck

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Check out CotDs for the last three days: they went up, just really late. >.>


Stats                : It’s a Field Spell.  Field Spells are often frowned upon, and with good reason: this game has too much easy Spell and Trap removal.  Its one thing when your opponent has to, for example, have a Dragon-type in play and then can only kill your Spell or Trap on their own turn, or for generics, Nobleman of Extermination which can only hit facedown cards but provides an adequate reward for it that better lends it to depletion themed decks.  Additionally, there are some other Field Spells that would work great for the Elemental Hero theme, which is the only deck this card is meant for.


Effect(s)            : When your Elemental Hero attacks a Monster with a higher ATK score than it, the Elemental Hero gets a 1000 ATK bonus during the damage step only.  This is almost good.  Yes, you get to kill a Monster with it, but then your Elemental Hero Monsters are in trouble.  Great, you killed one Don Zaloog with Elemental Hero Burstinatrix: she’s going to get hammered next turn by a Cyber Dragon and newly summoned Don Zaloog.  I’d rather have had a solid bonus the whole time, perhaps a United We Stand style bonus instead for each Elemental Hero.  Because so many of them are so weak.


Uses and

Combinations  : There are a few upsides to this: you can have the smaller Elemental Hero Monsters attack under Messenger of Peace and kill bigger Monsters.  That is about it though.  Attacking weaker Monsters or with direct attacks, and its useless.  Being attacked, it’s useless.  Eating up a slot we’d rather reserve for a Fusion assisting Field Spell like Fusion Gate is bad.


Ratings (for Elemental Hero Decks only)


Traditional       : 1/5 – Field Spells are bad here.  So are Elemental Heroes.


Advanced        : 3.5/5 – Maybe include one or two.  Maybe.


Limited            : 3.5/5 – It will help you more here… but it doesn’t specify the controlling player.  So your Elemental Hero weenie gets to be slammed by an opponent’s Elemental Hero weenie.



Interesting idea with poor execution, Skyscraper seems structurally unsound and probably should be avoided unless you are trying that Messenger of Peace trick.


Bob Doily
Skyscraper review

So today we look at the ehero field card Skyscraper. Well right away it’s a field card, meaning a bad topdeck and unless it has a killer effect, not worth running at all. Well this card fits into the category. All it does is give your ehero a 1000 ATK boost when attacking a stronger monster. Now this may seem good, but it is problematic. Skyscraper is essentially a 1:1 in the fact that the opponent will have to expend 1 card to kill it. Most likely they wouldn’t waste their time and just get rid of it if it was part of a heavy storm. So this means that essentially it will be a -1. So to make up for this you will have to kill 1 monster in battle to maintain card advantage for it’s loss. This is where the effect is a drawback. Since you only get the bonus when attacking it is still really easy to kill your eheros. Not to mention the fact that they have to complete the attack in the first place.

Ehero decks are best off focusing on filling the grave and Miracle Fusion for a big brute to pound away. This means that Skyscraper wouldn’t be much use to them since most likely they will have the highest ATK on the field anyways. This makes Skyscraper situational at best. Hence, even in the archetype meant for it, you are best off using something else.

In the end the card is worth running if you are trying to be anyway competitive with eheros, although why you would try to, and whether you have a deathwish, is beyond my knowledge.

Needless to say, outside of ehero decks this card is as good as larvae moth…..

Traditional: 0.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

The Yugioh equivalent to attacking up-curve!

An interesting piece of EHero support. It makes all of your EHeroes quite a bit bigger, but only when you attack something bigger than yourself. It isn't that bad of a drawback, as most monsters have higher ATKs than an EHeroe. However, like most field spells, this suffers from one major problem: its ease of destruction.

Imagine you attack your opponent's Berserk Gorilla with your EHero Sparkman while you have Skyscraper on the field. You expect to destroy the Gorilla and do a fancy 400 damage. Your opponent, though, not appreciating the valour of playing EHeroes, chains to your attack with Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Skyscraper. Your Sparkman now runs into Gorilla, loyaly continuing you follow your orders, and gets destroyed in the process. Not pretty.

I'd say, meh. Not really required.

Traditional/Advanced: 1/5
Elemental Heroes Deck: 3/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos



Another card to help an E Hero deck out. Combo this with Wild heart and you’re laughing.

Basically, this card should read,

‘You can kill an opposing Cyber Dragon with your tiny E Heroes’

As that’s basically what it does. It’s also a field card, a less seen genre of card.

Just watch out for face down dust tornado’s or MST….ouch….
Tebezu  "The Name's Zu, Tebezu.......................!"

Today's Card is an instant 5/5 because you will only find it in an E-Hero deck.

If you find it in a deck not using E-Hero's, then obviously something is wrong :P


Honestly, the ability to turn Sparkman into a 2600 beatstick, or any of your fusions into more menacing monstrosities is well worth the investment of the card.

This is the card that actually gives me hope for the theme. Simply put, it is what makes the traditional E-Hero Deck something to use.

I love the concept, Sadly it only works if you are attacking, but oh well.

5/5 in advanced E-Hero Deck

0/5 in deck not using E-Hero's

(I prefer not to rate traditional because not many people, in my experience, play it. But if you have a traditional E-Hero deck that wins tourny's...........

WOW, I applaud you


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