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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Miracle Fusion

Remove from play, from your side of the field or your Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster Card that included "Elemental Hero" in its card name, and Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).

Type - Spell
Card Number - CRV-EN039

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.01.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Miracle Fusion

This is the only reason to even play E-Heroes in the first place.

Basically...assuming your E-Heroes for the Fusion have already been destroyed/discarded, this thing is Polymerization without the -1. Fusions are generally bad because they require a 3-card investment. Not the case here.

Obviously it's a theme deck card, so it automatically gets a 5/5 in its own deck and a 1/5 everywhere else. It's the 4th best Fusion card I can think of at the moment, the 3rd costing 5,000 Life Points to activate, the 2nd being a restricted Spell card, and the 1st being a banned 300 ATK monster.

I still don't think E-Heroes are that strong yet; that may change in the next 2 sets. But not yet.

1/5 Traditonal
3/5 Advanced for reason listed above

Miracle Fusion is one of the only advantage-generating cards for the Elemental Heroes. The fact that this can remove King of the Swamp as a fusion material is a definite bonus so you don’t have to run (even more) AWFUL cards. This is the obvious choice to use with Wildedge, who is probably the only E-Hero fusion worth basing a deck on. If you like E-Hero decks (in which I’m sorry, but I DO hate E-Heroes and I despise Jaden Yuki with an extreme passion. It’s just my opinion), then there is no reason not to run this card. It’s not bad in the deck it belongs in.

Advanced: eh/5 (null rating)
Traditional: 1/5

Coin Flip
One of the best Fusion support cards ever printed for the worst theme ever printed. Fusions have generally turned people off because they lose card advantage. Quickly. This thing lets you get two fusions off of four cards (Polymerization/Fusion Gate, two material monsters, Miracle Fusion = 2 Fusions). Oh, but it still sucks because it requires you to put cards in your graveyard to begin with. If you’re LUCKY, you’ll 1 for 1 your way down using the E-Heroes and their lack of effects, but if statistical aberrations do not occur (or if you’re not playing a total <pojo_rulez> moron), you will lose the game simply for including the E-Heroes in your deck.

Since you wouldn’t play it outside of E-Heroes, I have no rating today.

Dark Paladin
Miracle Fusion = Fusion Gate for ONLY E-Heroes

It should at least be a field spell, but that would be too easy

Play in the E-Hero deck, if you want, but you should just stick with Fusion Gate.


2/5 for the deck, as it is oddly situational
1/5 elsewhere

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Miracle Fusion:
The only way to fly, if by fly you mean summon an Elemental Hero Fusion Monster.

One is generally in the habit of saying that Fusions require far too much investment. 3-for-1's against oneself generally aren't good. This card fixes that.
Basically, mill (or use normally) as many Elemental Heroes as you desire into your grave. Then, this gives you a 1-for-1 fusion monster, as you will, of course, only be removing monsters in your graveyard from play.
Add Return from the Different Dimension to taste.

If you are running EHeroes, run this. Don't bother with polymerisation (unless you need to practice spelling it).

Traditional/Advanced: 1/5
Elemental Heroes Deck: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Miracle Fusion

Miracle fusion makes E - Hero’s happen. Its one of the few cards until Enemy of Justice that give E - Heroes any competitive edge. Basically, it just makes fusing the monsters easier to do, and less of a hand loss. Run it.

Traditional ( E Hero) : 4/5 Just because it does what it says on the tin.

Advanced (E Hero) : 5/5 The deck needs stuff like this.

Art ; 3/5 Its not without its charm.


Well Coin Flip, I got one thing to tell you

Normal Monsters are Awesome.

I have made top 8 2 times in the past 2 years running my favorite normal monster Archfiend Soldier.

Last Year it was what I ran over Don Zaloog, because Don Zaloog didn't make sense in last format.

This year he generated 1 for 1 trades and was one hell of a top deck. Also, his defense, though not as good as luster dragons, is also decent.

I have used Battlefootballer at numerous tournaments.

He alone can stop mystic swordsman lv. 2 and Cyber Dragon.

Also, Coin Flip take a look at my posted duck deck. Imagine that deck only with 1900 beatsticks.

Normal Monster are playable, the only reason you don't see them in tier one decks is due to the fact nobody wants to acknowledge their synergy. And if you go to a tourny, like I do, with no team, your odds of winning drop. I have had 6:2 records, win my last game at the top 8 table and drop to 16th place because people on teams drop after they lose to me; real fair huh? Original decks, non-cookie if you hear me, do not make massive Shonen jump showings because not alot of people play them. Tournaments are expensive, and if you are like me money is tight and I can't travel all around the country to play a card game. Be nice, but until somebody can help me or I make more the minimum wage working at UK's (University of Kentucky if anybody wants to play) restaurants, I can not compete in 50 tourny's a year. So, alot of people are scared from trying their own deck types. This is due to money, and if they are going to spend all this time and money, they might as well go with what works. Why take a chance? For those brave souls who do attempt an original deck; we have one or maybe 30 in a 400-500+ tourny. Thus the odds are against them again.

So normal monsters not being in top 8 Shonen jump decks, give me a chance to attend every shonen jump and I will show you.

Go ahead and play your breaker, when you have an Insect Knight out (guess what, he will be used in insect decks) people really have to think about using its counter.

And most beatsticks do not die at the hands of tsuky. So you manipulate your opp. into making bad moves. People smashing ground Battlefootballer and remove him from play with DD Warrior Lady. Hmmm, thus a 1:1 and a loss of a big future threat. They even exile them.

Normal Monsters are playable, leave them alone. The only reason you fear them is due to the fact you probably never had the guts to actually use them, because you are assuming that Don Zaloog is all around better then Archfiend Soldier. With a clear field, yes. Against a mystic tomato: hahahahahahaha

They generate field presence for future tributes,


Normal Monster should be explored.

Now on with the COTD

(Sorry for my rant, but Yu-Gi-Oh players need to ignore the "rules" sometimes and developed their own strategy, instead of piggybacking off someone else. (As Zane said.))

Miracle Fusion...........

this card gets a ..

5/5 because it is meant for an E-Hero Deck. Doesn't make sense anyplace else.

1/5 in a deck not using any elemental hero fusions :P

It is not for anything else.

Art: 1/5 , like a diff. Polymerization but just dull.
Bob Doily Miracle Fusion

Okay, you got me. This is probably the best card of the entire Ehero set. In fact it is a wonderful example of support cards accomplishing goals through the use of expended resources. This is the type of card that Konami needs to make more of in the future.

As for it’s uses, outside of ehero decks you don’t use it. In ehero decks you essentially run 2-3 of them.

I see no point in ratings
Non ehero (any format) 0/5
Ehero (any format) 5/5


Just a quick note – CotDs for Elemental Hero Wildheart and Elemental Hero Wildedge are also up now.


Stats                : Miracle Fusion is a Normal Spell.  This isn’t a huge issue, it’d probably need to be altered to work as most other kinds of cards, or else would be broken as some and just not make sense as others.


Effect(s)            : A very sweet effect: you can Fusion Summon an Elemental Hero by removing the needed Fusion materials from your side of the field or your Graveyard.  This can allow the Elemental Hero Fusions to swarm the field: use Polymerization for the first one, Miracle Fusion for the next one, and if you have it ready, Return from the Different Dimension to get the Fusion components back into play (and if you actually have the cards necessary, Fuse them again).  All that can happen in one turn, though it’s more likely over more.  Note there is a downside: you can’t use Monsters from hand.


Uses and

Combinations  : A staple for Elemental Hero decks, though running a full three may or may not be going overboard.  Although you have pretty good odds of being able to use all three (especially if you have more than one Elemental Hero Fusion and its materials in the deck), you reduce room needed for other cards, and of course you may end up with a useless topdeck: yeah, you can remove from the Graveyard, but you still need the Fusion materials.


Additionally, it clashes with two other cards you’d like for an Elemental Hero deck.  First would be Fusion Gate.  Yes, Elemental Hero cards have their own Field Spell, but this one is also quite useful.  However, if you use Fusion Gate, the Fusion materials are already gone, and thus Miracle Fusion can’t be used.


Second would be Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman, who is perhaps the strongest of the Elemental Hero Fusions.  2500 ATK base plus 300 for each Elemental Hero in your Graveyard.  So if you used Polymerization to Fuse the needed materials (Elemental Hero Flame Wingman and Elemental Hero Sparkman), you end up with at least a 3100 ATK Monster; 3700 ATK if you used Polymerization on Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and Elemental Hero Avian.  Now, it is very hard/costly to do this and Miracle Fusion makes it easier but also means you get a mere 2500 ATK… which probably won’t do a whole lot of damage.  Of course, one could argue its Shining Flare Wingman who is clashing with Miracle Fusion.


Ratings (Elemental Hero deck only)


Traditional       : 1/5 – Although two copies are more or less required for Elemental Hero decks, I don’t seem the doing any good here.


Advanced        : 4/5 – Like I said, three might be overkill, but one is a must and two probably are as well.


Limited            : 1/5 – No Elemental Hero Fusions in the set it’s in.  Go figure.



A must for Elemental Hero decks and useless anywhere else.


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