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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Golem Sentry

Card Number - FET-EN025

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 2.60

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.22.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Golem Sentry

...no, the 1/5 streak won't continue. But there are still many other cards I'd play before I'd play this.

This guy's your standard flip-flop card. As in...flip up, get an effect, attack (maybe), and flip back down in Main Phase 2 with his effect. In this case, that effect is bouncing an opponent's card. The problem is that it's not destroying the card, as Swarm of Locusts (Spell/Trap cards) and Swarm of Scarabs (Monster cards) do. What this DOES have working for it is its 1800 DEF score; outside of Tribute monsters, Cyber Dragon, and Chaos Sorcerer, not many commonly played cards are going to bust through this (although Nobleman of Crossout will still do the trick, and everyone plays doubles of that.)

This falls under the category of "there are better cards", but there are also worse cards, as this guy works well in an Earth deck and with its 800 ATK points, can be fetched by Giant Rat (but then again, I'd be fetching Exiled Force or Injection Fairy Lily before I bring this out via a Rat.)

1/5 Traditional
2/5 Advanced (thus narrowly escaping the full week of 1/5s in every possible category)

Dark Paladin

Closing the week, we look at an interesting Rock monster from FET, Golem Sentry. It allows you to return one monster on your opponent's field to his/her hand when flip summoned. Furthermore, you can flip it into face down defense position one per turn.

A neat effect, but you probably won't get the effect more than once, maybe twice if you're lucky. To be totally successful, it needs to be in its own deck, like maybe the new Structure deck or some other Rock control deck.


1/5 all around
3.5/5 Rock control

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Golem Sentry:
Alright, that's a bit better.

A nice little monster with a demi-flip effect. It's got a decent DEF so it might live a short while, and if it isn't attacked, you can bounce one monster per turn. Not bad in the scheme of things. A cute little surprise and an nice addition to bounce decks. It's just not the most consistent thing in the universe.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Golem Sentry ;

Ok guys, im not dead, ive just been posting to the guy thats on a break, no biggei. What ive been trying to say all week is hey guys, thanks for choosing the COTD's. With that off my chest, lets move on shall we?

Ooo, I’ve been schooled by this a few times one YVD (doesn’t say much for my deck building skill huh?)

Bounce is a frustrating effect definitely to say the least. But continual bounce , that just takes the mick. That’s why cards like Guardian Sphinx and this are so good when used in combination with cards like Criosphinx in the rock deck.

Golem sentry boasts a formidable 1800 defense , holding off a lot of the more commonly played monsters . His 800 attack , although weak is not negligible, and when used correctly his effect is amazing. A definite must for any competitive rock deck.

Outside of the specific deck though, his use is far less beneficial. Bounce is worse than destroy for the most part, and since there are cards that can do that as well as being Dark, Golem sentry won’t really be finding his place in the CC deck anytime soon, still he’s a powerhouse for the rock type. Before I forget, mind the NoC.

Traditional (rock) 4/5
Advanced (rock )4/5

Art ; 1/5 Is he a door or what?
MPS ; 3/5 Pretty sweet, mightily effective sometimes.


I am short on time so I shall have to abandon my normal formatting ways to make up time.


Golem Sentry is an interesting card.  It is a Level 4 Earth/Rock type, which sadly won’t get it too far: generally if it isn’t a Dark or Light Warrior, then these aspects won’t really matter.  At least it’s easy to get into play.  There are a few cards that reference Rock and/or Earth Monsters, but aside from noting that you can fetch this if your Giant Rat is slain in battle.  800 ATK isn’t going to do you a lot of good, but at least it’s low enough that the aforementioned Giant Rat, as well as Last Will and Sangan can search it from the deck.  The 1800 DEF though does help the card: just use your Sakuretsu Armor or other commonly played protective Traps and Spells to take care of the few higher ATK monsters commonly played (like Cyber Dragon) and the rest will have a hard time slaying Golem Sentry


Of course, the reason you want Golem Sentry to live is to use its effect.  Simply put, when you Flip Summon, you can “bounce” (return to hand) an opponent’s Monster.  On its own, that isn’t too great, but fortunately you can also change this card into face-down Defense Position one per turn via a built in effect.  So you can use the effect over and over again, so long as you survive (and the opponent doesn’t do anything to flip Golem Sentry up – it must be a Flip Summon to trigger the effect).  This can generate a good deal of advantage, though in terms of Card Advantage it does little.  However, since you only get one Normal Summon on each of your turns, you can constantly make that a “wasted” Summon, and keep your opponent’s field open, allowing for direct attacks.


Sadly, Nobleman of Crossout is currently at two making it likely this card will just fall prey to it.  Still, better this gets hit than a true Flip Effect Monster (Golem Sentry’s effect doesn’t start off with “Flip:” so only the targeted Golem Sentry would be removed).  Between those and Cyber Dragon, it will be hard to keep it in play long.  Still, some decks can make good use of it: I use it in a bizarre but quite fun Dark Dusk Spirit/Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys/Treeborn Frog deck: the constant triggering of those Monsters results in all S/Ts in play as well as any face-up Monsters being annihilated each turn.  Golem Sentry can clear out Set Monsters as well as avoid being destroyed by the effect of Dark Dusk Spirit.  A more competitive build just uses Dark Dusk Spirit and Golem Sentry.  I don’t expect either version to win a Regional anytime soon, but they seem quite puzzling to opponents when they first see them, and as such might be good for local events.  As already stated, they are quite fun and good for casual dueling.




Traditional       : 1/5 – So many forms of Monster removal it isn’t funny.  This card will rarely survive long enough to use its effects.


Advanced        : 3/5 – Though unlikely to show up due to the current limited deck space, it isn’t a bad card.  In a deck that can use it, it is quite handy, and in any deck it should prove useful (just not enough to push out other Monsters).



A good, well made card that sadly won’t see much play to do the sickly potent, poorly made cards that plague this game.




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