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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Exodia the Forbidden One
Secret Rare

An automatic victory can be declared by the player whose hand contains this card together with the Left Leg/Right Leg/Left Arm/Right Arm of the Forbidden One.

Type - Spellcaster/Effect
Card Number - MC1-EN001

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.14.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Exodia the Forbidden One

Welcome to our 1,000th Card of the Day! Through the best and worst of the game, through highs like the scaling runs of IOC, to the lows of the altered Forbidden List of October '05...from times when Axe of Despair was run in threes, to times where players cursed when the opponent got out of their -6 with a Return from the Different Dimension, you've been there with us through it all. This game's been around for a long time, and it's important that those who were playing since LOB remember the good times that came from that. Thus, we review the card (well, the deck) that gained so much attention from our first set -- Exodia the Forbidden One.

Exodia was inherently flawed in this game, for one big reason; drawpower was so limited. At our best, we had 2 Sangans, a Witch, and Pot of Greed. By the time we got Graceful, we lost a Sangan. By the time we got the triple Emissary of the Afterlife, we lost Graceful and Witch. Now we don't have PoG (but we do have Avarice). And let's not forget all those hand discard cards like Delinquent Duo, The Forceful Sentry, Confiscation, Spirit Reaper, and Don Zaloog that plagued Exodia users so badly throughout it all.

Exodia was every little kid's dream -- to draw that 5th card at the most critical time and come back from seemingly impossible odds. Sadly, with the extra addition of Spell and Trap removal (Mobiuses/Mobii), the concentration on whittling down someone's hand at any given opportunity (Reaper/Confi), and so many ways to remove monsters from the game to stop them from getting effects (Sorcerer/DDWL if they put it face-up, Nobleman of Crossout if they put it face-down), it's just not viable on a competitive level. But excluding the head, it's not too hard to throw down $10-20, make an Exodia build, and mess around with it, just for old time's sake.

Exodia earned its 4/5 during LOB, but has dropped to a 1.5/5 and stayed there ever since.

Dark Paladin
Well, it seems as though this is Pojo's 1000th Card of the Day! For this milestone anniversary, we go over an old favorite of pretty much anyone. This monster is NO stranger to the Yugioh World, Exodia-the Forbidden One!

Exodia decks are extremely fun to play. Difficult to play also, but fun none the less. Exodia is Yugioh's first alternate win strategy, and one of few that we actually have able to be played in the advanced format.

I strongly recommend trying to build one, if only for a casual level, as you very well could be surprised with how much fun the deck is to play. It's also very easy to build. I'll do an article constructing one soon.


5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced
5/5 1000th Card Review Rating
5/5 for being an alternate win legally advanced playable set
5/5 art

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Bob Doily
Exodia review

No I’m not dead.
So today is the 1000 cotd. Can’t miss that can I?

So we are looking at Exodia, the reason that konami did not produce more stable draw engines early in this games development. You get all 5 pieces you win. In modern times that is harder to do, ban lists have served to effectively hamper exodia while destroying other archetypes. My personal favourite being the Elma-Exodia deck.

I hear that some new cards in the OCG could potentially lead to a new otk for Exodia, but right now for us that really isn’t that possible. Overall Exodia deserves to be played for fun, keep it out of major tournies.

In a closing note one of my favourite memories of Exodia was at a local tourney I was running. This kid shuffled his deck, and then his opponent shuffled it to. His opening hand, Exodia.

Traditional: 3.0 (cause of Elma)
Advanced: 1.5

Nick “wwncd“ Curtis
Pojo's 1000th review!!!

The Exodia deck!

Well, I must be honest, im a closet exodia fan, always have been, always will be. The deck itself has evolved so much over time. I have been playing this game in America since its 02' release, and the deck has evolved from the richest players having the set with three witch of the black forest, three sangan, and more, having reprints of the set, with four of the five pieces even becoming commons. I remember when I first got all the pieces of exodia, I felt unstoppable, like no one could touch me. But over time, as more and more playable cards were released, exodia took a back seat to such decks as beat down, warrior, and chaos (back before BLS and CED were banned). With cards such as CED, fiber jar, and morphing jar being printed, exodia took a major blow, because a player could spend the whole duel trying to get exodia, only to have it ruined by their hand being obliterated, or reset. Plus after the banning of witch, exodia took an even bigger blow. Eventually, another card came into the sights of all exodia fans, emissary of the afterlife. This sole card gave many duelists the hope they had been looking for when it came to support for their exodia decks. I know when that card came out, I got three copies right away, and started to toy w/ good ol' exodia again. However, there are such cases where a player has top 8'd with exodia at a regional event. In Columbus one time, at a regional event, my best friend Zak Bishop of Ohio top 8'd with exodia in his deck. He was determined, and proved to people that exodia wasn't dead, at least not yet!

Unfortunately, times have changed. Decks such as exodia are no longer playable at a high level of play, and are easily beaten by many other tier 1 type decks. Maybe someday this deck will be a contender yet again, but until then, many duelists alike are stuck playing such a fun deck at the local tourny level. But in my honest opinion, will always be one of the most fun decks to run.

Pros: ~ A fun, and strategic deck to play
~ Can catch an opponent off guard very easily, at least for game 1
~ One of the very few instant win conditions in the game today
~ Wins while in the hand, not field, so no risk of having to summon the pieces
~ Is searchable by four cards in general, sangan, and 3 emissary of the afterlife
~ If using stall tactics, you can side out into either burn, or stein for game 2 and/or 3
~ If nothing else, its just cool to say, You lose! Exodia!.Obliterate!!!

Cons: ~ Easily beaten by tier 1 type decks
~ Relies on hand keeping your hand safe, one confiscation or morphing jar can ruin the deck!
~ If pieces hit the graveyard, and get removed, basically game over, got to game 2
~ Requires 5 spaces in your hand
~ Each piece, unless it's the last piece needed to win, are bad draws
~ Usually starting out with pieces in your opening hand are bad, unless you almost got game..
~ Can be a very complicated and skillful deck, many people cant use exodia the right way

Overall, Exodia will always have a place in my heart, but will remain in the trade binder, until that one day when he will make his comeback, heres hoping!

Trad: 1/5

Adv: 2.5/5

Fun Factor: 5/5

Nick Curtis - one name, one legend! AIM: ssjtrunks756

Dark Maltos


1000 Exodia !!!

I can’t believe I’m reviewing for the 1000th card of the day !!! Man I’m privileged, and honored.

Today’s card, by right should REALLY have been Dark Magician, but I suppose I’ll let it slide.

Exodia the forbidden one is probably the first card ever printed, and the one of the only OTK ‘s available to us right now besides Royal magical library, and the likes of FINAL, and Final countdown, not forgetting Stein too. Ok, so there’s a lot. The important thing to consider is that Exodia has withstood the test of time, and managed to outlast many others including Magical Scientist, Last turn and who could forget that other one….whatever it was.

Exodia is generally a deck relying on speed and draw power, as well as monotonous stall until the 5 pieces are assembled. Interestingly enough my most despised deck type, since it managed to kick me out of a fair few tournaments in my early days, still I do hold a torch for Exodia, as well as fear it, even though its about as viable in this format as a Bubonic Vermin Aqua Chorus deck.

It used to be that draw was everywhere, Pot of Greed, graceful charity, as well as the searcher cards, Sangan and Witch of the Black forest. Now things are different we only have half of that, but of course there are those Dark Mimic’s and Skelengal’s everyone’s talking about. Not to mention that terrifying Emissary of the afterlife and Des Lacooda. Ok then sure…but with the absence of stall, except for the newly released Nightmare steal cage, but besides that theres only…swords….gravity bind…(gulp)…level limit area B….

Hmm, looks like Exodia CAN come back after all, especially considering the lag this format is under going, but can it counter Return Swarm? I guess we’ll have to see.

Exodia is a deck type requiring patience and determination, don’t take it on lightly.

Traditional ; 2/5 What the deck benefits from with added draw and search, it loses out on from mega discard effects.
Advanced : 3.5/5 I’m yet to see a great one.

Art : 4/5 I always love the guy
MPS ; 5/5 for being my fav win condition, and always looking awesome when summoned.

Coin Flip
This is a special occasion. Our 1000th card of the day... I've been writing on this site for a while, on and off... Here is to the community, the website and the group that has spawned countless others in the YGO! community... Here's to you, Pojo.com.

Regardless of your opinion of the current Pojo.com writers or forumgoers, you'd be an idiot to underestimate the impact it has had on this game's online community. You can say that other forums or communities are as good or as big, but the only two sites to hold a candle to this site's impact on the game are Edo's site and Xerocreative, the makers of Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop (though Spike and Baron's is getting larger every day). While you can say that your community is better than Pojo's, you still have to compare your stuff to ours. The message board trading rules have actually been copy and pasted onto other forums that then have their users get new recruits... From here. I'm not pointing out any one forum, because it is not an isolated incident (and I must thank Obelisk Blue for actually saying they got it from Pojo, which a great deal of others do). Even people who hate talking online come here to talk **** in the tournament forums.

Fact is, you can't insult it without realizing that there are thousands of forums out there that you will never even know the name of. Pojo is known by just about everyone. People go here, decide they don't like some of the users (particularly the mods, WildWill in particular*) and then form another message board with an exclusive user base. But they need new users... So they put "Ronin Forumboards" or "yugimonz the gathering tamers mesujboredz" in their Pojo sig to invite Pojo's userbase to something "better". Then they have the indecency to not realize the contradiction or irony there. Of course, some of these clinger communities actually do seperate and become fairly respectable places (Obelisk Blue, and, at a time, Rebelforums come to mind), but then there are the ones that, erm, don't. Go Pojo.

Oh, the card. Eh. Exodia has declined in quality over the years, and the current deck speed is ridiculous. Plus the array of Spirit Reapers and Cyber Dragons...

Congratulations to Pojo on 1000. Congratulations to YGO! for making it this far. And with that, no rating. What deck would you use this in besides Exodia, and what rating would you give "Exodia the Forbidden One" in an *Exodia* deck?

* - Will is actually a nice guy when he isn't enforcing rules to people who are too stupid to follow them.

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