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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Pineapple Blast

You can only activate this card when you Normal Summon a monster successfully. If there are more monsters on your opponent's side of the field than your side, destroy your opponent's monsters so that your opponent controls the same number of monsters as you. Your opponent selects which monsters are destroyed.

Type - Trap
Card Number - DR1-EN100

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.13.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Pineapple Blast

Today, we're covering the poor man's Torrential Tribute.

Back when Torrential was still a hard to find Ultra, and swarm tactics reigned supreme (who needs to worry about hand advantage when we had all those broken Spells to gain it back for us!), the players who didn't have TT needed a way to clear multiple monsters.

At the National Championship, Austin Kulman summoned Sangan when his opponent had Cyber Dragon and a stolen Zaborg, and then chained Torrential. If it had been Pineapple blast, then the opponent would have to lose one monster, but both Sangan and one other monster would still survive. The only way Pineapple Blast is going to gain a +1 is if the opponent had 3 monsters on the field when you used it. Meh, there's always Scapegoats to kill, but then again, we have Asura Priest for that.

We have common Torrentials now, so there's really no need for this card anymore.

1/5 all

Coin Flip
So yeah, this will actually be brief. Pineapple Blast is essentially a reprinted Raigeki/Torrential Tribute. The reason this card is good should be fairly obvious... Untargeted monster destruction. Here are the reasons this card is not worth playing.

1) It's a trap. The thing about good spot removal is that it can be used immediately when drawn. This becomes especially bad when you compound it with the fact that-
2) It can only be used on your turn, barring Ultimate Offering. It takes two turns to use properly, requiring a great deal of anticipation and cooperation from your opponent. Then you had better be able to normal summon, because-
3) It has an activation requirement. So not only can you not activate it that turn, but you need to commit yourself to something as well. All of this and-
4) You don't choose which monsters die. All of this and you can't make sure that when you summon Breaker, the Chaos Sorcerer will die while the Dekoichi sits there.

Now, it's not like this card is without use. If you activate it, chances are you'll at least get one dead monster out of it. And there are tricks with Tribute Summons and just plain tributing the monster... You could summon Cannon Soldier, Tribute the Soldier, and then activate this, since it doesn't need you to have a monster on the field to resolve. It will become Raigeki if you have no monsters on the field when it resolves. Not that bad. But-

5) There are much better cards to use.

1.9/5 Traditional
2.5/5 Advanced

Dark Paladin
Today we look at Pineapple Blast, a very interesting card. This card could be good, but I don't really see a reason for using it. It doesn't give you any advantage, but it could help you even things out a bit.

The real downside to Pineapple Blast is the fact that your opponent chooses which monsters get destroyed. If YOU got to choose, this card would be much more fun to use, but we won't look at what could have been...

Outside of a fruit deck...whatever that means, or food decks I guess, there isn't really much reason to use this.


2.25/5 all around, It does something, just nothing too great

5/5 Food deck, though

Art: 2/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Nick “wwncd“ Curtis
Pineapple Blast: Normal Trap Card

Effect - You can only activate this card when you Normal Summon a monster successfully. If there are more monsters on your opponent's side of the field than your side, destroy your opponent's monsters so that your opponent controls the same number of monsters as you. Your opponent selects which monsters are destroyed.

Well, can you say situational much? Once again, I’ll do my list of pros and cons for this card…

Pros: ~ it’s a trap card, so it can be chained to something like a dust tornado or mst
~ if used to its full potential, can destroy up to four monsters on your opponents field
~ needs a normal summoning, not special, which is easier to do

Cons: ~ it’s a trap card, so can negated by jinzo and royal decree, which is common it todays meta
~ most good players will not overextend, so the most monsters they will have is most likely have at one time is 2-3
~ it requires you to have a successful normal summon
~ the opponent chooses the monsters to destroy
~ the best you can hope for out of it is a 1 for 1

So, basically, this card is to situational to use for high level play. Sure, it’s a nice effect, and can be tempting to a novice duelist, but trust me, pass this card up. Way to hard to fully utilize and play.

All: 1/5

Nick Curtis - one name, one legend… AIM: ssjtrunks756

Dark Maltos


Pineapple blast ;

Aww, now this is a classic.

Pineapple blast is one of the elite few cards that never kicked off , ever, but I like it anyway.

The effect is marginally simple, you summon a monster, the opponent destroys monsters until they control as many as you.

I can’t really see a use for this, but I suppose it could be a nasty shock for the opponent. Bottomless is better, Torrential WAY better, and also a lot less situational. Sorry pineapple, I guess your time isn’t ripe….

Traditional ; 1/5
Advanced : 1/5

Art : 2/5
MPS :3/5


Pineapple Blast

Rated For: Any Deck

This is a rather underrated card from Magician's Force. It comes to us by special request. Now MFC has some of the best commons in existence, such as Poison of the Old Man, Wave Motion Cannon, Royal Magical Library, and Magical Merchant. Throw this one onto the list; it's a situational trigger that can create insane advantage. However, it'll usually only destroy one of your opponent's monsters.

Upon summoning a monster, you can trigger it. In today's format with standard turns consisting of "Summon Cyber Dragon, set a monster", you can create situations where you can pull one to two monsters with this card's effect. Unfortunately, it's rather situational. And if you're playing against an experienced player who only summons one to two monsters at a time and uses lots of simplification techniques to limit the board, this card will generally be useless.

Advantage F/H: 8/10

Best Draw for the Situation: 1/10

Attributes/Effect: 5/10

Dependability: 1/10

Traditional A BAD Score: 1.88/5

Advanced A BAD Score: 1.88/5

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