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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Spear Dragon
Super Rare

 If this card attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of your opponent's Defense Position monster, inflict the diference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. When this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step.

Type - Dragon/Effect
Card Number - DB2-EN152

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.35
Advanced: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.12.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Spear Dragon

It gives me great pleasure to re-review Spear Dragon since its last review of October 7, 2003.

Much has changed since Legacy of Darkness came out; the Yata-Lock's been forbidden along with so many other broken combos, the tournament scene has expanded greatly, and some of the ex-greatest players in the game seem to have lost their touch. So to look at the actual merits of this card...

Spear Dragon was our first automatic 1900 Trampler, and only our second automatic trampler period (the first being Mad Sword Beast). At the time, his attack score was rivaled only by his gigantic nose, to which only a few other noses can compare (on Yu-Gi-Oh cards or in real life.) What fed Spear Dragon's play so much during that time was the other Spear Dragons; one player would attack with one, the opponent would summon their own and pierce through the first for 1900, the first player would Premature Burial their Spear and pierce through the other one, and so on, and so forth. (That, and it made Magician of Faith somewhat painful, despite the selection of broken cards she had to choose from.)

There are still two more stable options in today's game; Enraged Battle Ox offers a 1700 trampler without the need to go to Defense, along with the trample ability for other monsters of similar types; Exarion Universe has that great 1900 DEF to go along with 1800 ATK, but 1400 on the trample.

Spear Dragon could still see a tech spot in a side deck today. Although there are no other Spear Dragons for him to pierce through, his gigantic booger factory of a nose can still sneeze all over Spirit Reapers for 1700 trample at a clip. Who knows -- a sided Spear when damage has been close in the first game may help you 2-0 someone you're way better than.

Out of 5, I'd give this a 2.3 (dropped from 4/5 back in the day)

Coin Flip
Wow, I actually have free time.  Alright, so since I hurt my wrist*, I'll keep this week pretty brief.  Spear Dragon is first up on the list.

::sigh:: Knowing why this card was picked (like a nose) makes the whole point of today's review stupid.  K.  While I won't join EMoD, I will take a leaf from his book right here, much like how Cory's mom takes chicken from a bucket of KFC.

Now that the stupid inside jokes are done, the review of the card begins.

Well, assuming you've read it, you know what its merits are.  It has 1900/0, and built-in Fairy Meteor Crush.  This guy was the original good trampler, right alongside Airknight Parshath.  People like 1900 with trample.  They like it so much they will actually tribute a monster to get it.  This guy is a former staple of a noble deck fallen from grace in recent years: beatdown.  He was an absolute star in V3l0c1ty, a deck so well-built it puts the cesspools of contemporary deckbuilding to shame.  Back then, they had no Treeborn Frog in a deck with Decrees, or Call, or Solemn Judgment.  They weren't idiots.  They had Jirai Gumo, Dark Elf, and Spear Dragon alongside Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, Premature Burial, Solemn Judgment, and...  Megamorph.  This guy was insane because he could swing for 3800 with Megamorph equipped and still be at 3800 the next turn.  V3l0c1ty was the paragon and apotheosis of good decks back then, and still kinda is, far as design goes anyway

Sadly Spear Dragon, the third 4 star 1900 attacker beatdown got, came in an age of Yata Garasu, Creature Swap, Scapegoat, Airknight Parshath, and Drop Off.  He never had much of a chance in the advent of control decks.

With that...  This guy sucks.  Nowadays we've got 2100/1600 four stars with no drawbacks (except the one where they're occasionally a tribute monster).  On top of the actual four stars with "drawbacks" like Zombyra the Dark, Berserk Gorilla, and then the sea of GOOD 1900 ATK'ers with good effects (Breaker, Slate Warrior) that outclass this Goblin Attack Force redux.  And hell, they came out with a 2000 ATK version of this guy in Japan (DARK/Dragon/4/2000/1200, if you're interested), so that should tell you something about this particular guy's power level.  Still a fun card.

Funny how I said I would keep it brief.  =P

2/5 Traditional
2.6/5 Advanced

* - Pojo.com forumgoers, I don't need to tell you what to do here.

Dark Paladin
Today, we look at Spear Dragon for the start of a very odd week with no particular theme whatsoever.

Spear Dragon is a good card. Not great, not bad, not meh, it's simply good. It's a 1900 Level 4 monster and has the Wind attribute. Spear Dragon has trample and the Goblin Attack Force effect of switching to defense at the end of the turn it attacks. (It also has a whopping 0 defense :(

Spear Dragon is a staple of Dragon decks and Trample decks, outside of there, I don't really see a reason to use it. It isn't really a splash card, but I won't stop you from splashing it.

There are ways around the defense setback though. Final Attack Orders would keep him in attack mode, and something like Waboku could protect him until the next turn.


Traditional: 3/5 It's still Level 4, 1900 atk., and it has trample Traditional Dragon/Final Attack Orders/Trample: 3.5/5

Advanced: 3.5/5 See Traditional
Advanced Dragon/Final Attack Orders/Trample: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Spear Dragon ;

Another week, another bunch of tests. There’s every chance that as you’re reading this I’ve already sat my FINAL Maths and Geography GCSE exams, which, as luck would have it both ended up on the same day….joy. Well , wish me the best as from where it stands now im scraping the C/B borderline, and technically I should be an A. Anyway, on with the review.

Spear dragon is a classic card released WAY back in LOD, and was quite the sort after little beastie upon his initial release. With 1900 attack, and effect that resembled (and crippled) goblin attack force, and the pretty yet pointless type of being a Wind / Dragon.

Spear dragon, as of now is seeing less and less play, especially with the inclusion of more well - rounded pierces such as Exarion Universe and Enraged Battle Ox (both of which, including Spear dragon play a major role in my Friday deck, Piercing Punishment, a superb deck consisting of piercing Don Zaloog’s with surplus attack, worth a read) Still, he’s fairly decent, and could easily manage to squeeze himself into a wind deck, Armed dragon wind variant (another I’ve tried him out in) as well as the above mentioned Piercing deck. A decent card, somewhat outclassed, but all together still viable. It may not be the best for the return theme, but others may prosper.

Traditional ; 2/5 Too Chaos heavy.
Advanced : 3.5/5 Slightly replaced, so he’s not REALLY the best at what he does anymore.

Art ; 4/;5 Less of a dragon, more of a Dinosaur really
MPS : 4/5

Spear Dragon
Rated For: Dragon Decks

Amazingly enough, this card remains one of the few good options for the Dragon Deck. And therein the problem lies with the traditional Dragon Deck. You can either construct it with Lord of D and the Flute (yes, from the Kaiba starter deck), or go with a beat-down flavor that involves cards like Spear Dragon and Luster Dragon. Unfortunately, the second deck is extinct because of Cyber Dragon.

So while this card remains one of the best available for Dragon decks, it still receives a 1 in both advanced and traditional. And my reviews for Dreadguy and Clocktower weren't posted last week because I gave them both zero's. Apparently, 1 is lowest score givable.

Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 1/5

No A BAD System score needed, this card is bad enough.

Nick “wwncd“ Curtis
Spear Dragon: 4 star / wind / atk: 1900 def: 0

Effect - When this card attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of a Defense Position monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponentĘs Life Points. If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step.

Well this card has two meanings to me. A recent feature match at the 2006 Yugioh Nationals brought attention onto this card, because of a certain persons nose. And because at the very first ever Columbus, OH regional, I top 4’d with this card in my deck. Well, there are both ups and downs to using this card.

Pros: ~ it’s a 1900 beatstick
~ it has a built in fairy meteor crush effect
~ it switches to defense, which can prevent most battle damage, like if cyber dragon were to hit the field…
~ one of the most powerful wind monsters that doesn’t require a tribute
~ you wait one less turn to switch it to attack mode than goblin atk force, goblin elite, or giant orc

Cons: ~ it’s a wind monster, so it doesn’t support chaos
~ it has zero defense
~ it switches to defense mode after it attacks
~ not searchable by sangan, or any searchers except witch of the black forest
~ the turn after it attacks, your opponent can kill it with something as simple as a used magician of faith

Overall, this card is not that bad, but unfortunately doesn’t fit into the current state of the meta. The meta is mostly chaos return. It is a decent card for beatdown decks though. Not that bad, but in my opinion, to random to play for competitive use.

Trad: 1.5/5

Adv: 2.5/5

Beatdown deck: 4.5/5

Nick Curtis - one name, one legend… AIM: ssjtrunks756

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