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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Tyrant Dragon
Ultra Rare

When there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field after the first attack of your Battle Phase, this monster can attack once again during the same Battle Phase. In addition, negate the effect of a Trap Card that specifically designates this card as a target and destroy it. If this monster is Special Summoned from the Graveyard, you must offer 1 Dragon-Type monster on your side of the field as a Tribute.

Type - Dragon/Effect
Card Number - DB2-EN151

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.9
Advanced: 2.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.31.06


Dark Paladin
Welcome to tribute week...this week was originally intended to be my fairwell week NEXT week before I shipped off to basic training, but yea. Today, we look at Tyrant Dragon, a card I've been asked we review for some time.

Tyrant Dragon hasn't been reviewed since it came out in Legacy of Darkness over 3 years ago! Tyrant Dragon is Level 8, meaning two tributes are required and he has 2900 attack which is excellent and an equally good 2500 defense.

Effects: First, if your opponent controls another monster after your first attack with Tyrant Dragon, he can attack once again in the same Battle phase. That's good, although it won't always be true that your opponent has more than one monster out.

Furthermore, Tyrant Dragon destroys Traps that specifically target him, and that is also a plus. There aren't an abundance, but it happens.
Finally, the recursion sucks, having to tribute a Dragon on your field to revive him, but every card needs a drawback.


4/5 Dragon decks
1.5/5 elsewhere

Art; 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Tyrant Dragon
A nice, powerful Lv. 8.

Tyrant Dragon's lack of use is mostly down requiring two tributes to summon and even more to having a difficult Special Summoning condition. In a format with rampant Smashing Ground, this isn't worth the effort, but as Smash seems to be appearing less nowadays, Tyrant is a slightly more apealing option.
Two attacks and no traps for you? Yes, it is unfair.
But, its a balanced unfair, so you might want to give this guy a try one day.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Tyrant Dragon

Welcome to tribute monster week, it’ll be a good one.

Tyrant dragon, ever since it’s initial release has been the best two-tribute dragon out there, as for the most part, the rest are effect less. Obviously there’s Horus, and Armed Dragon and the like, but they have there own special way of getting to the field. Tyrant Dragon is all too himself, a trait we seldom see in good high-level monsters these days.

For his high level, Tyrant Dragon posses an awesome 2900 attack, thereby able to conquer anything generally played today. He also posses a few nifty little abilities.

The first is a powerful 2-attack feature, as long as the opponent has a monster left. This can be devastating depending on what you hit. From the wording, if the opponent’s in control of a face up Spirit Reaper, they are in for some hurt.

The second ability makes Tyrant Dragon even more worthwhile. He posses and imunity to trap cards that designate him pecifically as a target. That means no Sakurtsu or anything like it. Unfortunately, he’s still vulnerable to cards like Bottomless trap hole, since technically that doesn’t target. With that in mind his uses are slightly dampened, but he still could be a heavy hitter later on after being removed.

The main problem with Tyrant Dragon is his virtual inability to be revived, considering you must also offer a tribute of a Dragon from your field to bring him back. This makes the Trant Dragon Trade off a
-1, and makes it hard for him to be a good dump and revive like most tribute monsters today. Combining this with the fact that he’s fire and his uses are nearly extinguished. Still, an awesome monster, and relatively good dragon support.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced ; 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Very Medieval, I like it.
MPS: 4/5
MikeJ Tyrant Dragon

Wow I have not seen this classic old school card in awhile but also remember trying to get one back when I was beginning :D back in the good old day. Now for Dragons its pretty decent but nowadays its out classed by Horus or the Armed Dragon series but if you're a huge Dragon fan I suggest running this over BEWD even if BEWD has more support which is highly situational IMO in a Dragon style deck. Its not the best two tribute monster out there but with King Dragun or the old school Lord of D + Flute of Summoning Dragon combo you can get him out without tributing. Now for an 2900/2500 you get a beast that can attack twice if your opponent controls more then one monster plus protection from targeting traps like for example Sakuretsu Armor duhh. Now if you try to bring Tyrant Dragon back from the Graveyard through card effect you're going to tribute another Dragon-Type which can add up in the end ( card resources ), Soo unless you run a hardcore Dragon deck I suggest this card as trade bait since kids love Dragons ^.~

Traditional Format > 1/5: Only " One " Dragon rules this format and I'm sure many people know who that is.

Advance Format > 2/5: If you want to run a pure Dragon deck then try out Tyrant Dragon

Artwork > 3/5: Roar !!!!! the traditional looking big scary Dragon from mythic tales

Pippin Tyrant Dragon

As far as dragons go, I believe this to be a solid addition to a dragon deck. It has the punch needed to end games, and the effects to back it up.
Lets look at the stats.

Atk: 2900 Kills all but one or two monsters in the game. Period. (except the sacred beast cards)
Def: 2500 Lightening rod for Smashing Ground, but high enough to stop anything played today. (what can you expect for 2 tributes) Effect 1: If there is another monster on the field after your first attack, you can attack again.
- So your opp has been smacking you with that little Spirit Reaper in attack possition? Smack it twice. Play Ojama Trio, then smack 2 of them. You hit a FD Gravekeepers Spy? Kill the other one too. A nifty effect that was elaborated on and popularized in the Envoy of the Beginning.

Effect 2: Not effected by traps that target. No Saku, No Compulsary Evacuation, no Trap Hole. Mirror Force wrecks it's day, as do all other non-targeting traps. So this one is useful, but more as an afterthought than an actual game winning effect.

Effect 3: To be special summoned you have to discard a dragon. If you are playing a dragon deck, this should not be a problem. In traditional this was a more dramatic effect. There was Monster Reborn to contend with. In Advanced, it stops Autonimous Action Unit, but that is not seeing much play lately.

Bottom Line:
2 tribute monsters are few and far between. If you are running a fire deck, you may want to consider using Thestolas instead of this guy, because the burn is better than attacking. I don't think he is worth the resources to summon.

Traditional: 2.5/5 - His negation of Monster Reborn works well here.
Advanced: 1.5/5 - 2 Tributes is a "no no" unless your name has "Sacred Phoenix" or "of Chaos" in there somewhere.

Art: 4/5 - my second favorite dragon art next to CED.

Until Next Time, farewell Norbert. We hardly knew you. *Harry Potter Reference*.



Stats                : Tyrant Dragon is a Fire/8/2900/2500/Dragon/Effect.  This is an interesting combination, in how it affects this Monster’s use.  While there are a few prominent Fire Monsters, the ones that actually can act as the foundation for a Fire deck are of the Stall/Burn variety.  So while Tyrant Dragon misses out on Chaos bandwagon, this means that it has the opportunity to make another Attribute.


As a level 8 Monster, Tyrant Dragon is a bit tricky to get into play.  Since it pertains directly to Special Summoning this Monster, let me jump ahead a bit and address one of its three “effects”: when Special Summoned you must Tribute a Dragon-Type Monster from your side of the field.  As the quotes indicate, it isn’t considered an effect for pretty much any purpose of the game, but rather a cost.  So even if you use an obscure loophole to negate Tyrant Dragon’s effect while in the Graveyard, you still have to Tribute one of your Dragons to Special Summon it from the Graveyard.  This is not a built in form of recursion, either: you don’t Tribute a Dragon to activate this effect, but rather when you use another card to revive Tyrant Dragon you must have another Dragon available to use as Tribute to pay for the effect or it fizzles when it goes to resolve (you can still select Tyrant Dragon as a target: the Tribute wouldn’t be required until revival card goes to resolve).  So one way or another, it takes two cards to get Tyrant Dragon into play.  As such, it will need a great ATK/DEF and remaining effects.  Still, this is good, as it prevents it from being used in just any deck.


Thankfully, Tyrant Dragon is a Dragon-Type.  One grows annoyed with the seemingly misnamed cards.  Dragons are a reasonably well developed type: they don’t have the success of Warrior- and Zombie-Type Monsters, with their near obscene amount of support, and but aren’t too much worse off than Spellcasters.  Stamping Destruction alone makes Dragons a formidable Type to focus a deck around.  Sadly, other Fire/Dragons are rare: the Horus series (probably not good to wed with Tyrant Dragon), Masked Dragon (a great Monster for Dragon decks), Manga Ryu-Ran (even if it was good no since it’s a Toon), Yamato Dragon (A Level 7 Spirit and again a conflicting theme) and some vanilla-Fire Dragons with horrid stats.  So a Dragon deck but probably not a Fire or Fire/Dragon deck for Tyrant Dragon.  This is a blow to its potential, given the current state of the metagame.


2900 ATK is wonderful: just 100 less than the infamous Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  Of course, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is almost never played in a competitive deck, and it has extra support just for itself, so perhaps I should compare it to the most heavily played high level Monster I can think of: Dark Magician of ChaosTyrant Dragon is bigger than it.  Tyrant Dragon also has a huge 2500 DEF, meaning shift it to DEF mode won’t make it especially vulnerable to death in battle.  Both are very good scores, even for a Level 8 Monster.


Effects              : Tyrant Dragon has three effects: two useful and one restrictive, the latter of which I already covered since it acts as a Summoning restriction.  The first allows a second attack provided the opponent has a Monster in play after your first, and you make your second attack with Tyrant Dragon immediately after the first.  When not running into a card like Spirit Reaper, this is a very good effect.  It is useful, given the ATK score of Tyrant Dragon, since you should cost your opponent two Monsters and hopefully a decent hunk of LP.


The second effect is a very useful protective aspect: not only do you negate the effect of a Trap that targets Tyrant Dragon, but you destroy that Trap as well.  This is useful since it combos with Call of the Haunted: use Call of the Haunted on Tyrant Dragon, offer another Dragon as Tribute as the effect requires, then Call of the Haunted is negated after Tyrant Dragon is already safely in play and destroyed by Tyrant Dragon’s own effect.  Still, Sakuretsu Armor targets and is still commonly played, making it safe to take advantage of the double attack effect.


Uses and

Combinations  : Tyrant Dragon is clearly meant to carry its own Dragon deck.  Probably some Luster Dragon and/or Spear Dragon to act as beatsticks, Masked Dragon, Twin-Headed Behemoth, and Element Dragon to maintain field presence, Tyrant Dragon itself, Stamping Destruction, a few other decent Dragon supporting Spells and Traps… and then staples going into any remaining slots.  Nothing brilliant, but it should be functional.




Traditional       : 1/5 – As usual, this is the land of CCCC and FTK decks that really work well.


Advanced        : 3.5/5 – It has some chops, but I don’t think it can handle Insects, let alone the prominent decks we see here.



It’s a step in the right direction, but falters mostly because we could use some more, competent Fire and Dragon support (and especially Fire/Dragon Support).  As for me, I favor Wind/Dragon decks since we have three Level 4 Dragons with 1900 or better ATK scores, a single Tribute Dragon with a good destruction effect that matches the Monarchs, and still some crazy powerful big Dragons for raw power finishes.


Yugiman Hello, my name is Josh aka Yugiman. I've tried out to be a CoTD reviewer cause I wanna voice my opinion to you nice people, if you have any questions/hate mail/support mail send to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com. Thank

you, and I hope you enjoy.

Today we look at Tyrant Dragon. A big Dragon from LOD. I personally loved this card when it came out, but for some odd reason, never used it once.
Probably cause it costs 2 monsters to bring out and I didnt wanna hassle myself to get it out. Anyways, the text on this card is as follows:

Tyrant Dragon
Attack: 2900 Defense: 2500
When there is a monster on your opponents side of the field after the first attack of your Battle Phase, this monster can attack once again during the same Battle Phase. In addition, negate the effect of a Trap Card that specifically designates this card as a target and destroy it. If this monster is Special Summoned from the graveyard, you must off 1 Dragon type monster on your side of field as a tribute.

Alot of effects for 1 card, and they are somewhat good too. Attacking twice can be good(hint: BLS Era) and game-ending in some aspects if they have another monster after attacking.. Immune against Traps that specifically designate it is always nice. The latter part of the effect is kinda stupid, but can produce a big 2900 dragon that you might not be able to kill off.

Im interested to see the Pro's and Cons, so here we go:

- 2900 Attacker quite nice.
- 2500 Defense also quite nice.
- Can possibly attack twice, and deal great damage.
- Immune against Traps that specifically target him.
- Can be brought back easily.

- Takes 2 Tributes to get out, which is quite alot for a card that could be Snatched, Smashed next turn.
- You have to offer 1 Dragon on field to bring it back.
- Possible Trap Negation, No Spell Negation.

Probably more, these are top of the line though.

Pretty cool looking art, you wont see this in the current meta at all, probably casual play and stuff. Can be good, can be bad. I unno....

Traditional: 1/5 - Why choose this? Better options, better effects.
Advanced: 1/5 - Same as Traditional.

If you have any questions/hate mail/support mail send to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

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