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Judgment of the Pharaoh

Pay a half of your LP to play this card. Then select one of the following effects which you can satisfy the requirements and activate it.

Type - Trap
Card Number - YCB-003

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.16
Advanced: 1.79

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.26.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Judgment of the Pharaoh

This card requires you to play either or both of the -1's that have been reviewed the past two days, so that's one strike against it already.

You lose half your LP for activating it. If Return from the Different Dimension has taught us anything, if you're paying half of your LP for an effect, it should win you the game. Does this win you the game?

Judgment of the Pharaoh can either stop your opponent from summoning or using any effect monsters for one turn, or prevent your opponent from using or setting any Spell or Trap cards for one turn. It could be powerful, but hardly worth the life in my opinion.

This belongs in the trade binder to try and trade to the newbies, right alongside Unity and Yu-Jo Friendship.

1/5 all


The last of the three “character art” cards that are the only three cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG that feature characters from the animé/manga… Well, ignoring all those Monsters that have shown up both as holograms/cards and as actual characters in the show, like Dark Magician Girl.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, you missed some story arcs. ;)


Anyway, Judgment of the Pharaoh is a Trap featuring Atem in all his Egyptian splendor!  It is a Normal Trap, and in order for it to have any effect, it requires at least one of the other two character cards (Unity and Yu-Jo Friendship) be in your Graveyard.  The effect of Judgment of the Pharaoh is variable: there are two effects listed, and you choose one.  If "Yu-Jo Friendship" is in your Graveyard, until the end of this turn your cannot Normal Summon, Set, Flip Summon, or special Summon a monster(s), or activate an Effect Monster's effect, and their monsters' effects are negated.  If "Unity" is in your Graveyard, until the end of this turn: negate the effects of all Spell and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field, and your opponent cannot activate or Set Spell or Trap Cards.  Based on the wording, I am guessing that means you can only pick one.  Wow… the end result is actually pretty good.  About the only downside is that, as this isn’t a counter Trap, your opponent can respond with certain cards to bypass at least part of the effect.  Oh, wait, yeah, I left out the other major downside that may hurt this worse than the “card in Graveyard” requirement: pay half your LP to activate it.


As is, the card does have some use.  I can see a weird stall/burn built around all three cards, and if you play it right, Unity and Judgment of the Pharaoh can work alone, simplifying the combo.  I mean, provided you find a use for Unity, chaining Judgment of the Pharaoh at the right time can be quite nice, as it reads as almost a “Solemn Judgment +”.  What do I mean?  Well, your opponent activates a Spell or Trap, you respond with this, and it should effectively negate Spell or Trap (it will “be in play” for a split second, even if it is a Normal Spell/Trap), plus for the rest of the turn any other Spell/Trap cards are useless.


Assuming I am reading it right.  As we all know, this game is Japanese in origin, and sometimes the languages don’t translate quite right, so one can’t read too much into all of this.  Still, if my interpretation is correct, then that effect can be pretty handy.  The other effect is also somewhat useful, since most of the time if you activate it in response to your opponent’s Draw Phase there will be no way for the opponent to Summon Monsters that turn, increasing the odds of maintaining field control (and scoring a direct attack).


Even the LP cost which I explained as being a huge drawback has a silver-lining: Yu-Jo Friendship can turn it into an offensive weapon: use Judgment of the Pharaoh then Yu-Jo Friendship to make your opponent pay for half of your negation.  Still, all in all it seems pretty hard to get some otherwise great effects from this card.  The dependency upon the other cards really hurts Judgment of the Pharaoh.




Traditional       : 1/5 – Okay, none of the others were any good here, so naturally this one won’t be either.


Advanced        : 1.75/5 – It can be devastating to your opponent if you pull it off at the right time, but its too delicate overall.  If you were paying attention, this card really won’t raise the previous scores, at least not a significant amount (maybe by a twentieth of a point).  Oh, and if I am wrong and you can’t chain this in response to a Spell or Trap to effectively negate it, then this card basically becomes a one out of five: it does stuff, but so poorly its not worth worrying about.


Dark Paladin
1/5, across the board, sorry

Why? This card is supposed to reward your deck for using Unity and Yu Jo Friendship, but it doesn't. Even late game, there isn't a reason to pay half your lifepoints just for one of these game breaking effects.

1/5 all

EMoD said it best...the worse the card, the shorter the review

Art: 2/5

You stay clasy, Planet Earth :)

Judgment of the Pharaoh:
This seems to go against the friendly feeling the previous two cards of the set begat.

Now it's not that bad an effect, basically locking out a turn. However, paying half your LP is a rather steep cost. Also, having particular untutorable cards in your Graveyard is very restrictive. I continue to not like Yu-Gi-Oh cards that rely on particular other cards to work, and this is no exception.

Good, but too hard to use.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Judgement of the Pharaoh

Judgement of the Pharaoh is the final card in our week of 3, and potentially this is the most effective one of all .

As long as there is either a Unity or Yu - Jo Friendship out then you can shut down either the opponents monster field for a turn, or the opponents spell and traps for a turn. Run 2 copies and leave them completely immobile. Obviously, this isn’t a card that can be splashed into any deck. Multiple copies of this, Unity and Yu - Jo friendship need to be included, but overall this could form a powerful combo. Not bad, with awesome art too.

Traditional : 1/5
Advanced ; 3/5 (almost always pick spells)

Art : 5/5
MPS ; 4/5
MikeJ Judgement of the Pharaoh

The last of the three new promos comes with a cool sounding name, This is one of those cards which has 1 or more amazing effect but with mind blowing hard to pull off situation effect or cost. Now unless you run both Unity & Yu-Jo Friendship theres really no point in this card even if you run all three its effect is hard to pull in my opinion. Like I said about yesterday this card would make a excellent deck divider or trade bait since lots of people still watch the TV show.

Traditional Format > 1/5

Advance Format > 1/5

Deck Divider > 5/5

Artwork > 5/5: " Yugi says No !!! " ^.^

Pippin Judgement of the Pharaoh

The effects are outstanding, the cost is high, and the art is anime. Lets look at this balancing act and see if it stays above the wire.

First. Its a Normal Trap. It has to stay on the field a turn before it is able to fly. Strike1.
Second: You pay HALF your LP just to activate it. Strike 2
Third: It requires that you have 2 spell cards that are hard to play and situational to begin with. Strike 3

The pay half your LP competes with Return, so I DOUBT this will see any tourney play outside a deck designed around using it and the other 2 spells in the set.

Now for the good news. If both Unity and Yu-Jyo Friendship are in your graveyard, your opponent is locked beyond reasoning. No summons, no effects, no spells, no traps, no sets, no breathing, no smoking, no running, no peeing in the pool, NOTHING!

Unfortunately it only is good for one turn, so, since you just paid half your LP, you had better end the game NOW! With the use of Royal Decree on the rise, Jinzo is still out there, and Mobius/Breaker/Chiron/MST/Heavy Storm/Dust Tornado are still all very much alive and well, meaning you may be forced with a decision to activate this in responce to it about to be destroyed before you are ready.

The whole set of cards is just promo fodder. Pretty? Yes. Collectible? Yes.
Trade a Cyber Dragon for it? No.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 1/5 - Way too many ways to stop it and way better uses for the LP.
Advanced: 2/5 - A bit less ways to stop it, but not many.

Art: 2/5 - Again with the anime. Read my last comments on art for the other 2.

Until Next Time, Judgement for the plaintif, case dismissed.

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